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In today’s world of digital currencies, the focus of tokens is on blockchain and DeFi. Cryptocurrencies base on data storage, management, and transaction. But it is rare to find a digital currency whose primary focus is on digital marketing. However, BAT can fill this gap. But if you do not know anything about BAT, in this article we will examine it and forecast the price in the next five years.

Targeting and principles of BAT

BAT bases on the Ethereum platform and first worked on the Brave browser. The Mozilla browser developer launched the project in 2015 based on JavaScript coding.

In general, BAT or Basic Attention Token is one of those different tokens in the cryptocurrency market. From its name, it is straightforward for what purpose it creates. This token could revolutionize the digital marketing industry. The developer was thinking that programming using JavaScript could generate a token that would be available to users in all browsers around the world. The token was initially launched on May 31, 2017, and raised more than $ 35 million in just one hour.

BAT currently has more than 5.5 million monthly active users, and that number is growing. The main reasons for its growth are the smartness of its makers and the correct and targeted supply.

How does BAT work?

In today’s world, the word digital marketing is used by many people. Every company, person, or brand needs advertising and works in this field. Even regular users need a routine that can either see ads or block them. Today, more than 600 million devices and computers worldwide need an application that can remove all irrelevant ads.

You may be wondering what made the demand for BAT tokens increase? In general, modern advertising systems should identify user behavior and seek targeted advertising. Accordingly, a vast network of user information needs to be examined. In this case, BAT activates by unique processes:

  1. Advertisers can display their ads by paying tokens to publishers.
  2. Users receive BAT tokens for viewing ads. User behavior is measured based on a machine learning system in the Brave browser, and rewards are sent accordingly.
  3. Advertisers also get much better returns due to the presence of potential customers and a more targeted market.

BAT is more like a two-pronged deal in digital marketing. Not only is it a valid token for increasing ad feedback, but it can also be used as a collaborative sales system for big brands like Amazon. Any company that accepts BAT support can use its facilities to increase sales and advertising.

Price history and BAT developments

In the initial release, the BAT token costs only 17 cents. So users very well received it. The token volume of transactions increased from $ 35 to $ 285 million. There were many fluctuations until 2017, but in early 2018, its price reached 70 cents, and its trading volume reached $ 700 million—an astonishing number for a digital marketing token.

In 2018, the token remained at a fixed price, but at the beginning of 2019, when the token began to be offered in reputable exchange offices, its price exceeded 90 cents, and the market volume reached $ 900 million.

Price and volume of market transactions

The BAT is priced at $ 0.77 on August 2021 and shows a market volume of approximately $ 1,157,264,292. Many analysts expect BAT prices to rise sharply in the coming years due to the growing need for digital advertising and marketing systems.

BAT Price Prediction

The further we go, the more colorful digital marketing becomes and covers more of the world of economics. Digital marketing is currently one of the most essential principles of the market and the economy. Every company or brand needs an experienced digital marketer to introduce the brand identity to others and introduce it to the digital world.

But what is the BAT price forecast for the coming years? In general, we predict the price of this token for the next ten years.


Price Prediction 2022

At the end of 2022, with the growth of economics and after the pandemic, the development of BAT will continue. The price of this token will reach more than $ 3 by the end of 2022.

BAT Price Prediction 2023

For 2023, our price forecast from BAT is something close to $ 3 to $ 4.5. On the one hand, the growth of the digital currency market and increasing people’s trust in this market, and on the other hand, the urgent need of big brands for a decentralized advertising system, will cause us to see steady growth in BAT from 2023 to mid-2024.

BAT Price Prediction 2025

The digital currency market will see serious stability over the next 5 to 6 years. This stability will go so far that most people will turn to digital currencies instead of using centralized financial systems. Imagine a day when people use only BAT in their browsers for advertising and monetization. This year, the BAT price will be between $ 7 and $ 10.

Can BAT be a good investment?

Investing in BAT, in the long run, is a great way to increase your profitability. BAT is a creative token of its kind in a different way than other cryptocurrencies. So we can expect it to become one of the best tokens on the market in the next three years.

BAT value

BAT can potentially create a connection between users, advertisers, and publishers. It is also referred to as a multi-platform system because of its implementation with JavaScript, so you can open a particular account on it.

Investing in BAT

Currently, most digital currency exchange networks, such as Binance, allow you to buy and sell BAT or exchange it with Fiat currencies. Even Ethereum blockchain and BitPanda are effective ways to trade BAT fast.


To use BAT, you can first download and install the Brave browser and enable the Brave Ads option through the browser settings. Each time you see an ad on this browser, you will be rewarded with a BAT.

There are new creative tokens on the market right now. But a series of tokens based on multi-platform systems, like BAT, can have a much brighter idea. Immediately invest in it in the long run. BAT is an excellent option.

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