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Why can’t you upload videos to Instagram stories?

You have probably encountered the problem of not being able to upload videos to Instagram stories. But what is the solution and how to get rid of this problem? We will see together.

I can’t upload a video to Stories

You may not be able to post your video on your Instagram story for a variety of reasons. In this case, you have edited the video in another program, your internet data is weak, or your video quality is high. But there are solutions to fix the error in this case:

Reduce video quality

There are many Android and iOS phones applications through which you can reduce the size of your video. For example, the Inshot application is one of the best video editing programs that you can use on Android. Many websites do this for you. For instance, is one of the best web-based tools for reducing video volume. With this tool, you can upload your video and then, by reducing its size, download it again and post it on Instagram.

Edit video on the phone

you can use a video editing tool and then reduce the size while saving the video to solve the problem of not uploading the video on Instagram. To do this, first, keep your desired video in the phone’s internal memory, then use a video editing tool and open the video in it. Then, while saving, reduce the video quality and save it to a specific location on the phone.

Check the phone internet

 you can first use the test tool. Open this website and test your internet speed. If your download and upload rates are low, you can switch your internet from Wi-Fi to cellular data to fix the problem.

Instagram application error

On the other hand, it is possible that not uploading the video in the Instagram story will depend on hanging the Instagram application. To fix the regiment, you can enter the settings on Android phones, go to the Apps section, find Instagram, go to the manage storage section, and then click the clear all caches option. On iOS phones, you can also remove the Instagram app and reinstall it to solve the problem of not uploading the video in the Instagram story.

Is there a problem with the Instagram server?

There is a point here. Is there a problem with Instagram servers? If so, how do we know? To understand this problem, you can use the (ping) tool and enter the ping section. In the box next to it, enter the IP address or hostname, enter the specified code in the text box and touch the Enter keyboard button. If there is a problem with Instagram servers, it shows a server error.

Restart the phone

Sometimes the problem of not uploading the video in the Instagram story goes back to the user data of the phone. Just turn your phone off and on once to see if the problem resolves or not.

Update the Instagram app to the latest version

If your Instagram version does not match the latest version on the server, you may have trouble uploading the video to your Instagram story. To update the Instagram application on Android, first, enter the Google play store and search for Instagram. Then when you find the application, touch the update option next to it and let the program run. On iPhones, first, enter the app store and search for Instagram, and just like Android, touch the update option to solve the problem.


The problem of cant uploading videos to Instagram stories occurs many times, but the methods to solve it are simple. Also, keep in mind that your phone may be full of memory, and you may have to delete some extra data on your phone to fix the problem. Have you ever encountered this problem?

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