What is “888-802-3080” on Amazon?


When I was surfing on the waves of the internet and reviewing guys’ experiences about working with Amazon, I found a secret number as a common element in many comments; and unfortunately, these guys said their experiences were not sweet or amazing. So, what really “888-802-3080” is?

In this brief post, we will talk more about the prime video “888-802-3080”.

What is “888-802-3080” on Amazon?

Before starting to discuss this phone number, I need to explain Amazon Prime Video as a part of the “Amazon Prime” program. These Amazon channels are additional pathways through which customers can watch top and trending videos and films on Amazon.


Amazon will charge for the next membership period when your free trial or membership period ends. According to Amazon’s official website, Amazon Prime membership fees are:

  • Monthly: $12.99 (plus taxes)
  • Annually: $119 (plus taxes)
  • Prime Video membership: $8.99 per month (plus taxes)

As you enter the page to purchase a subscription, you can see some channels are associated with “888-802-3080”, and they will ask you for a charge. You would assume these charges were from Amazon or Prime Video, but they are from the scammer “pretending to be Amazon.”

Is “888-802-3080” a scam?

Definitely yes. I confirmed with Amazon that “888-802-3080” is not an official Amazon phone number, and they said, however, they are not sure whether it is a scammer.

Well, this seems not logical to me; this number calls people and introduces themselves as a part of Amazon corporation, and asks about charges for Amazon prime video, and they disappear like a wind. If it is not spoofing or scamming, then what is it?

To make the story more precise, I have borrowed some comments from the internet for you;

“This is not an Amazon phone. It is a scam, and they are taking money from people’s accounts, coding it as Amzn Digital with this phone number. Report this to your bank asap!!!”

“They charged my debit card, and this is the number associated with it on my bank statements. It is a scam. CALL YOUR BANK.”

“I have four charges to my bank account in two days, for a total of $82.70. I need this money refunded ASAP!! Unfortunately, I have no record of these charges on my amazon account!”

“This caller ID has been used to charge my credit card with Amazon prime movies and Itunes. It is urgent to resolve this issue since this person has been stealing from me since July 2019.”

“They charged my husband’s BankDebit card $20.00 for

Amazon Digital

**Definitely Fraud.”

“2 prime video charges showed up on my credit card statement (888-802-3080). Didn’t order anything. SCAM!”

You can find tons of these texts in online groups or on social media.

How does “888-802-3080” work?

The process looks easy; a user will call the number to purchase the subscription, and after they assure you everything is under control, you will be asked to pay the charge with a dedicated bank account. Finally, when the transaction is completed, everything is gone off; you cannot find those guys and, of course, your money.

Although the way they use seems ordinary and straightforward, thousands of people lose their money on Amazon Prime Video. Note that the charge they are offering on the phone is not fixed and can be varied between $4 to $20, so you cannot find out how much exactly they have robbed from the people.


Thank you for reading this post. At this moment, there is no solution for this problem, and many users get fooled every day because of this number. The only recommended advice is to inform as many people as we can about the happening fraud and “vaccinate” Amazon’s audience.

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