QuarkChain price prediction

QuarkChain is a multi-layered blockchain network that manages and executes peer-to-peer transactions. But the QuarkChain price prediction for the next 10 years is on the QKC token. In this article, we will fully review the price prediction for QuarkChain from 2021 to 2030.

What is QuarkChain?

As mentioned, QuarkChain is a network blockchain that covers peer-to-peer transactions. The main token of this blockchain is called QKC, which is based on the Atrium ERC-20 standard.

The number of QuarkChain tokens is 10 billion and the price of this token in May 2021 is about 0.0222. QuarkChain ICO ended on June 3, 2018. In this case, $ 20 million worth of etherium was injected into the blockchain. 15% of it was taken as capital in the remaining blockchain and the other 15% was taken by the construction team. The remaining 50 percent was earmarked for mining, marketing, and public awards. The QuarkChain token is currently mined with a proof-of-work algorithm.

QuarkChain price prediction

At the time of writing, QuarkChain is priced at $ 0.022 and has a market value of $ 139 million. Transactions in the last 24 hours were 8 million and 800 thousand dollars, and its overselling caused a drop of 10% during these 24 hours.

This digital currency, like other digital currency markets, faced an explosive price increase so that at the end of 2020, its price was only $ 0.005 and has now increased four to five times.

QuarkChain price prediction

The QuarkChain price prediction shows that by next month, this digital currency will grow by about 10 to 12% and reach a higher resistance level of 0.030. Accordingly, we have to wait for the price of $ 0.03 of this currency until the end of July 2021.

QuarkChain price prediction for 2021

Based on the value trend of this digital currency and the obtained charts, it will by the end of 2021, this cryptocurrency will experience more than 80% price growth. However, we will have to wait and see if this month’s high resistance level is met for QuarkChain. But in general, the price of this currency will grow well.

QuarkChain price prediction for 2022

As we move through market fluctuations and achieve stability for digital currencies, we will probably have a three-month steady trend and a nine-month growing period to predict QuarkChain prices in 2022. This trend started at the beginning of the second quarter of 2022 and could push the price up to around $ 0.05.

QuarkChain 5-year price prediction

According to trading beasts, the price of QuarkChain will grow by more than 300% in the next five years, and by early 2028, the price of this currency will reach $ 1. Although predictions depend on market trends and investors’ reliance on future technologies, QuarkChain is one of those blockchains that can grow explosively from 2025 onwards by increasing smart contracts and peer-to-peer transactions. Open a permanent foothold between digital currencies and future technologies.

QuarkChain price prediction

So we expect to see the $ 1 price of this digital currency soon. Although not in an interval of one or two years.


Long-term investment in QuarkChain is very profitable and even in one year can show 80% growth. But its progress will be between 2026 and 2028. From now on, you can open an account on this digital currency and its blockchain. What do you think about QuarkChain price growth and its predictions?

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