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AiSchedul vs. Combin- Which Platform is Better to Auto-post on Instagram?

Because of its large and engaged audience, Instagram has become a powerful social marketing tool for businesses. According to Instagram’s own analytics, 90% of users follow a company on the site. You already know that your company has to be active on social media; without it, digital marketing is like shouting into the void. This is when you require the best sites to buy Instagram followers in order to gain engagement on Instagram

But you know you need to understand your industry and develop a successful social media marketing plan if you want to see a return on your investment. But here’s the thing: You’re looking for those outcomes. However, you don’t want to spend a lot of time acquiring them, so you’ll need to automate your Instagram posts.

Combin and AiSchedul, two professional Instagram management platforms, will be compared today. We will see further who makes the cut to the best sites to buy Instagram followers

AiSchedul – Direct Post & Repost for Instagram

AiSchedul is the only app that allows you to plan, publish, and repost material on your Instagram feed, IGTV, and Stories directly and automatically. At the same time, schedule material on several Instagram accounts for multiple dates and hours.

Without a watermark, re-post videos and photos on Instagram. Repost to your Instagram accounts posts, Stories, Highlights, IGTV, and Reels. Use Instagram or IGTV to repost or share YouTube videos. To erase all your Instagram posts at once, use the Mass Delete function. With a single click, you may erase 100s of your Instagram posts.

Steps to link Instagram Account

To get started, go to the AiSchedul website and pick the GET STARTED option from the dashboard. Then input your name, email address, and secret key on the next screen. Then, on the next page, click the Register Now option.

After you’ve completed the setup, log in to your AiSchedul account. Tap the Add Instagram Account catch to connect with your Instagram account. It’s worth mentioning that you have the option of adding several Instagram accounts. Then hit the Next button after entering your login information. Finally, put your secret word into the box and click Submit. After that, your Instagram account will be added successfully.

AiSchedul’s Features

  • You can see all of your upcoming planned posts, as well as all of your previously scheduled articles, on your dashboard. AiSchedul also offers Auto Responds to Comments, which is an intriguing function. For all high-level accounts, mechanised replies are dynamic.
  • To schedule your stories, go to your dashboard and select “Post on Story.” Click the Add button to upload the planned story and change it with the tools at the top of the narrative box.
  • You may repost Instagram material from both the Feed and the Story using AiSchedul. When you’re on your dashboard, click Repost, and then choose your method for finding the content you want to repost from the drop-down option.

Pricing Options of AiSchedul

Customers can choose between two different designs from AiSchedul. It also offers a 5-day no-strings-attached free trial to new customers, during which you may examine virtually all of the program’s features and determine whether or not you want to pay for it.

Perhaps one AiSchedul’s two plans is always free, but you can only access a portion of the highlights and can’t experience the full ride of this software in this edition. Furthermore, as compared to other services, the other arrangement that provides full access to highlights costs only $9 per month.

Combin – Solution for Content Planning

Combin is a group of experts in their field. To make the lives of social media administrators simpler, software engineers, designers, marketers, and technical support professionals collaborate. Their mission is to deliver effective Instagram marketing solutions, and they are always coming up with new ideas and innovations.

Steps to link Instagram Account

Combin takes longer to sign up for. To do this, you must employ these techniques. To begin, go to the Combin Website and choose between the Instagram developer app and the Instagram scheduler. Then select “Try it for free” from the drop-down menu. At that point, enter your email address and click the “try free” option.

To continue with the programme after installing the work area app, go to the main page of Combin and enter your Instagram account and secret key. You’ll notice your new photographs and images, as well as additional Instagram followers, likes, and comments, after logging in. You may also verify your assignments and receive stats by looking at your dashboard.

Combin’s Features

  • The Combin scheduling programme allows you to plan posts and stories, assign tasks, and customise your Instagram framework.
  • Combin offers cutting-edge research that can be extremely beneficial to you. You cannot, however, add pre-programmed remarks or modify the content of comments.

Pricing Options of Combin

Starter, Personal, and Business are the three distinct programmes offered by Combin. With the Starter Pack, you can only manage one Instagram account and are limited to 100 post activities each day, which means you may update, schedule, and deliver up to 100 posts per day, and all of these capabilities are free.

The personal subscription, which costs $10 per month, allows you to get engagement and see your upcoming assignments, and there are no limitations on post activity. In any case, you can only manage one Instagram account at a time. Finally, if you choose the business bundle, you’ll get limitless highlights and the ability to manage up to five Instagram profiles. This plan is much more costly than AiSchedul, at $30 per month.

Final Verdict

Altogether, Combin is an excellent Instagram scheduler that may save you time while allowing you to manage your Instagram account from your workplace. You must, however, download and instal the software; you will not be able to use it on your phone.

AiSchedul, on the other hand, is a wonderful programme that offers these features at a lower cost and just requires basic software to utilise. If you’re just searching for a way to schedule your posts, Aischedul is the way to go.

Combin may be a better option if you need to keep track of your DMs and manage your posts all in one spot, but AiSchedul is clearly the best option if you need a post scheduler with a decent photo editor and the ability to reply to comments.

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