8 Amazing Work from Home Jobs for Women Without Investment

We’re living in the new normal where work from home is rapidly becoming common. From working online as a virtual assistant to using wholesale elderberry capsules to start your own supplement and skincare range. In fact, working from home comes loaded with benefits. And you can make a lot of money too. About 30 percent of the world’s population will be working from home by the end of 2021, says a report by Global Workplace Analytics. Therefore, if you’re a woman, the time to find a superb work from home job is right now.

Working from home is particularly beneficial to women, regardless whether they’re stay at home moms, single mothers or just someone that wants to make some money as a fulltime or part-time career. That’s because they can attend to household duties, homeschool children and work on flexible hours. You can look for amazing ideas to work from home from Online Jobs Academy. This is an amazing website where you can find plenty of online work ideas and career advise too.

If you’re among those women that wishes to find a superb work from home job, without investment, continue reading. Because in this article I will be writing about eight amazing, work from home jobs for women that don’t require any investment.

Top 8 Work from Home Jobs for Women

Some of these eight work from home jobs for women that I’m about to discuss would require specific educational qualifications. However, the others can be taken by any woman that’s has a high school degree or certain skills.

Social Media Management

Social media management is a fabulous and rather simple job for women, if you love being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms. Basically, the job of a social media manager or social media assistant is to upload content that people would love to read and share. You’ll also have to Tweet any promotions or information on part of your employer and conduct campaigns with Instagram and Pinterest.

Additionally, your tasks would also include social media marketing, which means attracting potential customers and responding to comments and suggestions that come from followers on various social media platforms such as Facebook, among others. This is a very easy job that any woman can take, if you’re a high school graduate and have enough knowledge of how Facebook and other social media platforms work for marketers.

Online Tutor

During the new normal, there’s a tremendous demand for online learning. Therefore, you can work as an online tutor. For this wonderful job, you’ll require a college degree in teaching or at least a certification as tutor. There’re as many as 25 top websites where you can find jobs as an online tutor, without any investment. In fact, a lot of online tutors have also become millionaires.

You’ll also need superb teaching skills or some past experience as a teacher. Generally, online tutors teach subjects from the American curriculum such as Math, English, Science, History and Social Sciences. There’re two ways to become an online tutor. One is by signing up with any e-learning platform as an online tutor. The second by creating own tutorials and uploading them on any popular e-learning platform.

Online Fitness Instructor

Nowadays, most people shun gyms and other places due to the risk of the Covid-19 contagion, since the pandemic shows no signs of ebbing, despite the easy availability of vaccines. Therefore, fitness activities across America have taken a nosedive. You can provide online fitness classes to people and make a lot of money.

Generally, online fitness instructors train people on various fitness techniques they can perform at home. This includes Yoga and Aerobics, among others. You’ll require a fitness instructor certification to work. There’re various websites where you can register to provide fitness training online or start your own class through Zoom and other video conferencing software. Promote the classes through free classifieds websites such as Craigslist.

Content Writer

This is by far the best online, work from home job for any woman. It doesn’t require a college degree as long as you have a nose for research and excellent writing skills. And this is an evergreen job too. The demand for content is always on the rise. And content writing is a skill that’s in great demand on freelancing platforms as well.

Website owners and bloggers require content frequently. Therefore, they outsource the work from freelance content writers. You will have to define a niche in which you can write content. It could be something about a profession or your hobbies and passion. Tasks include researching into various topics in your niche and writing amazing, engaging and relevant content for a broad audience that your employer wants to target.


There’s no limit on the amount of money a blogger can earn. And this is also one of the amazing work from home jobs for women because you can blog anytime of the day, without any time restrictions. However, blogging would require some investment- say $9.99 per month- on a superb domain name and website hosting, if you go for a paid blogsite. There’re also free platforms where you can launch a blog without any investment.

To work as a blogger, you’ll need superb writing skills and some basic knowledge of digital marketing that you can learn from excellent YouTube tutorials or free online courses. You can open a blog on almost any topic under the Sun. Define the niche where you want to start a blog. As a beginner, you can also read some superb tutorials on how to start blogging and make money.

Online Advice Columnist

Online advice columnists are also known as “agony aunts.” That’s because they get a lot of questions from people facing various stressful situations in life and provide solutions to such problems. Online advice columnists work as freelancers or consultants or even with a newspaper or magazine. This job is for women that hold a degree in psychology or any related field.

As an online advice columnist, you’ll receive a lot of questions from people that’re facing problems. For this, you might require a website to advertise your services. And your job is to analyze the problem and provide simple solutions. You can make extra money if you’ll offer advise on phone or video conferencing with the client.


The job of a PSO or Phone Sex Operator is rather simple. And it fetches as much as $50 to $60 per hour. Now you might balk at the idea of working as a PSO. However, this is a very simple job that any woman can take, without any specific educational qualifications. All you require is an ability to do some steamy talk with clients. There’re several agencies that hire PSOs.

Your identity, address and other personal details including your appearance or looks remains anonymous. And the agency also provides an anonymous phone number or Internet based calling so that nobody knows who’s the PSO. This is a very safe job, despite the carnal nature. And any woman can take it easily.

Multilevel Marketing

Till 2019, Multilevel Marketing or MLM was limited to personal, physical sales of products. However, in the new normal, MLM has also shifted to online platforms. You can sign up with any top MLM company as an associate and promote their products to your social circle and their contacts too. Since this work is now online, you can sell the products through Facebook Marketplace or from an own marketplace on Shopify.

MLM associates make a lot of money. Generally, MLM companies sell common household requirements, skincare, hair care and other beauty products. Others offer herbal health supplements. This is a very profitable home-based small business where you can earn a lot of money. It requires no specific educational qualifications. However, you should have a wide social circle to promote the products.

In Conclusion

These top eight jobs for women are available at any time of the year. And as you can see, they require zero investment or very small investments. It doesn’t matter if you’ve superb educational qualifications or only a high school degree for some of these work from home jobs for women without investment.


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