What Is Arbitrage Trading

Arbitrage trading is a type of trading strategy through which you can profit from price fluctuations in the stock market. Through this strategy, you will learn how to buy and sell a stock or a digital currency in various transactions and earn more profit. If you can buy a coin at a lower price and sell it at a higher price, you have benefited from the arbitrage trade.

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Before the advent of the cryptocurrency industry, price volatility in the stock market was one of the most common ways to raise capital. This method, of course, has many risks, but the arbitrage strategy helps you maximize your profits. But does it work for digital currencies as well?


One of the best ways to invest and work in the stock and capital markets is to make a profit. Therefore, you should know that this is the reason why you enter the market, and you should maximize your profitability.

Of course, there is still no way you can make a 100 percent profit. But an arbitrage business strategy can accomplish this to some extent. Most traders try to find such deals and make the most out of them. The amount of profit earned from each transaction also depends on the speed and volume of the transaction. Therefore, most arbitrage trading rules are based on HFT algorithms.

Arbitrage trading

Arbitrage trading strategy is a type of transaction based on buying a share or a currency and then selling it instantly. This type of transaction is done in several different channels to increase profitability. This strategy aims to sell the stock or currency purchased, at a higher price at a given time.

The main challenge in arbitrage trading strategy is to find the fastest and best way to make the most profit. Profits also fluctuate sharply due to the high speed of decision-making for transactions.

In addition, arbitrage traders trade at low risk, so their profit and return on investment are low. Therefore, to increase the profitability of this business, the speed and number of transactions must be increased.

You may ask how arbitrage is done in the cryptocurrency market. In the following, we will examine its methods.

Arbitrage trading types

Arbitrage strategy offers many ways to increase capital in cryptocurrencies, but there are some things in this market that you should pay attention to first.

Exchange arbitrage

The most popular method of arbitrage trading is called exchange arbitrage. In this method, the crypto buyer buys it in one exchange and sells it in another exchange.

The price of digital currencies fluctuates a lot. So it is not surprising that arbitrators have a more successful presence in this market. The cost of cryptocurrencies goes up and down in seconds, and traders are looking to profit. The digital currency market is a good position for arbitrage traders, although high volatility is a disadvantage.

Suppose the price of bitcoin in a Binance exchange and another exchange is slightly different. If an arbitrage trader sees this, they will first look for a lower-priced bitcoin, buy it, and then quickly go to another exchange and sell it at a higher price. In this case, speed of action and accuracy when buying and selling are critical. Suppose that when you buy a bitcoin from an exchange until you want to sell it, the price of bitcoin will be more than double the profit you make. So speed is essential in this area.

Funding rate arbitrage

The following method, which is an arbitrage strategy, is futures contracts and locking in the price of digital currency that you currently have. Suppose the price of your cryptocurrency is constantly going up and down. By selling a futures contract and locking the cost of that currency, you can earn, for example, 2% of the Funding rate of this contract. So, in this case, you can profit from it without buying and selling the currency you have.

Triangular arbitrage

There is another type of arbitrage business that is also a suitable method. Triangular arbitrage is a strategy in which a trader first measures the price of three digital currencies and exchanges these cryptocurrencies in a loop based on profitability.

In triangular arbitrage transactions, you can use changes in converting digital currencies to each other. In this case, suppose you get 1% profit between each conversion. So in total with three modifications you can reach a substantial gain of 3%. Of course, in this method, you must know the currency exchange rate to each other, for example, Binance Coin to Bitcoin or Bitcoin to Ethereum, and then proceed to the triangular arbitrage transaction.

Arbitrage trading Risks

Arbitrage trading is done with low risk but can also be detrimental. Of course, there is an unwritten rule: if there is no risk, there is neither profit nor loss.

One of the worst risks in arbitrage trading is the risk of execution. In this case, when you have bought all the currencies, and you want to close the deal, but your speed is low, and the profit is either zero or negative. Many cause this, such as low speed, low execution speed, high transaction costs, and very sharp fluctuations in currency prices.

Another risk in arbitrage trading is liquidity. If you have little liquidity to enter and exit an arbitrage deal, you run the liquidity risk.

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Being able to take advantage of arbitrage trading is an excellent opportunity for cryptocurrency traders. With the right amount of speed and capital to participate in these types of strategies, you could find yourself executing low-risk, profitable trades in no time.

The risk associated with arbitrage trading shouldn’t be overlooked. While arbitrage trading might imply “risk-free profit” or “guaranteed profit,” the reality is there’s enough risk involved to keep any trader on their toes.

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