How to buy NFT on Solanart (The Complete guide)

Anyone can buy or sell Solana-based NFTs through Solanart, a complete NFT marketplace built on the Solana network. Solanart seeks to support the promotion of artists and creators by giving them a secure platform to sell their work.

Your NFT is added to a database that saves the sale’s data when you list it for sale. This information is kept on a “Temporary Account” held by the marketplace application. The application sends the SOL sum from the buyer to the seller when someone buys your NFT, after which the NFT is unlocked and sent to the buyer. Both on-chain and off-chain data are used by Solanart.

The on-chain data is used for showing NFT one by one, while the off-chain data is used to showcase all of the NFT for sale on the main page.

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The main page’s use of the database was chosen to make it simple to arrange all NFTs according to qualities, price, the oldest or newest sales, etc. On-chain data offers a centralized and safe experience. Although the market may be completely decentralized, the Solana Network’s request restriction prevents it from currently being able to handle handling thousands of NFTs for sale and filtering them for display on the home page.

What is Solanart?

Solanart, an NFT marketplace hosted on the Solana blockchain, was introduced in 2021. The market offers a wide range of NFTs developed by users, businesses, and public figures.

Solanart maintains its inventory of NFTs available for purchase in an offline database, in contrast to other NFT marketplaces. The enormous quantity of NFTs being offered for sale on the platform may be more secure as a result, but this also places the NFTs in a database that Solanart owns and controls.

The SOL is given to the seller when a customer buys an NFT, which unlocks it for the buyer.

The ability to sort and filter the onscreen listing in a plethora of creative ways is one advantage of keeping the inventory of for-sale NFTs in a database.

The platform also has a method for ranking NFTs, a function that enables artists to post additional NFTs simultaneously, and flexible buying for many NFTs at once.

How to Buy NFTs on Solanart?

In order to prepare for your NFT trading path, you must:

Firstly, you can download the phantom wallet if you haven’t already. Our top recommendation for navigating the Solana ecosystem is the Phantom wallet. You would then need to add some $SOL tokens to your wallet.

You are now prepared to connect to Solanart after finishing that. You can connect by clicking “Connect Wallet” in the top right corner of the Solanart homepage.

Now you should write down the name of the NFT Collecion to enter. Knowing the name of the NFT collection you want to purchase is necessary. Use the search box on Solanart to enter the name of the NFT collection. Alternatively, you might look via their own collection page.

The last step is checking out. Once you’ve chosen the NFT you want, click on it, and the pop-up mentioned above should appear. To approve the buy transaction on your Phantom wallet, click “Proceed to check out.” Congrats! You recently purchased your NFT from Solanart.

How to Sell NFTs on Solanart?

Now, it’s even easier to sell NFTs on Solanart. However, you must:

Have an NFT tradeable on Solanart first

When you reach the homepage, select the “Sell products” tab at the top of the page.

Go to your owned NFTs

You can access your “Owned” NFTs on your profile by clicking that link. To sell an NFT, click on it. Next, decide on a selling price. Be careful not to lower the selling price below the NFT collection’s floor price. If so, you might not be obtaining the greatest $SOL return from your NFT.

You just need to wait right now. Your $SOL will be credited right into your Phantom wallet if you’ve sold your NFT!

Otherwise, it will continue to be sold in the market. You can also be approached by prospective purchasers who have a cheaper offer. If so, their offer will show up on your Solanart Wallet page’s “Offers” tab.

How much does it cost to list an NFT on Solanart?

Of the NFT sale price, 97.5% goes to the creator. There is a service charge of 2.5 percent. For both mint and NFT, the standard rate is 0.01 SOL. The inventor must pay an extra 0.03 SOL if they want to put their NFTs up for sale.

What is the Solanart API?

Developers can utilize the Solanart API collection of APIs to integrate Solanart technologies into their projects. The functionalities that Solanart provides to developers are then made available to developers by Solanart. The Solanart API scan is a series of Solanart APIs that you can utilize in your App.

Who owns Solanart?

The Solanart NFT marketplace, one of the largest NFT marketplaces, was founded by Anatoly Yakovenko. The first NFT marketplace to ever be able to compete with Opensea is Solanart. Similar to Solanart io, Opensea is another NFT marketplace that utilizes a different blockchain. However, Solanart NFT marketplace doesn’t charge you anything for your platform-based transactions.

As a result, more users will switch to the Solanart NFT platform going forward. Solanart io is one of your greatest options if you’re looking for a platform to start producing NFT and selling it. If you are thinking about investing in NFT, a fantastic choice for you is the Solanart NFT marketplace.

In conclusion

NFT market size and popularity are anticipated to increase significantly. The speed of transactions and associated gas costs are important considerations for both NFT makers and sellers when choosing an NFT marketplace. One of the NFT markets that provides its users with these functionalities is Solanart.

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