Comprehensive guide to making money on Medium

Making money on Medium is as possible as feeding thirst with water provided you know the nuts and bolts of writing on, besides being an active social media member. Here is what a blogger needs to do to earn money from the comfort of home.

Join the partner program on Medium

The partner program of lets bloggers make money through blogging there. So the first to do to make money is to join their program. This program is free to join, and all you need to do is to give them your bank account number so that they can pay for the blogs.


Making Money on Medium

  • Read a lot on Medium

There are a lot of valuable articles on Medium, and if you join the right community, the blogs meant for you are boundless. Plus, writing great content needs a huge volume of reading great content. This also introduces you as an active member on medium and will cost only $5. Besides, paying the subscription will help other good bloggers on Medium make money and this is the smallest thing writers can do for each other on medium. After all, we bloggers and writers must support each other in the first place.

  • Keep writing and voicing your mind

Keep writing and write a lot. Some writers and bloggers compose more than 30 articles per month and this shouldn’t be a difficult task if a blogger is truly in love with writing. Voice your opinions on anything valuable enough to be discussed on Medium and let readers know the author’s tastes and senses about things. This will help to build the

audience fast and steady for making money on Medium.

  • Do not go for clickbait

Clickbait is the act of stuffing the content with links to a specific destination that will make money or value for the writer. This is the wrong way of advertisement because most of the time the content is of no importance and attracts people only to increase the traffic to a website. It is okay to link the content to other blogs and webpages that provide additional information to the readers, and if these links are valuable ones (in terms of knowledge and content), then the blog becomes more worthy. But do not fool the audience by leading them to a page that has nothing to do with the core content. Readers will notice this, distrust, and leave you.


  • Write controversially

To be on the same boat as all other people is what kills the content engagement. Try to provide the readers with new and even odd viewpoints. It doesn’t mean that you need to be irrelevant or look like a weirdo, opposing the rest of the world. Controversial writers and bloggers look at things differently and see all the aspects of a given incident. They try to help readers see what cannot be seen without a sight equipped with insight. Simply put, writing controversially means to help readers see with their third eye.

  • Be patient on Medium

Making money on Medium is not easy, and it doesn’t pay back quickly. In fact, Medium gives an opportunity to safely invest your time into writing and earn money later in the future. Neither is building an audience on Medium. Your audience will develop in the course of weeks and months and through constant writing and engaging with people on the website. So, patience is the most crucial equipment when joining the community of bloggers.

  • Always do the analysis

Medium gives bloggers the tool to analyze the performance of each blog, and this is great as you will know which content is gaining the most engagement. Doing the analysis gives the insight to step in the right pass and follows what leads to redemption as a medium blogger. See what people love most about your writing and try to provide them with more of the kind.

  • Stick to the curation standards of Medium

Each blog you compose will be read by the curators on Medium, and they have genuinely high standards when it comes to curation. They let the author know what content they assume worthy of being part of their main feed. So try to stick to their standards, not only for being part of Medium’s main feed but also because their rules are of high quality and make the content a valuable one.

Final thoughts

When some websites recruit freelancers to pay them $5 per 1000 words, it becomes evident that making money through writing and blogging is not easy. However, many Medium bloggers earn something between $500 to $10000 or more each month only through writing. Making money on Medium is a prosperous way to have passive income, and it is not something to be looked down at. Just be patient, voice your mind, and write. Happy blogging!

SnapChat vs TikTok

Snapchat and TikTok have some features in common and obviously some differences. Now we want to go through Snapchat and TikTok’s features, similarities and differences.

There are new social media platforms compared with a decade ago, which makes us compare and decide which platforms to use and spend more time on. Some apps like Snapchat and TikTok have some features in common and obviously some differences. Social media has become the best way of communicating with each other and getting information about what is happening around us. Also, many people spend time on social media for having fun and seeing videos.

Now let’s explain a bit about Snapchat and TikTok, and then go through an infographic and know about their similarities and differences.


If you were one of the first Snapchat users, you might remember that Snapchat used to focus on person to person photo sharing, then it added some new features gradually such as sending short videos, live video chatting, messaging, sharing Story, etc.

Also, Snapchat’s storage lets users store media on private storage. Other features include the ability to add filters and AR-based lenses to snaps and show your live location on a world map.

Snapchat story (view friend’s stories)

For seeing your friend’s stories, swipe from right to left to access the Discoveries screen, then you can view all your friends’ snaps. Same as Instagram, snaps in Snapchat will last for 24 hours.


TikTok which is known as Douyin in China is an app for creating and sharing short lip-sync, comedy, talent, etc. videos while the music is playing in the background, which can last from 3 to 15 seconds. It became viral soon; now it has users from all over the world.

TikTok announced the number of its monthly active users across 150 countries, which is 500 million monthly active users!

The surprising news about TikTok:

In September 2018, it was announced that TikTok surpassed other popular social media platforms in monthly installs, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. And finally, TikTok became the most downloaded app in 2018 and the third most downloaded app in 2019 with 188 million new users.

Differences between TikTok and SnapChat

Now it’s time to get to the main point of this blog, and find out the differences between TikTok and SnapChat. If you’re not sure where your business, and personal purpose fits in  you’re in the right place. In the infographic below, we have gathered all the differences between these two social media platforms.

What to do when Instagram keeps crashing?

The Instagram crash is no longer a surprise to the users since it keeps crashing at least twice a week for unknown reasons.

The Instagram crash is no longer a surprise to the users since it keeps crashing at least twice a week for unknown reasons. As common Instagrammers, we need to learn how to deal with such issues when Instagram is not working.

We are somehow used to the numerous times we face the Instagram crash and keep looking for ways to solve these problems and be able to enjoy Instagram without any outage. That’s very annoying when we just open up Instagram to keep up with what’s going on and scroll down through our feeds that we suddenly realize that Instagram keeps crashing and throws us out of the app continuously.

Most of the time, when such things happen, we can hope that Instagram is down for everyone and it is a global issue, but there are sometimes that there is no problem from Instagram’s side and the issues we are facing are due to our device. I’m sure you are looking for answers to why is Instagram not working and what are the fixes to the Instagram crash, so let’s wait no longer and get to the point. By the way let me brighten your day by introducing you to ways to see the posts yu’ve one deleted in one of our Instagram guides:”Are there any ways to see deleted Instagram photos?”

Why does Instagram keep crashing?

I have gathered all the possible reasons why Instagram is not working along with the fixes to them for all of you looking for the answer to this question. So, after reading this article to the end, there is no need to run to places such as twitter to check if Instagram is not working. All you need to do in such conditions is to head to this article and try out the fixes.

Below are the reasons why Instagram is not working at certain times for you:

  • Due to an Instagram outage

The main reason all of us think of when our Instagram keeps crashing is that its servers have crashed and the app is down for everyone, which is true. Most of the times the issues we face are dues to an outage from Instagram’s side.

  • Poor network connection

Another possible reason for an Instagram crash is your own network issues. Your network might be down for some reasons and you are experiencing low connection speed or even interruptions. So, the first thing to do when Instagram is not working is to check if everything is okay about the connection.

  • Low memory storage on the device

When a device does not have sufficient memory for the background data to work, there surely would be problems operating applications. So, not all the times you consider as an Instagram down situation might be true. Low memory would directly lead to your Instagram crashing and experiencing lots of issues.

Is Instagram down?

As Instagrammers, we need to find out when Instagram is actually down and facing global issues. That is just like a nightmare for most of us to open up Instagram and find it crashing non-stop. That’s when we want to know whether Instagram is down for everyone, or that’s just us who’s Instagram is not working. There are two ways I personally use to find my answer to the question, “Is Instagram down?”

  • Try Instagram outage report websites

There are a few sites on the internet that clearly announce when Instagram is not working. These sites are not only limited to Instagram, and they show the outage reports of any popular sites and social media platforms on the web. Down Detector is one of those sites which gives out detailed information about any Instagram crash, the percentage of users having this issue and the place having the most problems while Instagram is down.

So, whenever you feel like your Instagram is not working as it is supposed to, head to the Down detector website and search for Instagram to see is there are any global outage reports.

At the time I’m writing this article, the down detector shows that Instagram might be crashing for some users, and there are “Problems at Instagram” as shown at the top of the page in the screenshot below.

As you can see, it is clearly written that users are having issues 66% with the posting feature, 28% with Newsfeed and 5% with the Instagram Login.

  • Investigate through Twitter

Another very effective way to find out to get help in finding out Is Instagram down or not would be to head to Twitter, which is the first place Instagrammers would run to when Instagram keeps crashing.

Twitter is well known for being the first place to figure out whether there are any problems on Instagram. All you have to do is to search either “Instagram down” or “Instagram down again” on Twitter’s search box and click on the hashtag that appears.

From there, go to the “latest” tweets on the relevant hashtag to see when was the last tweet on this hashtag. And if you find out so many people tweeting about the same issue one after another and a huge percentage of tweets are new and recent, you can be sure Instagram is not working globally, and you are not alone.

There is also a popular Twitter account dedicated to reporting issues when Instagram is down. You can follow that account to be updated on any news regarding Instagram outages just turn on the tweet notifications for that account and receive any new tweet they share.

Fix an Instagram that keeps crashing

As I have mentioned above earlier, there are two main reasons that Instagram keeps crashing. The first one is an issue on Instagram’s site and the second one is a problem on your device. Either way, you need to find ways to solve these problems since it is very frustrating to keep getting errors and cope with Instagram not working. I have tried a few ways to fix such issues and each time I face a problem with the app, one of the fixes below works out for me. Below are all the solutions to try to fix when Instagram crashes:

  • Free some storage

One of the main reasons why Instagram or any other app stops working on our phones is the lack of space on our memory and storage. This causes any app to slow down since the app’s cache and data did not have enough space to perform actions. So as your first try, clear some of your media, apps or unwanted files.

  • Clear Instagram’s data and cache

One of the quick fixes to fix the “Instagram keeps crashing” issue is to clear any unwanted files and cache data that are no longer needed, and all they do is to full your memory. Just head to > Settings > Apps > All apps > Instagram > Storage >Clear storage> Clear cache. This way the cached files and data would be removed and that might help solve any problems causing errors on the app.

  • Close and re-open the app

The most common thing an Instagrammer does when they feel like their Instagram is down is to close the app and start it over again. This actually can fix minor issues. So the easiest solution, try closing the app and re-open it a few times.

  • Check the network connection

I have mentioned earlier that poor internet connection and any interruptions from your network provider’s side can be the reason for Instagram crashing consistently. Whenever you feel like something is wrong with the app, check for any network issues. If connected to a Wi-Fi, try restarting it to see if that makes any difference. If you are using the mobile data, switch to Wi-Fi or turn off the mobile data and turn it on again.

Another thing I usually do when my Instagram is not working is to switch the airplane mode on, wait a few seconds or a minute, and turn it back off. Then restart my mobile data again, and that actually works.

  • Update the app to its latest version

Each of the Instagram updates, which rolls out, contains the app’s previous bug fixes. That’s why I always recommend checking google play or app store to see if there are any newer versions available. Updating the app would upgrade its features and fixes its minor bugs and might be the solution for the Instagram crash.

  • Uninstall Instagram and Install it again

The solution of uninstalling apps and reinstalling them to solve any issues does not just apply to Instagram, and whenever any of our apps do not work, we try uninstalling them to later re-install them at least once. So, go ahead and give it a try.

  • Restart your device

If still your Instagram keeps crashing and you have tried the fixes above but there is still no chance of getting the app to work, restart the device you are using Instagram on, and hope that was on the device’s side. Restarting any device would make it start all over again, and minor Instagram problems would hopefully be fixed with this solution.

Your Instagram keeps crashing, again?

If, after doing all the fixes mentioned above, your Instagram did not start working and the solutions turned out to be useless, all I can think of is to Perform a Factory Reset. If Instagram matters to you a lot, and it means life or death to you, then give this last option a try and be hopeful that it will work. In most cases, this last way has successfully got any Instagram outage fixed.


Instagram plays a huge roll in our daily lives, and that’s why we cannot take it when It keeps crashing or goes down, and I such cases we always struggle to find ways in order to get our app working without any issues. That’s why I have provided this article to be used in cases of any Instagram down situation so that we can easily fix any problems we are facing with the app.

How memes, hashtags, tags, and trends work on YouTube?

YouTube is one of the social platforms of this era, which has attracted billions of people, and it is known as the biggest video sharing platform. Creating memes, following trends, using tags or hashtags are one of the YouTubers’ strategies to make content. In this article, we discuss the necessary information on what these topics are and how to use them to promote a video on YouTube.

YouTube is one of the social platforms of this era, which has attracted billions of people, and it is known as the biggest video sharing platform. Creating memes, following trends, using tags or hashtags are one of the YouTubers’ strategies to make content. In this article, we discuss the necessary information on what these topics are and how to use them to promote a video on YouTube.

Knowing the strategies YouTubers use to promote their videos can be exciting, and you, as a user, want to know them too. Though, there is a need to know the basics about memes, trends, hashtags, and tags, for example, what they are, and how they might help business, or marketer to promote a brand or content.

What are memes, hashtags, tags, and trends on YouTube?

Here I would give you a brief description of the basic terms on YouTube, in case you are not familiar with the most important words on this big social platform.

Though if you have any difficulties managing social media including YouTube, you can easily use InoSocial tools to do it for you! This includes scheduling, monitoring, analytics, and all other actions!

Memes are the type of content with a core topic, which could be a way of behavior, a moto, an idea, or style which can be distributed within society. Memes are formed based on the internet culture and using the common understanding of people to spread a concept. This meme can be a picture, video, or a catchphrase.

Hashtags are words that can be tracked through the # icon on the platform. You can use the hashtags in the title or description while uploading a video on YouTube. To create a hashtag, you can add a word (or words without space, or with underline) just after #, and it gets hyperlinked, and by clicking, or tapping on that, you can track other content with the same hashtags.

Tags are also an essential part of every video on YouTube, which helps users to find the content in the search results. YouTubers can add tags while they are uploading their videos, in the allocated place to it, which is shown below.

Trends are common topics or challenges that are popular among many people, and many users would make their content about that trend or big problem and would share them with others with the same title, or same hashtags, tags.

The difference between meme and trends: “A “trend” is something popular now that hasn’t been popular in the past. It may or may not remain popular in the future. iPhones are an excellent example of a trend. A “meme” is just something memorable to a group of people, like an inside joke. This meme can be a picture, video, or a catchphrase.”

What are the Hashtag policies on YouTube?

Hashtags must meet the YouTube Community Guidelines. You should follow these policies when using hashtags on YouTube. No spaces when using more than one word, Over-tagging, and using many hashtags, might confuse the users and is not acceptable by YouTube.

YouTube has banned Misleading content, Harassment, Hate speech, Sexual content, Vulgar language so that you can use this kind of words. If you search the internet, you might find some of these words.

You can find the relative hashtags on youtube through InoSocial social media management tool. This helps you to get through your YouTube hashtags.

Why should we care about memes, hashtags, tags, and trends?

Caring about these topics which each have different functions can give viewers a sense of connection to the content, or the creator. Users become encouraged to know more about the creators, or the stories behind the scene. Tags, hashtags would give users a hint to find what they need through the YouTube search bar.

It might happen for you that you were watching a video, and you have found that exciting, and you wanted to continue watching. It might be because of video preparation and engaging content or sentences inside that.

Many of the videos that you find attractive could be memes that are prepared to distribute specific moto, behaviors, knowledge, ideas, etc.

After watching the videos, you might decide to take the actions, follow, like, comment, purchase, visit the website, or any other activities. Your reactions are the exact reason why making memes are worthy. The above discussion is true about “trends” and people show courage in new trends.

All in all

Meme, tag, hashtag, and trend are an essential topic which you should be aware of while working on your content sharing on YouTube. Tags and hashtags would help users find your content on the YouTube search bar, and trends and memes make them able to understand the material easier. You can also use InoSocial you check all the YouTube statistics.

Applying these concepts, or follow any trends and memes would increase the chance others watch your videos, and it is more likely that people find your creativity or unique content.

What are Twitter impressions and why do they matter?

If you are a twitter user, for whatever purpose, you have surely heard of Twitter impressions. But you might still wonder what twitter impressions actually are and why do they matter for your account’s growth. It is a very demanded option by users to be able to see all their social media analytics, activities, engagement, etc. Twitter is one of those platforms that have granted this access to its users, and they can have all their accounts information, including full analytics of how their accounts have performed on Twitter with only a few clicks and for free!

What are Twitter impressions?

Twitter impressions are the number of times your tweet is shown to people, no matter how. It can be reached from the twitter search, a specific hashtag you have chosen, or even your own timeline. Twitter impressions show the total times a user is served a tweet.

Keep in mind that a tweet does not get impressions when someone sees the Tweet through an embed on a website, third-party platforms and impressions would be counted only if a tweet is noticed on Twitter, itself.

If I open a twitter account and aim to watch the tweets of a specific person, but for any reason, I do not actually get to read them, I have added to their twitter impressions and it does not matter whether the person actually reads the tweet or not and only seeing a tweet is counted as an impression. That literally means If you refresh your feed several times, you are giving impressions to all the tweets which are loaded on the feed!

Now that you have an overview of what impressions mean on twitter, you might be wondering Do twitter impression matter? Well, I’m going to give you the answer to this question in the next section below.

Why are Twitter impressions important?

By now, you have an idea of what some of the metrics for twitter analytics, such as impression, mean on twitter. You now need to know that keeping track of impressions can have a lot of benefits for your twitter marketing.

  1. You’d know how your tweets have performed

Analyzing your twitter impressions gives you very exact and detailed information on how many times a tweet is seen or appeared in search results. This way, you’ll know which one of your tweets performed better and what your audience likes to see more.

  1. Monitoring the success of your Twitter marketing

You can use the in-app Twitter analytics tool to monitor your marketing campaign on twitter. You can count on twitter analytics as a metric for checking how many opportunities you have, and it helps you take advantage of these changes.

You can also get help from this information as a competitor analytics tool. If you see that your competitors are gaining much more impressions than you, it’s time to hesitate what causes this success?

  1. Track your advertisements

The best way to see if your ad is working good or not is to explore its twitter impressions. If your ad gets a lot or no impression at the very first, you can easily search to find out what you have done good or what you should do in order to improve its effectiveness.

What are the differences between Twitter Impressions and engagement? (Impression VS, Engagement)

Different social platforms have different explanations of “engagement” and “impressions” but since we are getting to know about twitter impressions, let me tell you that Twitter does not count engagement that much and pays more attention to impressions.

Impressions: As said above, Impression is the total time a tweet is seen as long as it remains in the feed and is displayed on the screen for other users.

Engagement: Your twitter engagement, also known as reach, is the total number of the interactions on your tweet, including likes, replies, comments, link clicks, and retweets.

Imagine you have 5k followers and decide to share a tweet, and all of them notices it (I know that is just impossible and is more like a dream come true, but just imagine), now your twitter impressions count would be 5k at the very first. But if some of them come to your profile and see the tweet again, or refresh their feed and your tweet is still there, the impression count keeps going up.

Where to find Twitter impressions?

First of all, you need to know that without enabling Twitter analytics, you will not be able to see twitter impressions and engagement or any other account data. So go ahead and activate Twitter analytics now to get full access to your Twitter impressions. You can view impressions per tweet, as well as collective impressions (across all tweets) for a specific time (such as the past month or the last week).

After enabling Twitter analytics, you’ll be given a small graph icon at the bottom of each tweet, and as you click to open it, you will see that tweet’s impressions and engagement. A small overall preview of impressions can also be found at the top right of each account’s profile.

How to analyze Twitter impressions?

Keeping track of Twitter impressions is necessary for every Twitter account seeking growth and success on the platform. But having access to the analytics and detailed information such as how our tweets performed, when our tweets got the best impressions and who are our top followers, is not a thing we can do by ourselves.

There are two ways to keep track of twitter impressions. The first one is the in-app twitter analytics tool, which the platform has provided for us of its users, and the second one if using a complete package of monitoring and analyzing tools such as InoSocial. First I’ll go with introducing InoSocial and how it can help you because I find it to be more useful.

The social media analytics tool

InoSocial is an ultimate social media management service offering things like automatic scheduler, data analytics tools, social media monitoring reports & all other useful features. You can get up to 100 different services for all your social media accounts, not only Twitter. Social media analytics is one of the main services of InoSocial.

  • powerful social media metrics

Using this tool, we can get accurate data about all our posts, audiences and accounts ‘ performance and grow it in a better way.

  • Find the best time to post

We can generate reports of Facebook Instagram twitter accounts to see the best time, which suits us fine to post on social media. We can easily check the most engaged days and content metrics divided by the content categories of text, photos, or videos.

  • Find the engaged users and top posts

Finding the top posts and photos would help us to know what our followers are looking for. Knowing what they need would give us the chance to grow your account faster and easier. Get the best results in a shorter time by using this complete social media analytics tool.

The Twitter analytics

Now it’s time to get to know what different sections of the Twitter analytics page do. So below, I’m going to introduce different tabs of the analytics interface on Twitter.

  1. Home

Here, in the home tab, you will find an overall statistic of how your account has performed from month to month, and this section also provides a list of the best tweets and their total twitter impressions.

  1. Tweets

This tab is a complete analysis of each of your tweets and their detailed Impressions, engagements such as, how many people saw, retweeted, or liked them.

  1. Audiences

Your audience section is where you can learn so much about your followers and their interests. Easily track the growth of the follower’s count in this section with the valuable information it provides.

You can always head to Twitter business for more information on twitter analytics.

How to get more Twitter impressions?

If you want your twitter account to be showered with more impressions, the most obvious thing to do is to engage more with followers because engagement brings impressions to your account. Another very important factor in increasing twitter impressions is to put more time and effort into the contents and tweets. Below, you’ll know more about how to increase twitter impressions.

  1. Maintain a consistent engagement

As mentioned above, the first thing to do for more twitter impressions is to engage with your followers, other brands, and the influencers of your own niche. Get to know who your best followers are and keep interacting with them. Through the Twitter Analytics, easily find out these kinds of information.

Maintain a great relationship and interaction with your top followers to make them keep engaging with you. Top followers on twitter should be your priority because they are the biggest reason for the impressions you get on twitter.

Try to respond to your audience’s questions and engage with other’s tweets since the more you engage, the more the impressions will be.

  1. If you want impression, ask for it

It’s as simple as the caption says. Don’t be afraid to ask followers for engagement directly. For example, you can add a “please retweet” or “retweet if you liked,” at the end of your tweet. But use it wisely and don’t look awkward. You have to ask it with a purpose and relate it to your tweet somehow. You cannot just tweet a joke and ask everybody for retweets or engagement.

  1. Know the best time to tweet

Like all other social networks, Twitter also has that time on which the users are more active, and the tweets get more impressions if sent at that time. Whenever we open or refresh our Twitter feed, the tweets we see are the newest tweets of our followings, so it is natural if you tweet at 3 am, and your followers open their accounts on noon, your tweets have gone down their feed.

When is the best time to Tweet?

The best time for tweeting is the time the followers are most active, and this time, to your surprise, is mostly early mornings and late at night. These times are the spare time of most people since it is out of college, school, and work hours.

Regarding a study Buffer has published on the best times to tweet, the early morning hours appear to be the time in which tweets receive the most clicks, on average. Evenings and late at night are the times when your tweets receive the most favorites and retweets, on average.

So just take advantage of these times and share your tweets and do interactions on these golden times of twitter to get the most out of twitter impressions.

This picture is taken from about the best times to tweet.

  1. Increase daily tweet numbers

It is a well-known fact by almost everyone that the more you tweet, the more your visibility would be and the chances to get noticed and to get more twitter impressions would become higher. So tweet more often to be right in front of your tweets would get noticed, and your impression rate would grow.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of hashtagging

I’m sure all of you reading this know what hashtags are, and what they do on social media platforms. Using hashtags means that you are opening arms to a huge number of a relevant, new audience to your niche. When you designate a hashtag for your tweet, you are making use of that hashtags like a bridge that would connect your tweet to all other tweets related to that hashtags and your tweet would show up whenever a person searched up for that specific hashtags and that means pure twitter impressions because you would show up in search results. So, never forget how using relevant and trending hashtags when tweeting.


We went through a brief definition of twitter impressions, their importance and the steps you can follow to improve your impressions, so now you know that even if you have neglected your twitter analytics and impressions till now if you want growth and an effective twitter marketing campaign, pay extra attention to twitter engagement and analytics.

How to start YouTube travel Vlogging?

Many people, weary of office work and city life, dream about traveling the world continuously and covering their travel expenses through YouTube travel vlogging. The main issue arising here is that with millions of longing hearts to travel, the chances are that not everyone can become successful in the world of digital nomads. However, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about your dream. Remember that the reward goes to those chasing their dream.

In this article, I have provided you with some useful tips as to where to start and what to observe in order to become a successful YouTube Traveler.

Become a Niche YouTube Travel Vlogger

These days and with the competition present in this field, if your YouTube channel is dedicated to general aspects of traveling around the world, you will not go so far. Instead, you must stick to the aspect of traveling that is most appealing to you and your audience. For example, you can talk about different cultures around the world, or focus on diverse cuisine in parts of different countries. If you’re into luxury travel, you could look into how to make this more accessible to everyone – for example, while a fractional jet ownership cost might be too much, if you’re smart and know what to look for, you can fly private for not much more than the cost of a first class ticket.
. If your followers are also interested in this, they will definitely appreciate any tips and tricks from people they consider knowledgeable in this area, including you.

Video Quality Is Important

Keep in mind that quality must always come first. Washingtons Blog contains many information about YouTube that says, you might not be able to post for a couple of days on YouTube, but do not post until you have the quality to offer. Work on your videos and deem it as your career. Take them seriously and do it as professionally as you would do it for your boss in an office job. If you are not a pro video editor, then go for tutorials on the internet. There are plenty of them offered free or at really low prices.

Have an Edit and Post Schedule

It is essential to post regularly on YouTube. Until you don’t post at certain times and continuously, no one will discover your channel. YouTube travel vlogging requires you to be scheduled, disciplined, and determined. So, create a schedule for your YouTube edit and post times and stick to it. Try your best not to fall behind with the plan. It is your career, after all.

Keep on the Path of Improvement

Always keep learning and improving your skills. No one knows what they will face tomorrow. So get yourself prepared. Learn about traveling and camping hacks, discover survival tips, and most importantly find new tools to improve the quality of your videos. This is the way of YouTube Travel Vlogging!

How to earn money through YouTube Vlogging?

Just keep the good work and sponsors will show up. They will ask you to advertise their services and products in your videos, affiliate their links and some of them might even offer a fully expenses covered trip to a specific destination they have in mind, only for you to produce videos for them. There are lots and lots of other ways a YouTube Traveler can make money. You need to discover them for yourself!

It’s never too late

You might have heard that YouTube travel vlogging is stuffed and crowded and there is no more room for newer travelers and that all the money and ways of earning money through it are occupied and stuff like these.

Well, to be honest, I have to admit that YouTube has become more populated compared to what it was a few years ago. But so has the ways and opportunities to become an earning vlogger. Now there are many more methods to earn money on YouTube (especially a vlogger) compared to just four years ago. So, put the fear aside, dive into YouTube travel vlogging, and chase your dream!

Who viewed my Facebook profile?

There are generally four methods to see who viewed your Facebook profile which are as follow.

As a Facebook user, you might be curious to know who has viewed your Facebook profile. In this blog, I would mention all the possible ways, but you can rarely catch your Facebook visitor‘s name.

I was sometimes curious to find out who is spying on my Facebook profile, and I started to search for all the possible ways or any recommendations across the web. I finally came to a list that I would mention bellow and my conclusion on how to see who has viewed my Facebook profile at the end of this article.

Can I see who viewed my Facebook? 

As I have seen on many platforms like Quora, the most asked question about Facebook profile viewing is how users can find the name of visitors to their profile. It could have lots of reasons, and it may even help you to grow your Facebook profile faster.

Knowing who has viewed your Facebook account is one way to guess how Facebook suggestion might work, and you can change the audience of your profile. Though Facebook itself has announced that you cannot see who has viewed the profile using Facebook profile viewer but there are still some coding-ways to find out the address of visitors.

Although I recommend another platform like LinkedIn in which you can easily find out about the profile views or who has searched your name. if anyone searches your name on the internet and they open your LinkedIn profile, you can see their profile through the platform easily. LinkedIn would notify you about profile visitors.

Who viewed your Facebook profile?

There are four methods to check Facebook visitors, which I explain here:

Method # 1: social profile extension page

Type social profile chrome extension on Google. There is one extension that helps you to find out your Facebook visitors. To use this way:

  1. click on three-dot icon on top right of Chrome browser
  2. Scroll down to see “More Tools”
  3. Find extensions from the menu.
  4. Search for social profile view notification.
  5. Choose “Add to Chrome” and click on “Add extension.”
  6. Login to your Facebook profile and click on your profile picture to enter your profile
  7. You must see the visitors added on the menu.

Method #2: Viewing the page source of your FB profile 

This way is the easiest that not all users are aware of. you will find the ID of Facebook visitors through a browser (if there is any).

  • Using “initialchatfriendslist”

You can use the source of your page with different codes to see visitors; the first one is to use “Initialchatfriendslist.” Go over the steps below:

  1. Login to your FB account
  2. Go to your profile (by clicking your profile picture)
  3. Then right-click and find the view source (you can access this section by developer tools on mac too).
  4. Press CTRL+Fto open the search bar.
  5. Find the “initialchatfriendslist” 

Now, it redirects you to a Section of the page source that you can see lots of numbers between “initialchatfriendslist “. These are the IDs of the people who viewed your profile the most.

Tip: Google chrome is most handy for this method 

  • Using “Visitors”

Another way is to see the ID number of visitors by finding the word match “initialchatfriendslist.” and see the list of ID but it might be challenging to know which ID belongs to which visitors.

Method # 3: Facebook profile viewer app (not recommended)

There are many tools available on the internet, but I am not sure if I can provide you the service you need. Viewing Facebook profile is not as easy as they promise in their advertising. So, it is better not to look for this way, better you use the two methods that I mentioned above.

Sum up

I hope you can finally get some clue about how to see Facebook profile viewers or visitors. Comment below and share your experience with me.

Facebook’s fact-checking policy is working

Since 2016, and after the US presidential election, Facebook decided to run a policy to reduce the distribution of false reports on the platform. Facebook’s fact-checking policy is performed in the form of labels indicating the validity and reliability of the reposts shared by users. Misleading stories are labeled as “Disputed by [third party fact checkers]”.

Since 2016, and after the US presidential election, Facebook decided to run a policy to reduce the distribution of false reports on the platform. Facebook’s fact-checking policy is performed in the form of labels indicating the validity and reliability of the re-posts shared by users. Misleading stories are labeled as “Disputed by [third party fact checkers]”.

The question that if the policy is working or not is answered by the fact that since the implementation of the social media strategy, more people are preventing themselves from re-sharing news and report labeled as unreliable.

A study conducted by California University also approved the same results among their 500 participants, showing that people are now more careful about what news they share on social media, after the move Facebook made in this regard.

In 2016, Facebook’s fact-checking policy introduced the labels by which the authenticity status of reports and news were announced. However, in 2017, the tags were displayed by a number of related articles and pages under the post, that implied whether the said report was true or false.

Facebook claims that this latter move helped even more users to recognize whether what they are reading is based on reality or not.

Facebook is checking the validity of stories published by users


Reportedly, almost 60% of Americans are now less likely to re-share stories and news without making sure of their validity. This has a positive relationship with the fact that Facebook users are so careful about the credibility of their own pages and profiles since they stop where they might be seen as invalid.

Although Facebook’s fact-checking policy is working, there remains the issue of “scale.” Despite the positive impact this move has had on reducing false stories’ distribution, the effect is so little that in the larger scale it is almost seen as “nothing is done”.

With covering 42 languages, Facebook has already paid a large amount of money to the third party fact-checkers to monitor contents from daily 2.4 billion users on the platform. The amount of the stories checked so far by these groups can reach as little as 5% of the daily published contents by Facebook users, and this is an insignificant amount.

Facebook is currently looking into possible technological and automated solutions to implement the idea even more broadly. This Facebook fact-checking policy is still an infant, showing a prosperous future, going hand in hand with computational linguistics technology.

How much time do people spend on each social media?

Certainly you have seen many people around you who can’t live without their cell phones and most of the times their heads are down, and their fingers are swiping. They might do different actions while they are using their cell phones, but researches have shown that most of the times, they are spending their time on different social media platforms.

Certainly you have seen many people around you who can’t live without their cell phones and most of the times their heads are down, and their fingers are swiping. They might do different actions while they are using their cell phones, but researches have shown that most of the times, they are spending their time on different social media platforms.

People use social media right after the moment they get up until late at night sleeping with a cell phone next to their pillow or in hand. Like it or not, people are spending more and more time on social media every single day, which causes a completely different statistic every year and social media has become inseparable from everyone’s life these days. Everyone has at least once come with the question of How much time do people spend on social media?

Statistics show the duration of spent time on social media since 2012 has increased till now; as you can see the spent time on social media in 2012 was 1 hour and 30 minutes, which has increased to 2 hours and 23 minutes in 2019 and it is increasing every day. There are 3.48 billion social media users around the world, which are 45% percent of the population.

Which social media platforms are most used?

Obviously, some worldwide platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and YouTube are the most used ones, but the average spent time on each platform is different that you can see below:

  • Facebook

Facebook, as the most popular and used platform, allocates 58 minutes of using for sharing and watching photos and videos. 95.1% of Facebook users access it through their cell phones, and the rate is getting higher every year. Also, researches show that Facebook users check their account several times a day.

Moreover, Facebook lets the android and iOS users check how much time they have spent on the platform by “Your time on Facebook” app since November 2018. Also, you’d better know that 85% of Internet users have a Facebook account.

Facebook has 2.2 billion monthly active users and 1.4 billion daily active users who upload 8 billion videos and 300 million photos daily.

  • Instagram

In June 2018, Instagram reached 1 billion users, and 63% percent of Internet users have signed up on Instagram, but 5% of them are not active. The average spent time on Instagram is 53 minutes for now which is just 5 minutes less than Facebook.


79% of Internet users have a YouTube account, and most people use it for having fun. The spent time on YouTube is increasing and it is 40 minutes on average a day for now, and the watch time has grown a lot too. Also, YouTube provides an app to find out how much time you have spent on it.

Furthermore, you might be interested in knowing that YouTube users prefer to watch videos on their cell phones and tablets.


As you know, WhatsApp belongs to Facebook, and it has the most active users among other platforms, and 60% of Internet users have a WhatsApp account. Surprisingly WhatsApp was known as the top platform by 128 countries in 2018.

In 2016, the number of WhatsApp users in the United States was 18.8 million that spent 28 minutes a day on the app. The studies estimate the number will grow to 25.6 million WhatsApp users in 2022.


Snapchat is one of the popular platforms, but everyone doesn’t use it and the average spent time on Snapchat is much less than other platforms, which is 35 minutes per day.


The last but not least one is Twitter, which social media users spend 3 minutes a day on it.

Unlike YouTube users, most Twitter users use the platform on their computer, and they rarely use Twitter on their cell phones. 82 million users use Twitter on their Computer, and 31 million users use it on their cell phones.

All the spent time mentioned are according to the researches in 2019, and it is predicting that the spent time would increase in the coming years.

Which regions spend more time on social media?

You can rarely find a region who doesn’t use social media, but there are some regions that use social media a lot more than other countries. As you can see Asia pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and North America spend more time on social media.

And here is the list of top 5 countries that use social media:

Have you ever wondered why people spend a lot of time on social media platforms and what would be their reasons?

If you ask the social media addicts or people around you, you may hear interesting and different answers such as:

  • To stay up to date with the news and events around them
  • To stay in touch with friends
  • To have fun
  • To spend their free time
  • Communicating with new people and knowing them
  • To share their photos and videos
  • To buy online
  • Because it is a popular platform and it has a lot of users
  • To stalk on their ex
  • It is free to use

What is your reason for spending time on social media?


Social media plays an important role in our daily life, and it can affect our daily routine, our likes, and dislikes, our interests, what we buy, places to travel and visit, etc. The number of social media users are increasing every day, which is good news for a group of people who earn money on social media.

How to become a successful Vlogger on YouTube?

Vlogging is posting videos online, which is used for free speech, advertising, teaching, and learning, etc.

A few years ago, vlogging wasn’t popular, and people used to share blogs, and vlog was just a tool to engage people with the blog. But nowadays, vlogging is a worldwide used phenomenon that helps the vloggers to reach people easily.

Why is vlogging popular?

How many times a day do you take your phone, tablet, or laptop to check the social media and see what is happening around you? Most of us get several notifications during a day that encourage us to see some videos. Except for the fact that sometimes it is annoying, it actually works. Researches show that visual aids have the highest impact on people and It is predicted that more than 84% of communications will be visual in the coming years.

Woman recording content for her vlog . Camera screen showing the woman recording her vlog.

Four YouTube Facts:

  • YouTube is the world’s 3rd most visited website
  • Google is the first most popular search engine and the second one is YouTube
  • YouTube receives over 4 billion daily views
  • YouTube gets over 1 billion views on mobiles every day

How to be a vlogger on YouTube?

  1. Choose a niche

You need to set your goal and decide what kind of content you want to produce, and you should choose a category for the content that you share with the audience.

  1. Start creating

For being a successful and famous YouTube Vlogger you don’t necessarily need to have a special camera or the best equipment. Start with your cell phone and create content. Then you’ll improve your equipments gradually.

  1. Be consistent

If you are a brand or you are advertising for a brand, you should be consistent to be successful.

  1. Do research

It might be a good idea if you search about your niche in other’s YouTube channel to see the way they talk and what they share with people, also you can collect information about your niche, and you can find a way to say those words to the audience in another way.

Moreover, you’ll find the keywords and you can use them in your description.

  1. Schedule for sharing the vlogs on YouTube

Force yourself to create content and post on time. You may not get what you are waiting for, by posting once a month or every other month.

You’ll reach a lot of subscribers by planning your content that I suggest posting at least once a week to get a good result.

  1. Don’t do it just for money

If you are expecting to be rich in a short time by vlogging, you may not reach your desire in a short time. It may take about several months or even a year. So, it is better to focus on the vlogging and its techniques for being a successful vlogger rather than just thinking about money.

It takes time to know how to create the content, know your audience, to research, to find your niche,etc.

  1. Be honest

Authenticity is important to keep and grow you as a successful vlogger. At first, you may get a lot of views, but if you exaggerate or don’t tell all it is needed to the audience, they would know the truth after a while, and you may end up with losing subscribers and having no video view.

  1. Choose the best YouTube name

Choosing a relevant YouTube name for your channel gives a hint to your followers, and they can guess the channel’s topic. If you are going to run a channel about Makeup, it is better to set a name like: Look attractive with [your name], or Wear the best make up with [your name].

In addition, setting a catchy and unique username may stick in people’s mind.

  1. Be genuine

While you are recording the video, be yourself because your authenticity makes the audience to trust you. Pretending to be someone else won’t work so long, and sooner or later you’ll get bored with it.

  1. Look into the lens

It is important to look directly into lens while you are talking. So the audience perceives that you are looking at them.

  1. Always write a description

Overlooking the description is most seen by the beginners which might be the reason that they don’t grow fast, so don’t underestimate it. You should explain your video’s content in the description and use keywords.

  1. Tell stories

Stories seem fun and attracting, and people are more likely to follow a story and they get more connected to you by knowing more about you and your life.

  1. Good lighting and audio quality

People may also get attracted by your voice or the way that you speak, so speak clearly and don’t leave long silence and try to record the video in indoor light or the daylight for better image quality.

  1. Share your vlog on different social media

That is the easiest way for promoting your vlog. Share the vlog on several platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  1. Have a usual background

No matter where you are recording a video, decorate the background normally.

  1. Don’t listen to the haters

Obviously, you may face some dislikes, but you shouldn’t get disappointed and just ignore them.

How to start a YouTube channel?

First of all, you should choose the business YouTube channel or the personal one which the former is controlled by several moderators and the latter is all yours, and you’ll manage it yourself. So you need the personal one.

Let’s go through The way to create a YouTube channel:

  1. First, you should sign in to YouTube
  2. Open YouTube and click on the top right corner which is your profile icon
  3. Choose “My Channel” from the menu
  4. Now you should enter a YouTube name and then agree with YouTube’s Terms of Services
  5. Finally, you should click on the “Create a channel” button

It is all done, and now it is time to add a logo to your channel.

Here are some YouTube vlog channel ideas:

  1. Makeup
  2. Gaming
  3. Fitness
  4. Food
  5. Travel
  6. Animals
  7. Music
  8. Software
  9. Humor
  10. Sport
  11. Fashion
  12. Movie
  13. Software
  14. Digital marketing
  15. Lifestyle
  16. Beauty
  17. Nature
  18. How to

Some mistakes that you are probably doing on YouTube

  1. Having no visual brand, such as a profile picture.
  2. Not engaging with the audience
  3. Not replying to comments
  4. Not reading YouTube advice and tips
  5. Not being honest with the audience
  6. Not sharing videos on a consistent schedule
  7. Giving up soon
  8. Begging and asking for subscription
  9. Ignoring the importance of video and audio quality
  10. Overlooking the importance of being active on other platforms
  11. Not following YouTube’s Terms and Policy
  12. Not choosing attractive titles for videos

Who are the famous vloggers?

There are some famous vloggers on YouTube that you can see a list of five famous YouTube vloggers below:

  1. PewDiePie– Is one of the most successful YouTube stars, with over 54 million subscribers and $15 million profit in 2016.

  1. TheDiamondMinecart– Daniel Middleton is a Minecraft commentator and a reviewer of gameplays videos with 14.4 million subscribers, with an income of $213,000-$2.5 million.

  1. Roman Atwood– The prankster whose videos got him 10, 152, 692 subscribers and an income of $8 million.

  1. Lilly Singh– A popular comedian with 10, 296, 350 followers and $7.5 million profit.

  1. Yuya– The young beauty tutorials superstar with 17.8 million subscribers and $41, 000 per month from YouTube revenue alone.

To Wrap up

Vlogging is becoming more and more famous every day, if you find it interesting, record your first video as soon as possible to stand out in the crowd fast. Anyway, the final advice is “Never give up” because It takes time to make your channel and be popular on YouTube, so don’t get disappointed at all because it won’t happen over a night.

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