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How to write the best marketing copy to attract consumers?


Writing a web copy is a powerful and unique entity that can help you to reach your goals, and for being successful in writing copy for your digital marketing business, you should know the copy write techniques and tricks to sell your products or service for standing out among all other digital marketers.

What is marketing copywriting?

Marketing copywriting is writing to develop web visitors’ awareness, advertise your product or service, increase your brand’s loyalty and popularity, encourage visitors to use your product or service and keep your current customers and make them come back to you. Here is a list of common formats of marketing copy:

  • Blogs
  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • Social posts
  • Web copy (landing pages)
  • Video scripting/storytelling
  • Paid ad copy
  • CTA copy
  • Email
  • Case studies
  • Infographics
  • Webinars

Why is copy marketing important?

  • SEO benefits

You are definitely looking for a way to be found by people in online searches if so, you can take advantage of SEO marketing from writing a good copywriting. But you should not only pay attention to the copywriting but also use the keywords that are necessary for SEO.

  • Boost your message

The copywriting helps your audience to understand that they would benefit from doing business with you.

  • Create a cohesive message

You will focus on many important factors while you are copywriting, such as logo, images, color, font, etc.

  • Help your prospects focus on What’s important

The copy will let the audience to feel that they need to use your product or service.

How to Write Digital Marketing Copy Which Attracts the Right Consumers

How to write marketing copy?

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1/ Your headline plays an important role in attracting consumers

Do you think about the main message that you want to tell to consumers before choosing a headline?

The first thing that a web consumer or visitor sees before everything is the headline. You should focus on the important benefit of marketing while you are choosing a headline for your content. Besides, you should clearly explain how readers would benefit from your product or service.

2/ Promote your content’s readability

Most of us are used to write academically, and we hardly use broken sentences because that’s how our teachers have taught us to write in high school. Actually, you must forget about those rules and structures, and use broken sentences in the web copy to promote your content’s readability.

Use short sentences to ease the visitor’s reading. Such as:

  • It doesn’t seem possible. (…). But it is.
  • It’s our thinnest display ever. And it’s the first of its kind.
  • And that’s just for starters.

Also, you can separate a long sentence into two short sentences. Moreover, you should Increase the font size and forget about the long sentences specifically at the beginning of the copy. It will encourage web visitors to keep reading.

In addition, you should use photos, videos, graphs, and gifs to attract web visitors. I am so interested in photos and graphs, how about you?

3/ Keep readers interested in reading by telling stories

Stories are memorable and charming; that’s why it is essential to use stories in your web copy. You should think about the stories that you can tell about your products.

4/ Find your audience’s objective

Not only you should advertise and say the advantages of using your products, but also you should discover your audience’s objective and mention them in your copy. For finding your audience’s objectives, you should brainstorm and consult with your co-workers or people who may have enough information about it.

Find your audience's objective

5/ Compare your products with other similar products

People are interested in comparing things with each other and choose the best one among them. All you need to do is to compare your product or service with similar ones. It is the best way to highlight your product or service to be seen as the best.

Also, if you sell different models of a product, you can compare the new and old one and include the advantages of using a model over another one.

6/ Use a persuasive call to action

Another important factor is using the call to action button at the right place when the audience is encouraged to use your product or service. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use the call to action button when the readers are not ready to purchase or when it is too soon to offer to buy your product.

Also, you can redirect them to another page that explains more about the service or product, in that case, you should use a colored link that stands out in your copy.

Here are some examples of call to action words that you can use in your web copy too.

  • Order online; free delivery
  • Read more about it…
  • Get more information about it…
  • Learn more
  • Sign up now
  • Join now
  • Show me how

7/ Use everyday language

Certainly, the web visitors are a wide variety of people with different education levels, so the copywriting should be easy to understand, and you shouldn’t misunderstand it with a Literary Competition.

8/ Use sub-headings

According to the researches, 79% of people scan the webpage before reading and doing anything. First of all, they look for words and images to know whether the page attracts them or not. So how should you keep people on your web page?

  1. Cut long copies into pieces and several sentences.
  2. Use sub-headings for each section and use keywords.
  3. Bold sub-heading
  4. Allocate h2 or h3 for each heading for the better SEO

9/ Avoid spelling mistake

It seems to be an obvious point, but some writers may ignore it, which would harm them and get their web page in danger.

Web visitors would easily leave your web page by seeing a mistake, even the spelling one. So, don’t ignore it. If you are looking for ways to stop making spelling mistakes, these tips are helpful:

  1. It is better to always look for a word in a dictionary if you are not sure about it.
  2. It is highly recommended to print your copy and review it on the paper rather than the screen.
  3. After being done with copywriting, you should take it away for a while and then reread it.
  4. Ask a proofreader to check the copy.

10/ Use images

Most people agree that blogs with images seem more interesting. Also, if you care about the SEO value, you should know that images carry SEO value, but not all images!

  1. Use high-quality images; While the good one can benefit your web page, the low quality or badly cropped image can ruin everything
  2. Use relevant images
  3. Don’t forget to add alt text and tag to the images
  4. Pay attention to the copyright
  5. Use active voice

You should use active voice in most of the writings, but using the active voice in copywriting is more important because:

  • It is easier to read
  • Makes the copy smoother
  • It is impactful
  • It is more natural

You can do it

To wrap up

And finally, forgetting many sales, you should focus on readers a lot because they should feel that you care about them. Follow the mention tips and tell us about your experience in copywriting. We are all ears!

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