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Blogging and Article Writing for Businesses

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By using Inosocial writing service you can save time and money to create blog/article content for your website.

SEO-Friendly Content

What types of SEO content are there? … should be attractive, informative product pages that are optimized for both search and conversions.

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Content writing service is one of the primary functions of InoSocial. With a team of experts, InoSocial provides opportunities for all website owners to order their requests.

Blog post or Article

42$ / 700 words

0.06$ / per words

  • SEO-Friendly
  • keyword Research
  • 3 main focus keyword
  • 6 secondary focus keyword
  • Copywriter care
  • Special writers

Blog post or Article

350$ / 7000 words

0.05$ / per words

  • SEO-Friendly
  • keyword Research
  • 3 main focus keyword
  • 6 main focus keyword
  • Copywriter care
  • Special writers
  • Manage Internal links
  • Analyze website keywords
  • Analyze website SEO
  • Analyze back-links

InoSocial content writing services

Content writing service is one of the primary functions of InoSocial. With a team of experts, InoSocial provides opportunities for all website owners to order their requests. InoSocial provides the search engine optimized content (SEO friendly), with all necessary media, and structure. We will find the gaps in the topic and fill it up in your quality content, which rank you higher and increase your domain rate.

Quality content matters

Quantity is no longer a matter for Google and its users, but the quality is. What Google, as the biggest search engine with billion searches daily loves, is answering all users’ needs. We will find these users’ needs and answer all of them in your content. This will help Google and other search engines find your content the best answer to the users’ questions. Our customers’ top keywords are increasing daily, which means we are responding better and better to what is needed. We are experts in finding content gaps and fill them up in your content to rank you higher.

Quality content matters

Keyword search

Keywords are one of the essential parts of quality content, which makes it google friendly. Google would love content that are keywords checked. Not only are the keywords relevant but also the density, hardness, cost per clicks, and rate of users returning are all important to choose what you should write about. If you want to write about specific content, it is still alright. Drop us your message, and we will prepare your major and minor keywords. All will be used in a text. The better content has keywords, the more you have a chance to get more leads from Google and all other search engines. We would provide you the best writing service and quality content that suits your website.

Content writing mapping

The structure of your content is vital to get more traffic from search engines. The time that users spend on your content all refers to what structure is used in your blog or articles. We carefully map your content and separate them with title and heading. Listing and numbering orders are also mattered while you write for users. Google will recognize the content as a source while listing rules are used. This will help your content become feature snippets or knowledge cards. We know the way how to write to get featured on google.

Content media

Text is only one part of many different sections in optimized quality content. Media should be included within the text to increase the time users spend on your web page. Adding images, videos, gifs not only keeps users more on your web page but also makes the text attractive and eyecatching. They would also increase the number of hits on your web page, which all of these send signals to google bots that your content is of great help for users. We would add necessary pictures to the content with their captions from our library of more than thousands of pictures. Combining media, especially images, will later help to get more links to your content.

Blog and article

We have divided the writing into two different types. A blog would be more about general topics in your fields. Media are added, and mapping will be based on user inquiries. Blogs can be on different topics, like How to do, How to do it better, Fix the issues, etc. However, articles are pice of writing that are more in-depth, and they are written analytically. Articles are more about strategies in the topic, and they need to justify the users why the claims in the writings are right. Copywriting is better included in this type of content writing because users’ inquiries are more about decision making to choose between different options.

How to Start?​

Drop us a message with your topic, number of words, and place you are going to publish the content. We will check the ranking of the webpage you are going to publish, and assess the type of content you might need along with the major and minor keywords. We will send you the invoice and start the process once you finalize it.