Important Steps to Take When Hiring New Employees

The right employee in the right position is the greatest asset of any organization that helps it grow fast. Therefore, every organization or company prefers to hire professional, skilled, and dedicated persons. And a slight mistake or wrong judgment in hiring the employees can lead the organization to undermine within days. However, the use of Netchex services including data and applicant tracking software can make the process easy for the recruiting panel. 

Recruiting and hiring is a common Practice and each organization goes through it. However, finding a new employee with a combination of experience, education, skills, and passion is quite hard. Therefore, every entrepreneur first prefers to retain potential employees. But there are several cases including death, illness, or resignation of potential employees, the employer is left with nothing but the only choice of hiring a new person. Sometimes the addition of a new post also demands the hiring of new employees. 

To make the recruiting and hiring process easy and effective, some important tips are listed here.

Examine 3W’s and Thought of A Plan

The very first step in hiring a new employee is to figure out if you are really in need of a new employee or not. And 3w strategy is the best practice to sort out this problem. It allows you to examine each department of your organization carefully and determine where, why, and when you need a new employee. 

After determining the need of recruiting new employees the next step is to think of an effective plan for achieving this tough task. The reason is that doing something without a paper sketch is just like trying to drive a vehicle without fuel. The recruiting plan outlines the whole process and also provides you with a route map for the selection of the right person. Don’t forget to consider important dates and schedules while constructing the plan to recruit the new employees. 

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Define Job Description and Publish it 

Job Description is crucial to provide all the details and requirements of the vacant post in a single look.

An effective job description must include:

• Job title in clear and bold writing 

• Experience required 

• Type of job

• Basic skills

• Tasks to perform 

• Timing or duration of working hours 

• Eligibility criteria

• Last date to apply

• Estimated salary package

• Offers and allowances 

• Facilities 

• Exceptions

• Criteria for special persons

• Contact details 

Once done with writing the job application the next step is the publication of that ad. You can use various advertising platforms, social media, and email for that system.

Go For Retaining and Referrals Strategy 

Retaining the already existing potential employees is an economic and friendly deal. It saves your time and money wasting in the recruiting process and also ensures that you select the right candidate for the right place. Therefore, also share the job ad with your staff or existing workforce and urge them to apply for this post

If not having any potential candidates for this particular post in your workforce then the next option is to go with a referral strategy. Ask your colleagues, shareholders, friends, and family to refer someone that is in search of a job with all the requirements you need for a vacant post. 

Call for Testing and Interview of The selected Candidates 

After shortlisting the candidates through applicant tracking software the next step is to call that candidate and ask for their availability. Make sure to schedule a particular day or date for the test and interview of the shortlisted candidates. And invite the candidates for further processing through message, email, or phone call. 

Stay flexible with interview and test timings to facilitate the candidate. 

Check the Credibility & Discuss Various Policies

Various digital tools such as tracking tools, and employee benefits administration software are effective weapons to make the recruiting process hassle-free. Tracking software helps you to collect all the data of the employees about their working history, criminal details, and personal information to check their credibility. 

Make sure to discuss payment and work policies before the issuance of a joining letter. 

To sum it up, hiring a new employee is a tough and time taking task. However, with the use of technology and by following the given instructions, you can achieve this task easily. Don’t look for shortcuts in this regard as it’s an important process and rushing through it won’t help you.

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