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7 Math Summer Programs for College Students

Math-focused summer programs can help aspiring college students gain fantastic skills and insight. Check the best mathematics camps and the perks they offer to attendees.

7 Math Summer Programs for College Students

Math summer camps are an ingenious way for young mathematicians to upgrade their knowledge. Besides having a lot of fun and socializing, they can polish their math skills, learn to code, and explore new interests. Some camps may even offer tutoring help to students.

Whether you are a twelfth grader or on the verge of enrolling in college, a math summer camp would be perfect for testing your aptitude. There, you can check your level against other bright students and learn from your mistakes. Consider these seven summer programs when making the ultimate choice.

Canada/USA Mathcamp

Mathcamp is an immersive five-week summer program for math-oriented high schoolers. Besides exposing participants to advanced mathematics, the camp focuses on exploring new arithmetic realms. This year, Mathcampers from the entire world aged 13 to 18 will attend the school from July 3 to August 7 at Colby College in Waterville, ME.

Mathcamp is more than a typical camp, with tutors assigning various math assignment practices. You will delve into graduate-level topics and get university maths assignment help from your teacher. As a result, you can build your problem-solving skills and get ready for complex modules at college.

The cost to join amounts to $4,500. Financial aid is available but depends on a case-by-case basis. The fee includes tuition, room, board, extracurricular activities, and local transportation.

Summer Academy for Math and Science

SAMS targets students from underrepresented communities who wish to develop critical thinking skills and explore STEM-related fields. The staff at the Academy is highly experienced, and most of the camp focuses on hands-on experiences and workshops.

The SAMS pre-college program is ideal for scholars who pursue higher education. It consists of two parts. The first lasts three days as a virtual introduction to the course. The second part stretches over four weeks (July 2 – July 30) and takes place at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.

As a no-cost program, SAMS has strict selection criteria, including proof of financial need. Students must be over 16 and submit two essay prompts when applying.

Stanford University Mathematics Camp

SUMaC accepts mathematically talented high-school students from across the world. The camp comprises advanced math lectures, a research project, and problem-solving assignments. This summer, the program consists of two online sessions students can choose from when applying.

Lectures cost $3,250, but aid is available upon demonstrating financial need. Both domestic and international applicants are eligible. The course length is almost three weeks, but the dates change every year.

World Mathematics Academy

Grade levels 9-12 can apply for the two-week-long coursework organized by the World Mathematics Academy. The program concentrates on proof-based mathematics and helps scholars gain profound knowledge.

Current courses are taught by Evgeny Gorchakov, a doctoral student in mathematics at the University of Cambridge. The program includes daily assignments, group work, take-home resources, and lifetime access to video recordings. The total price is $2,495, and the first session begins on August 8 and ends on August 19.

The Ross Mathematics Program at Ohio State University

The Ross Program is another intensive maths summer school. It urges motivated 15-to 18-year-old students to explore number theory. The Ross Program lasts six weeks at two locations (Columbus and Terre Haute). Each site expects to accommodate 60 first-year students.

Admission depends on several criteria, and the program, including tuition, room, and board, costs $6,000. Financial support is possible upon request.

MathILy at Bryn Mawr College

MathILy is a five-week-long residential summer program for math-talented secondary students. This year, the camp will happen at Bryn Mawr College from July 3 to August 6. It accepts students from the US and beyond as long as they have inherent curiosity and a thirst for advanced mathematics.

The lessons are interactive, inquiry-based, and focus on personal growth. In-person courses cost $4,950, whereas the virtual option is $2,150. Applicants with significant needs may be eligible for generous financial support.

Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics

The 50th session of HCSSiM will last six weeks, from July 3 to August 13, at Hampshire College in Massachusetts. The program teaches college-level mathematics to highly motivated and talented high school students. Moreover, participants remain engaged throughout the day and have access to faculty classrooms.

The curriculum comprises lectures, study sessions, workshops, informal lessons, and recreation. Accommodation is in the faculty dormitory, and the total cost, including meals, is $4,913. Need-based aid is available, too.

Final Thoughts

Most renowned colleges accept students with an extensive range of interests and abilities. Hence, each math camp for students above will boost your confidence, logic, and problem-solving skills. Your enthusiasm for new ideas and experiences will help you excel, and that’s what academic institutions value the most.

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