5 Tips for Better Communication with Followers on Instagram&nbsp

Instagram is one of the most interactive social media platforms. All you need is to have relevant and high-quality pictures or videos to share on the platform, and you can get comments and likes within seconds. Visual and video content are also the most interactive types of content on social media in the last few years. This is something that brands are leveraging and a significant reason it’s easy to get interactions and engagement on Instagram. 

Instagram communication is mostly based on visual stimuli, but it is also crucial that you fine-tune every account’s detail to drive more engagement. Instagram likes, and comments can help you get more followers to your account because the algorithm uses engagement rates to prioritize content as high-quality and show more users. 

If you have not fared well in your Instagram communication and would love to improve it, here are a few tips to help you. 

  • Post daily

You do not get Instagram engagement without Instagram posts. Your Instagram content marketing strategy is bound to fail if you do not have enough quality content. All you need most times is one high-quality video or picture per day. It is wrong to post 100 photos a day. It’ll be overkill and would affect the perceived quality of your page. 

Instagram users get to see numerous high-quality materials; the excellence of the content is often what determines the level of engagement that it receives. Therefore, you should post every day because it keeps you on your audience’s mind and increases their willingness to engage you. 

  • Post content at the time when the audience is online

You can’t tell when a tree falls in a forest or if it made any noise if you were not around to hear it, no matter how big the tree is. That’s the same way it is when you post content online at a time when your audience is absent. No matter how much quality the content is, if there is nobody online to see it, you will not get as much engagement as you should. And this can result in wasted work. 

The Instagram algorithm now prioritizes the quality and relevance of content over chronological order. And the level of engagement of content is what determines its quality and relevance to the audience. So if you do not get quick engagement, your content will not be rated as relevant to the audience, and you may never get any engagement because it will hardly come up on their feed. So you must know when your audience is online and post your content at the right time. 

  • Use questions to improve your caption.

Captions are crucial on Instagram, and getting it right is essential to increase engagement on your Instagram post. It helps to get your audience talking, and the best way to do this is to ask questions relevant to the post. For instance, if you are posting a picture of you from your trips, you can ask your audience to mention where they would like to travel to next. Finishing your caption with a question gives your viewers something to think about. And they will do that, plus like your post before adding a comment. 

  • Reply to your comments.

Engagements on Instagram do not come much better than comments. So when your followers comment on your post, be sure to reply to them. This is a great way to communicate with them. They will also be encouraged to comment on future posts because of your reply. If you ask them a question in your caption, for instance, and a follower replies to your question, be sure to engage them on their answer too. This way, they will know that you are reading their comments, you find it meaningful, and you appreciate it. 

  • Use hashtags

Using a hashtag is one of the most effective ways to increase your Instagram engagement. They are also very effective for reaching a new audience and gaining new followers. The problem may be for you to decide which hashtag to use. First, however, make sure that any hashtag you are using is relevant to your account and the post you are making. In addition, it has to be a popular hashtag to give you a good level of engagement. So before using a hashtag, search the explore page for it first and see the content under the hashtag. This will help you determine if it is a well-used hashtag and if it is relevant to your post. 


If you’re talking about social media engagement, then Instagram is an essential tool for you. Increasing your communication with your Instagram followers can do a world of good to your business, and these five tips are going to help you achieve this. 

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