Career-Minded People (Top Tips)

Career-Minded People

If you are young, ambitious and have lots of energy, you are probably a workaholic who has plans for the future. Planning your career from an early age definitely helps; if you can gain an insight into a profession at the age of 15 or 16, you can make the right choices. 

Here are a few tips to help you boost your career.

Register with leading recruitment agencies – Start with the top-rated Tom Sorensen executive search in Bangkok and whenever a suitable position comes up, you will be notified. Choose agencies that are active in your field and put together a good bio, which maximises your chances of landing that dream job.

Professional resume – Your CV is the first thing any prospective employer will see, so it should be professionally compiled, which creates the right image. If you are not IT-minded, Google can help you find a freelancer who will create a great resume for a few thousand baht and don’t forget to update as and when things change.

Gain additional qualifications – We should all be life-long learners and whenever learning opportunities arise, you should take full advantage; if, for example, you have yet to get an MBA, now might be a good time to look at online courses; this should lead to a salary increase. There are online academies that offer industry-specific courses that you can join on a part time basis and studying at home is super-convenient.

Improve specific skillsets – The more feathers in your cap, the more attractive you are to prospective employers; you could approach a business coach and ask them to evaluate your abilities in the business arena. You might need to work on your presentation skills, or perhaps you need some help with organisational skills; a business coach will assess you in many areas and can help you develop things that need attention. Click here for tips to improve your professionalism.

Don’t forget networking – Search out the online forums for your sector and make some new connections; the great thing about the Internet is that you can network globally without actually going anywhere. Regardless of your field, there will be other professionals; online forums can easily be found, create a bio and connect with others. If, for example, you feel like a change of environment, take a look at foreign job postings

Create a personal development plan – The majority of company directors achieved the goals they laid out in their personal development plan. Setting goals is essential if you are ambitious; there are websites that detail how to set realistic short- and long-term goals, should you need some help.


Take an honest look at your career and how things are going and if you feel your employment is challenging and are happy where you are, you can still register with leading recruitment agencies; who knows, you might land a dream job in a tropical paradise.

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