Best Youtube trading channels you must know

In this article, we will introduce the best YouTube trading channels so that you can get different ideas and methods in the market from each of them and their signals.

Bulls on Wall Street | Trading Videos

You are probably one of those people who want to be fully trained in stock and capital markets and be able to trade easily from home. In this YouTube channel, different analyzes and signals examine, and also various training has been created so that users can invest in the capital market in the best possible way.

Established the channel in November 2009

Option Alpha

Option Alpha is the best trading channel on YouTube with nearly 230,000 subscribers and highly professional training in capital and market. This channel is one of the pioneers of capital market video training from 12 years ago until now.

Established the channel in June 2009

Chat With Traders

In this YouTube channel, capital market experts interview each week and ask questions about the techniques and strategies of buying and selling.

Established in July 2015

Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading is another e-learning network to increase capital market risk and online trading. This business channel on YouTube teaches the principles and techniques of investing, buying, and selling stocks in the market, and of course, most of this training is free.

Established in December 2013


If you are looking for a professional in the capital market, you can find it on this YouTube channel. Analysis, techniques, and various signals weekly to annual charts perform in this channel for users.

Established in December 2013

Institute of Trading

Institute of Trading is a very professional network that started its work in business education and investment in the capital market in 2010, but in general, the YouTube network of this institute was launched in 2013. Many tutorials and analyzes for beginners to professionals can be found on this YouTube trading channel.


UKspreadbetting is a professional and attractive YouTube channel for business enthusiasts and bets. In addition to various capital market training, this channel is also a kind of entertainment network.

Nick – FUT Trading

The Nick Trade and Capital Markets Training Network was established in 2017 and provide different analyzes of the foreign exchange market.

Meir Barak | Day Trading Training for Beginners to Intermediated Traders

You can find one of the most professional people in the field of equity and investment in the stock market in this YouTube trading channel. More than 17 years of experience and professional training with online questions and answers. This channel was established in 2011.

Rayner Teo

A YouTuber from the heart of Singapore who is a capital market professional! You can follow different market training from this channel. Established in 2013

Adam Khoo | Professional Stocks & Forex Trader

Adam Khoo is one of the capital market experts and one of the market shareholders who has been able to break the records of Singapore in a few years! He is also the author of Winning the Game of Stocks and Profit from the Panic books. In the Adam Khoo channel, you can learn the latest market techniques and use the forex market analysis.

The Trading Channel | Forex Lessons & Training Courses

If you have any knowledge about capital and foreign exchange markets, you can do the best business using the techniques and concepts taught in this YouTube channel. If you want to become a professional in the capital market, you can make the most of the videos on this channel.

Trading Chanakya | Stock Market Analysis

One of the most professional YouTube channels with weekly and daily analysis is this YouTube channel has the most feedback from the training. The channel even includes videos on the market investment strategy and stock buying.

Trading Fraternity

How can we make more profit from the capital market? This YouTube business channel relates to this question, and through it, you can achieve reliable profitability in the capital and equity markets.

Oliver Velez Trading | Florida Professional Trader

The most professional and experienced person in the field of capital market training is Oliver L. Velez, who has been training in stock and foreign exchange markets since the 1990s. He was one of the first to provide training on YouTube so that users could become more profitable based on his techniques and analysis. Many books and seminars by Oliver L. Velez have been published, which show that this person is professional and experienced.


If you are looking for a YouTube channel with analysis and review of currency and capital market charts through which you can confidently release your capital in the market, you can take advantage of this channel and its training.

Connor Pollifrone

This person has launched a new style of capital market trading on YouTube, which can also be called a new trading technique. In general, you can use the training and techniques of this YouTube channel to increase profitability in the capital and stock markets.

Patrick Wieland

Patrick Wayland’s YouTube channel is very popular and few can claim to follow in the footsteps of this person and his educational videos in terms of market analysis and research. Since 2017, he has been publishing a video on his YouTube channel every day, both educationally and analytically, and has an effective and direct relationship with subscribers.

Live Traders

The Capital and Stock Market Professionals Association has formed this channel on YouTube and publishes daily videos of market share rates and profitability rates and even various training on risk and investment.

Investor Trading Academy

ITA is one of the best symbols of education in the field of foreign exchange and stock markets that anyone with any level of knowledge can use the video tutorials of this channel. This channel is built with the knowledge and experience of several experts in the foreign exchange market and its training is considered as the basic training for trading.

This YouTube business channel focuses more on statistical analysis and techniques and provides daily videos of various currencies and stocks to its users. By using this channel, you can achieve the maximum possible profit in your currency and stock market.

ITM Trading

The best YouTube channel in the field of banking analysis and financial and economic system that can also help users in managing personal and banking capital. This channel also publishes a video daily.

Online Trading Strategy

If you are new to capital markets and trading, use this YouTube channel, which posts general training videos on the stock market and introduces people to the basics of such trading.

TopDog Trading

The YouTube channel, which is dedicated to the Forex market and stocks in the United States and Canada, is the network that offers a very effective analysis of the economic market. Also, using the techniques taught in this channel, you can easily make large trades in the market. Note that you also see one of the oldest YouTube channels, which was founded in 2007.

Joseph James

After many years of experience, Joseph James has been the Managing Director of, and now he shares his training and analysis videos on his personal YouTube channel related to capital market trading. A video is published daily on his channel that you can use.

The Traveling Trader

Youtube trading channels

This YouTube channel also provides training, techniques, analysis, and exclusive content on the stock market, capital, and currency to its subscribers daily. Features of this business channel on YouTube include daily Q&A and daily analysis


We saw the list of the best trading and stock market channels on YouTube. Each provides part of the training on trading and sometimes offers signals and technical analysis. Have you ever used video channels like this?

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