How do I find my Facebook user ID and username?

To find your Facebook username: Click on the triangular icon on the main menu>Setting & Privacy>Setting> General>Username

Facebook is now is the biggest social media with more than 2 billion active users monthly. There are many tricks about using Facebook such as how to look up facebook by phone number.  As a Facebook user, you may want to share your id with a developer or game owner but you are struggling to find it.

If you do not know what is facebook url, I have to mention that Facebook username and user id are parts of Facebook public profile and anyone can see that from your URL. Though at first, once you are opening an account Facebook would set that for you based on your name (if available). You can change that later if you want to have a custom Facebook username and link (URL). Continue reading and learn more about facebook id lookup, how to find facebook account by username, facebook email lookup, what is a facebook url, how to find facebook url, and how to find facebook handle.

What is my Facebook username?

Before explaining how do u change your name on facebook, and how to find facebook account by username you have to know that a Facebook username and user ID are parts of your public profile, which can help your friends, find you on Facebook. Like all other important questions like how to find my facebook email, or how to change your name on fb, many users like to know what is their facebook username?

A Facebook username can include your name and surname, or you can create your own username or choose a username that Facebook suggests.

Your Facebook username is not the same as your Facebook display name, which is the name that appears on your posts and when you’re tagged. It is your username that appears in the Facebook URL of your profile; that’s why it is an important part of each profile. Here in this guide, you’ll get to know how to find your Facebook user ID and username easily, or you can check out the Facebook like service.

How do I find my Facebook usernames?

As I mentioned above there are many tricks about Facebook like how to find my facebook email. Previously, I have explained what is my facebook username. Now, I want to tell you one of the most important challenges is when you need your Facebook user ID to share on any website or groups or even you may want to give it to your friends. Though, Facebook now is like a very complicated software in which you hardly find what you are looking for.

If you are looking for your Facebook username and Facebook URL you can read this section but if you are looking for your Facebook ID of any specific websites or apps you should go to the next section in this blog.

In the next sections, you can find out about how to change or create a Facebook username and how to find facebook id.

To find your Facebook username:

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. From Home, Click on the triangular icon on the main menu
  3. Select Setting & Privacy
  4. Select Setting
  5. From the left menu click on the GENERAL
  6. Click on the USERNAME

This is your Facebook profile username which is available for public and they can see it from your Facebook link (in the browser) also.

Now that you know how to find my facebook username, I have to state that you can change the Facebook username just by typing in any username you want and customize your Facebook public link (Facebook URL).

How to create a Facebook username?

  1. Go to your Facebook profile
  2. From the left menu click on the GENERAL
  3. Click on the USERNAME
  4. Type in the username you want and see if it is available
  5. If it is available, click on SAVE and exit

Now you can see the new Facebook username in your Facebook profile link in your browsers. If you want to share it with anyone you can simply put your username after (For example As a Facebook user, it will be very useful for you to learn how hackers hack into a Facebook account in order to keep your account safer.

How to do a Facebook search account by name?

If you do not know how to find facebook username, you can learn how to make a facebook search account by name. Searching for people is one of the most obvious uses of Facebook search. Just type the name of the person you want to find, and you search among the results. As it might be hard to find the exact person on the first try, Facebook enables you to use other criteria like the city.

Also, I suggest you to continue reading and learn more about others ways how to find a facebook username.

How to find my facebook account by my name?

Previously, I generally talked about how to find my facebook username. But sometimes the answer to what is my facebook username is not so simple because you might have forgotten the phone number or email address, you used while creating your account with Facebook. Here, I want to show you a trick that you can use when you want to know how to find my facebook account by my name.

  1. Login into another Facebook account like one of your friends.
  2. Search your name on the top search bar.
  3. As you are friends with this account, you should see your username at the top of the searched list.
  4. Use the username on top of the address bar after “” to login into Facebook.

How to find Facebook account by phone number?

When you are here, it means you want to learn more about how to find facebook handle. For example, how to find facebook id, how to find facebook username, how to make facebook search account by name, and so on. In this paragraph, I want to tell you how to find facebook account by phone number.

  1. Go to the Facebook site and log in.
  2. Tap on the search bar above the screen.
  3. Add the phone number of the account you’re searching for and hit return. (it is better to include the area code and increase your chance of success.)

What Is The Facebook User ID?

Previously, I talked about how to find my facebook account by my name. Now, let’s see what is facebook use id and how to find facebook id. facebook id lookup is an important subject among Facebook users, which will help you how to find someone’s facebook id. Before anything, let’s find out what a Facebook ID or FB user ID is. If I want to explain simply, I have to mention that it is a unique identifier connected to a Facebook profile, Facebook Group or Facebook Page. Whenever you choose to make a new Facebook Profile, Page, or Group, the Facebook system creates a Facebook ID automatically. If you do not know how to find your Facebook ID, or how to find someone’s facebook id, continue reading. The next paragraph will help you to look up facebook by phone number.

How To Find Facebook User ID On Facebook?

In this paragraph, I want to show you how to find someone’s facebook id. Be careful that you need to use a computer and web browser to find someone’s Facebook ID.

  • First, search Facebook Address on any browser you would like.
  • Now, you have to type your username and password above the page at the right corner and click to sign in.
  • Find that specific person’s profile by typing his name in the search box or choosing his name from your Friends list.
  • When you open his profile, you will see gray areas to the left and right of the profile. Right-click on this area, and you will see a brief menu. (Instead of right-clicking, you can press Ctrl on the keyboard as you left-click)
  • Now, you have to look for an option like Click View page source, “View source” or “Page Source”, when you find this option, just click on it.
  • Here, you have to press Ctrl+F if you are using Windows or ⌘ Command+F if you are using macOS. Then, you will see a search box.
  • Type profile_id in that box and press ↵ Enter if your system is Windows. And if you are using macOS, choose ⏎ the Return key. 
  • Finally, you can see the person’s user ID to the right of “profile_id.”

Can’t Find The Facebook User ID

If you want to find someone’s facebook id, but the previous method is hard for you. There is another way, which you can use some online Facebook ID finders. There are many online sources that you can use for the second method. Just, there is a point that happens rarely and some people could not find the user ID through these online finders. So the first way might be a little hard, but be sure you can find the Facebook user ID in this way.

How To Check If You Found The Correct Facebook ID?

Previously, you read about how to find facebook username, and how to find facebook username. For example, you have learned how to find facebook accounts by username. Now, you might want to check if a facebook ID you found is valid or not. 

One solution is to check ID after generating via Graph API.

Put the generated ID at the end of the URL and check the received response. For example, if the idea is “1303834107”, you have to check the address. And if you see an error in the response, it means it is not a valid ID.

How do I find my user ID for apps and games on Facebook?

Facebook user ID is different from Facebook’s username which is a bunch of numbers that are connected to your profile and does not necessarily identify you.

The function of a Facebook user ID is to:

  • Allow others to see your profile and public information (your public information privacy can be controlled through your setting)
  • Helps apps to connect to your profile and access your public information such as name. although, you should allow apps to connect to your Facebook before this stage, for example, if you log in Spotify through Facebook it means you have allowed Spotify to access your Facebook public info.
  • User ID also can help developers to assess the issue if you face any issue with an app. For example, once you contact the developer of a game app, they might ask for your Facebook user ID which you can find in the following where to find it.

To find Facebook user ID:

  1. Click the triangular icon in the top right of your Facebook profile
  2. Select set as it is shown in the picture bellow
  3. Click on apps and websites on the left menu
  4. Find the app you want its connected Facebook user ID
  5. Click on view and edit
  6. Scroll down and you can see a bunch of numbers in a box which is your Facebook.

How to edit your name on facebook

Another important question for all Facebook users is how to edit your name on facebook. That is not complicated, too, and you can learn how to change your name on facebook profile by following some simple steps. Before I’ll go to explain how to edit your name on facebook, I want to remind you to read the Facebook naming policies, first.

How do you change your name on facebook profile on your desktop?

If you are using a computer or laptop, and want to know how to change your name on facebook profile, follow these steps:

  1. First, log in to Facebook.
  2. Find the “Account” tab on the menu bar at the top right of the screen and click on the downward caret.
  3. There will be a dropdown menu, and you have to choose “Settings & Privacy”.
  4. After that, again choose the “Settings” option, which will lead you to the “General Account Settings” page.
  5. Now, click on the first row titled “Name” and choose to edit.
  6. Type your name, and click to review the change.
  7. Here will be a pop-up box asking you how your name should be displayed on your profile. Choose your favorite option.
  8. Finally, enter your password and save this setting.
  9. At last, click on “Save Changes”, and complete the process.

Now that you know how to change your name on facebook profile, continue reading and learn how to do it if you are using a mobile device.

How do u change your name on facebook on your mobile device?

Previously, you learned how to find my facebook username, but if you wonder how to find facebook handle, do not miss this paragraph. For a better facebook handle, you have to know how to change your name on fb when you are using a mobile device. Follow these steps and learn how do u change your name on facebook.

  1. Just open your Facebook app.
  2. Choose the menu icon, which will be in different places when you use iOS or Android devices
  3. Go down and find “Settings & Privacy” and click on it.
  4. From the next box, choose “Settings.”
  5. Then you will see the “Settings & Privacy” page. Here, choose “Personal and Account Information.”
  6. Tap on the “Name” option.
  7. In the given text boxes, enter your name.
  8. Tap on “Review Change.”
  9. Choose your desired option for the question of how you want your name to be displayed on your profile. 
  10. Save these changes by entering your password.

What is facebook url

Until here, you learned how do you change your name on facebook profile, but There is another popular subject among Facebook users, which is what’s my facebook url. Before explaining how to find a facebook url, let’s see what is a facebook url. A Facebook Page URL would be a part of any web address after the So it might be different based on your page name. The point is that you can change your name but not change your Facebook URL. Continue reading to learn more about what’s my facebook url subject and how to find facebook url.

How do i find my facebook url

Now that you know what is a facebook url, let’s answer the question: how do i find my facebook url. Here are the steps that you have to follow and find your facebook URL, which is as simple as what you read about how do you change your name on facebook profile, 

  • Open and log into your account.
  • Click your profile picture and open your Facebook profile.
  • Now, copy the URL on top of your browser’s URL bar.

All in all

How to find my facebook username? How to find facebook account by username? Facebook is getting confusing and sometimes you might feel confused about facebook handle because of its different options like facebook email lookup. But I suggest you read the above instructions and learn about different tricks of how to find your Facebook username, such as how to find facebook account by phone number. Moreover, you can learn how to find Facebook ID for any specific apps, games, or websites. Also, I explained how to edit your name on facebook, how to find facebook url, and other points about what is a facebook url which will help you to find the answer of what’s my facebook url. All of them are important points when you want to  look up facebook by phone number.

How to create a social media report? (full guide)

Social media reports analyze all the essential and important social media metrics and show your business’s progress in detail.

Social media reports analyze all the essential and important social media metrics and show your business’s progress in detail. Get at least a monthly report to know what is driving clicks and bringing engagement.

Creating a social media report is an effective way to present your social media performance to your teammates, boss, audience, etc.

It may seem to be an easy task- just entering some numbers and graphs in a template and sending it to your boss or colleagues- but it is way more than that!

Social media reports analyze all the essential and important social media metrics and show your business’s progress in detail; then you can easily find out what worked and what didn’t!

No one can deny the fact that businesses or normal users can come to a conclusion about the process of their activity on social media, but the point is that getting social media reports manually, takes a lot of energy and time, and you may not get the real information!

So, you need a comprehensive report for analyzing your social media strategies.

Why do I need a social media report?

Being active on popular social media platforms has become one of the effective strategies for the majority of successful businesses.

So, in order to grow your business and find out about your strategy’s weakness, you need to get at least a monthly report to know what is driving clicks and bringing engagement.

Also, the social media report will:

  • Show you whether you have reached your business’s goal
  • Prove your wins and losses
  • Analyze and monitor your social media channels
  • Show the contents that bring engagement
  • Let you know more about your competitors (by using the listening and monitoring tool)

Before getting a social media report, you need to:

  1. Set the goal

First of all, you need to set the report’s goal to have a comprehensive and complete social media report. It might be a:

  • Regular report
  • One-off report
  • Research report
  1. Define the recipient

You should clarify who would see the report; it lets you decide what to include in the report and whether they should be in detail or not. Obviously, there are too many differences in the prepared report for your colleagues, senior management, customer support, boss and audience!

  1. Define the timeline

It depends on the purpose of the report, and people who ask for, but generally, the common periods are:

  • Weekly report
  • Monthly report
  • Yearly report
  • Quarterly report (90 or 180 days)
  1. Choose the necessary metrics

Avoid adding unnecessary information and think of what data you need to present. Focus on the specific social media metrics to show your business’s growth and success. Here is a list of some of the important social media metrics to include in a report:

  • Engagement
  • Reach
  • New followers
  • Like
  • Comment
  • Clicks
  • Traffic
  • impression
  • Listening data

How to create a social media report?

Finally, it is time to get what you were waiting for! Let’s get into it:

With InoSocial you’ll go through each section of what social media should include. In order to get a social media report by InoSocial, you should:

  1. Tap on the “measure” tab, then tap on “report builder”

  1. Before selecting the layout, you can choose the report’s period.

  1. Now you can choose the report that fits you the best and tap on “create a report.”

  1. Here you can see the long list of modules that help you have a complete report. You are free to add any of them by tapping on the plus icon.

  1. By tapping on the “channels” tab, you’ll see all the added platforms; tap on any of the platforms to get its specific report.

  1. As you see, you have all the needed options for links as well.

  1. Another useful report you can get from InoSocial is its “Google Analytics” report.

  1. Once you choose the items you need to have in your social media report, then you can add your company’s logo, email address, phone number, etc. on top of the report.

As soon as you are all done with adding charts, graphs, texts, etc. you can get the report.

InoSocial users can share the social media reports by sharing it with other teammates, print the report, email it, share the live report URL, create a copy of the report, etc.

Don’t miss InoSocial’s social media report and sing up today!

All in all

Social media reports analyze all the essential and important social media metrics and show your business’s progress in detail. So, don’t miss it and get the complete social media report by InoSocial.

Please share your experiences with us. We are all ears!

Services to organically grow your Instagram account

InoSocial is a social media platform that provides all types of Instagram tools to grow the account safe and organically.

InoSocial is a social media platform that provides all types of Instagram tools to grow the account safe and organically. Read the following carefully to learn about the top three main features that InoSocial provides to help build the Instagram engagement in the best way possible.

Nowadays, social media is an inevitable part of every person or business life. Though, having lots of competitors and users make it a bit difficult to grow on a big social media like Instagram. Therefore, having the best service to increase engagement is necessary for everyone using Instagram.

There are different types of Instagram growth services that you can find on the internet. But among the overwhelming number of companies that offer these services, you should only choose the best of them. That’s why in this article, I’m going to introduce one of the best social media marketing platforms and as an incredible Instagram growth service that can help users gaining more engagement in a safe and guaranteed way.

The Best Organic Instagram Growth Service

InoSocial is a social media platform that provides all types of Instagram tools to grow the account safe and organically. Read the following carefully to learn about the top three main features that InoSocial provides to help build the Instagram engagement in the best way possible.

Here is a list of top Instagram growth services on InoSocial:

  • Schedule
  • Monitor
  • Analytics

As you can see from the first glance, the best Instagram growth services on InoSocial covers the key factors of managing any important project. So, let’s dive in to get a better understanding of these three crucial services and see why they are necessary for the growth of the Instagram account?

1- Schedule

One of the most important factors that determine the success of an Instagram account is the engagement rate. To achieve a high level of engagement, you need to keep in touch with your audience consistently. That means you may have to publish a post on a daily bases or even a few times per day.

Not only is it important how often you publish a post, but it is also essential to know when to publish it. Actually, a study carried out by Later, which analyzed over 12 million posts on social media, showed that posting on the right day of the week at the right time can significantly affect the level of engagement received by post. That’s why you should always give extra consideration for scheduling your posts.

The Best Times to Publish Content on Instagram per Day

  • Monday: 6 am, 10 am, and 10 pm EST
  • Tuesday: 2 am, 4 am, and  9 am EST
  • Wednesday: 7 am, 8 am and 11 pm EST
  • Thursday: 9 am, 12 pm, and 7 pm EST
  • Friday: 5 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm EST
  • Saturday: 11 am, 7 pm, and 8 pm EST
  • Sunday: 7 am, 8 am, and 4 pm EST

But what if the best time to post on Instagram does not quite be convenient for you? What happens if you were busy those times? Well, here comes the ultimate answer: scheduling! Using a smart schedule will solve all of your problems. With this tool, not only can you plan your posts, but also you can save a lot of time and use it for other promotional activities. Luckily, InoSocial provides one of the best social media schedulers.

*Read the Analytics part of this article to learn how to correctly find the best time to post based on each Instagram pages’ data.

How InoSocial Instagram Scheduler Works?

Using InoSocial Schedule is easy and fun. This Instagram growth service offers a comprehensive set of tools to schedule the posts in the best and fastest way. After signing in to your panel, you can upload your photos and videos, write engaging captions, choose the best tags, and set a date for publishing.

Moreover, this Instagram growth service offers a unique feature: you can directly design your posts! There are in-build tools such as a full set of filters that enable users to create eye-catching and attractive content fast.

Another great feature of InoSocial Scheduler is the ability to publish multiple posts. Using this item, you can easily share the content that you have created on different social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, It is possible to use multiple accounts too! For example, you can simultaneously share a post on several Instagram accounts. This is an excellent way to both save time and run Instagram tricks such as IG loops.

As the best organic Instagram growth service, InoSocial helps you to track your planned posts in the most useful way. It offers a birds-eye view of your schedule, so you have an overall grasp of upcoming posts and make the necessary changes and modifications where it is needed. Moreover, using the posts preview part, you can see how the posts will look like on your feed, which can be very practical to gain more followers.

Tip For Facebook Users: Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow users to schedule posts unless they have a business account. So, InoSocial can be a great option to plan posts even if someone does have a personal account.

2- Monitoring

The second excellent Instagram growth service that InoSocial offers is monitoring. Using this tool, you can keep an eye on your competitors by using the common hashtags and keywords in your niche. The social media management of InoSocial monitoring gives you the ability to find out your competitors’ weaknesses and taking advantage of this opportunity.

After finding whom you are competing with, you can use the social listing tools to find the positive and negative trends to promote your brand. To be a winner in the virtual world, you need to use an efficient Instagram growth service such as monitoring. Valuable data and insights are only parts of the advantages that monitoring offers.

Take Advantage of InoSocial Notifications

Other useful features of this Instagram growth service include instant notifications. No one can deny the importance of rapid responses on Instagram. By responding correctly in the fastest time to your audience, as you show them they are important, the loyalty and satisfaction among them will be increased significantly.

But for a business account, managing all the Instagram notifications might seem like a difficult task as they receive many notifications per day. InoSocial even has a solution for that. On your panel, you can see all the other Instagram accounts that have mentioned you, liked your posts and left messages.

The great thing about the InoSocial dashboard is watching all these activities in a neater, categorized way, and the possibility of contacting your potential customers. This way, it is guaranteed that all the clients get proper responses and supports from the Instagram page manager.


Use the Power of Influencers

Easily find the potential influencer for your business niche by keeping an eye on the most vital keywords. As soon as finding the proper area of interest, this Instagram organic growth service will show the related influencers on that topic. Now, all that should be done is to reach the best influencer and negotiate with them.

Moreover, finding people who are talking about a specific brand or topic gives the businesses valuable insights that can lead to more brand awareness and effectively market the products and services.


3- Analytics

Most successful brands don’t just perform their marketing strategy blindly. To be able to promote an Instagram business, managers have to know exactly what is going on in their niche, learn from their mistakes, and take the next right step. The good news is that all of the essential mentioned items are available when using InoSocial Analytics.

With this excellent Instagram growth service, Instagram admins can run marketing campaigns, see how the audience growth, and view useful insights such as demographic data. Also, there is a good chance of turning the followers to the customers. By finding which Instagram tool is most practical, Instagrammers can efficiently decide whether they should invest in a particular action or not.

Moreover, analytics service provides the most popular posts on Instagram, which can give a good guess about what people like to see in their Instagram feeds. Content creators can use this shortcut and valuable information to make better engaging posts.

Merge InoSocial Analytics with Google

One of the best features of this Instagram growth service is the ability to connect the InoSocial dashboard to the powerful Google Analytics. For more convenience, the generated data about the website traffic, visitors, engagement, and other vital items can be downloaded or send via email.


Tailor-Made Best Time

As mentioned above, finding the best time and date to post can significantly make a difference when it comes to gaining more Instagram engagement. But the general suggested times might not work for all the Instagram pages. So, it is best to find the best times to post for each account individually. How? With InoSocial smart posting time finder.

This Instagram growth service even gives the Instagrammers the data about different categories of text, photos, or videos. This way, users can have a more clear idea about the right time to share content.


Track Your Engagement

To have a detailed and precise picture of the Instagram page, InoSocial offers a comprehensive report on the page’s engagement. It provides the number of posts, audiences, and the times an account was mentioned. The beauty of this part is that the users can grasp all of this data only by a glance.

Moreover, users can get these types of reports on daily bases to get a better grasp of what is essential in shorter intervals.

InoSocial Free Trial

InoSocial offers a 7-day trial for those who are not yet sure to purchase this service. Use this Instagram growth service free trial, and soon you will understand that this is one of the best in the market.

Conclusion on the Best Instagram Growth Service

Promoting a social media account, especially an Instagram account, can be a daunting job. But many Instagram growth services can come handy when promoting a brand or personal accounts. The only thing that matters is to choose wisely.

How to post multiple photos on Instagram?

Instagram lets us post multiple photos to our feeds and stories. Here is how to do it.

Instagram lets us post multiple photos to our feeds and stories. Here is how to do it.

Being able to post multiple photos on Instagram was once like a dream for users, but it has been a couple of years now that Instagram lets us choose multiple photos and videos to share on the platform.

The process of sharing multiple photos is very easy, but there is also another thing Instagramers crave for, that Instagram has not yet added to its platform.

Users love to be able to post to multiple accounts at the same time. By multiple accounts, I mean sharing content with multiple Instagram accounts at the same time or being able to post to Facebook and Instagram at the same. Let me tell you that you’ll find your answers to both of these popular matters on Instagram, and some additional information on how to schedule and post to multiple Instagram accounts, and even sharing posts to different social media accounts simultaneously.

How to post multiple photos on Instagram?

So many of us experienced those times we had taken so many good pictures, and we could not pick one to share on Instagram, and that was exactly when we hoped that we someday be able to post more photos as a single post. Well, that is now possible.

So, before going over the answer to the popular subject of posting to multiple Instagram accounts, let’s begin with getting to know the procedure of adding multiple photos on the platform, which is very simple.

To start posting multiple photos on Instagram, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Instagram app and tap the “+” button in the middle of the home page to start picking pictures and videos for multiple uploads.
  • Find the “Select multiple” icon on the bottom right of the picture, which is either selected by Instagram or you.
  • After that, you are now free to select up to 10 other photos and videos to add to the carousel post. You can also change the order of the photos by tapping and holding on the image to move it, then drag it to where you wish.

  • After your desired photos and videos are chosen, all you have to do is to Tap “Next” at the top of the screen to head to the editing page, where you can change filters of the photos you’ve chosen.

Note: You can apply a filter to either all the photos or separately. If you want the same filter on all the images, tap on a filter without selecting a photo. To edit images individually, tap on one, edit and tap “Done.”

  • Tap “Next” to head to the next stage, which is adding captions, locations, and tagging people. Unfortunately, when you decide to post multiple photos on Instagram, all of them would have one caption.
  • As the last step just tap “share,” and your multiple photos and videos are now in your followers’ feed and they can swipe left and right to watch them just like an album.

Now you know exactly how to post multiple photos on Instagram.

How to add multiple photos to Instagram story?

We have the option to add multiple photos to the Instagram story as well as posting multiple contents as a feed post, which is very useful. With only a few easy steps, we can create carousel stories using more than one photo. Here are the steps to add multiple photos to the Instagram story:

  • Open the Instagram story camera by tapping on the camera icon in the top left corner of the home page.
  • To select pictures, click on the image icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to go to your gallery.
  • To enable multiple photo selection, click “select multiple” from the top right corner.
  • Now, you are able to select multiple photos a form anywhere in your gallery. Each selection you make, a number will appear beside it. These numbers correspond with the order the images will be uploaded in.

Note: You can add extra elements such as stickers, polls, location, and username tags, and much more individually to each photo. Firstly, select your images. To select the image, just click on it. Add the extra elements, and then move to the next.

After you are done editing and adding elements to the stories, click “Next” then “Share,” and you have finally learned how to add multiple photos to an Instagram story.

How to track and monitor important social media metrics?

By increasing the number of users spending several hours a day on popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you need to have an effective strategy to keep your business on top.

Tracking and monitoring the strategies are the essential actions that a business should take to be a step ahead of competitors. Using metrics for your social media platforms plays an important role in knowing the success of your business.

By increasing the number of users spending several hours a day on popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you need to have an effective strategy to keep your business on top. Tracking and monitoring the strategies are the essential actions that a business should take to be a step ahead of competitors.

What are social media metrics?

Let’s go through an example to know about the “social media metrics” better; you consider a goal for your business, which might be “increasing the number of your followers.” Then you can easily identify which social media metrics and measures are necessary to increase the number of your followers. To reach your goal, you should have some strategies such as sharing attractive posts, posting at the best time, following new users, commenting on users’ posts, etc.

To measure and make sure about the way your strategy work, you need a social media report and a measuring tool to show you the process of your taken actions.

In Short, social media metrics help you reach your primary before reaching the main one.

Using social media analytics and metrics are important because:

  • It proves your company’s success.
  • It shows how your strategies are working
  • It makes you free of spending a lot of time to collect data manually.
  • It keeps you aware of your platform
  • It is useful for users who manage several accounts
  • It is a good reminder of your social media presence

What should a social media report include?

Well, you can barely find businesses that include the same information in their report, so it mainly depends on the purpose of your report. After clarifying the important elements, you can decide what to include in your social media report.

But generally, whenever you decide to have a social media report, you should answer some questions from yourself:

  • Who should see the report?
  • What are the important factors in the report?
  • What information is related to include in the report?
  • In what format should the report be?
  • How often should I share the report?

Answering all the mentioned questions is a big help in deciding what to include in the report.

Now let’s review the most common metrics that businesses prefer to measure:

  • Number of posts
  • Net followers gain or loss
  • Number of likes
  • Post reach
  • Number of comments
  • Number of shares
  • Number of page/profile views
  • Number of clicks on post links
  • Number of clicks on the link in your bio
  • Number of story views
  • Number of video views
  • Top-performing post(s)
  • Number of leads generated
  • Number of conversions
  • Total revenue generated
  • Total spent (on social ads)
  • Social share of voice
  • Social sentiment

If you are preparing the report for your teammate, we recommend reporting a complete and in detail report, including what worked well and what needs some improvements.

Sharing all the related information will help you avoid future mistakes and experience a grow up in your company instead.

Moreover, you may need to get multiple reports for different audiences, so you should find out what’s important and matter for each of your audiences.

Now it is time to measure the social media metrics

Users have two options in getting analytics of their social media platforms, including the platform’s own analytics such as Twitter and Instagram’s analytics, or you can save your time and get more in detail information by using a social media report tool.

By using InoSocial, you will have access to the filterable social media reports. InoSocial filters the report by platform and date; then you can share the report with the teammates, send it as an email, get its pdf, download it as an image, etc. and share it anywhere.

Any of the metrics clarify specific information about your social media platform. In other words, it’s about interpreting what that metric tells you and translating that back to your business goals.

InoSocial’s listening and monitoring feature

Generally, social media monitoring saves a lot of time and collects all the relevant information about your business and shows all of them in one place to you. Then you can use it to develop your business and make up your mistakes.

Actually, you can monitor your social media platform manually and look for mentions, hashtags, keywords, etc. all by yourself, but it may take a long time, even a whole day! And after taking a lot of time to find some information, you may not find all the data you were looking for and you may miss some of them!

Happily, you don’t have to do it all by yourself; you should just leave it to a social media monitoring tool and use your time to promote your business.

How to use InoSocial’s report and measure tool?

  1. After signing up in InoSocial, you should tap on the “Measure” tab and choose the platform that you are willing to get its report.

We are going to try Instagram’s metrics as an example.

  1. If you have added several Instagram accounts on InoSocial, choose one of the accounts by clicking on it. Then tap on the “Generate report.”

  1. The report is set to show the 15 days report automatically, but you can change the date by tapping on the “Filter Date.”

Then you can get all the mentioned details:

  • Instagram activity overview
  • Number of followers
  • Number of following
  • Number of posts

  • Audience growth
  • Audience growth by day

  • Follower metrics
  • Total followers
  • Followers gained
  • Total you follow
  • People you followed

  • posts
  • Top Instagram posts

  • Publishing
  • Probability of engagement
  • Best time to post
  • Number of received comments
  • Number of posted media

  • Publishing metrics
  • Total number of sent media
  • Total number of received comments

  • Audience engagement
  • Number of received likes
  • Number of received comments

  • Engagement metrics
  • Number of received likes
  • Number of received comments for all posts
  • Number of received comments for the specific period
  • Number of sent posts

  • List of engaged users

You can email the complete report or get it pdf, but if you just need a specific chart or information, tap on the right corner of the page to get the part of the report.

To wrap up

Using metrics for your social media platforms plays an important role in knowing the success of your business. You may not need all the metrics at the moment, but we predict that the majority of companies will need them after a period of time by considering new goals.

Try InoSocial and watch your business’s growth anytime, just take a look at our pricing plans and choose the small, medium or large business based on what you need.

How to repost on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Repost on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is one of the best ways to send your marketing message by a validated source.

Repost on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are some of the best ways to send your marketing message by a validated source; now, it is the time to learn how to build your success with repost features as a marketing task.

Repost on Instagram or any social media platform such as Facebook is a great way to build the marketing strategy up to the right path. Generally, brands make the most of reposting to share the most popular posts or content on Instagram or everywhere to inform others and build a community around their audience. Also, people taking advantage of saving Instagram pictures or videos to repost and drawing the attention of more followers and inviting people to get involved in the content. Now we want to make it easy for users how to repost on Instagram as well as other social media platforms to pass this step quickly.

Reshare content from other social media accounts has some particular ways to come up with.

In this blog, I am going to express the best ways to share photos and learn how to repost on IG and other platforms.

Best ways to repost on Instagram

Using Instagram repost seems a little bit challenging because we need permission to share the other photos on our social media feeds. Here some useful ways will be mentioned, and then we shift away to one of the most comprehensive ways to whenever you heard the name of repost you assure that there is a perfect tool to help you with this job on every social platform effectively.

1. Go with Instagram third party apps

There are some different Instagram repost apps you can benefit from in sharing other Instagrammers’ posts. The first step is searching Instagram repost on the App Store or google play to face with the Instagram repost apps such as  Repost for Instagram, Instarepost as well as  DownloadGram.

Downloadgram: By the use of this app, you can download videos and photos free from Instagram space.

Repost for Instagram: Another kind of third party app compatible with android. This app provides a few different modes to choose from: a Standby Mode, a Selection Pop-up Mode, Quick Save Mode, Quick Repost mode, and a Quick Post-Later mode.

Instarepost:  The app known as a simple and easy Instagram repost app for sharing photos and videos with your friends.

Note: Pay attention that, according to Instagram’s rules, It needs permitting from the person you want to share whose content.

It is doable by commenting on the image and asking, or by sending them an Instagram Direct Message

Considering all these things together, we can start these marketing ideas(sharing photos &videos) with third part apps reposting. Each Instagram repost app has its efficiency and steps

The steps of Repost for Instagram

  • Open up the Instagram app
  • Select the post you want to share
  • Check the full view of the post(photo, video)
  • Tap the “…” icon on the top right corner of the post.
  • Then, tap “Copy Share URL.”
  • After that, open repost for Instagram
  • Tap on the arrow on the right top side of the post
  • Tap the Repost button
  • Choose Copy to Instagram option
  •   Edit the post’s caption and share your repost

2. How to save photos from Instagram by Screenshot

If you tend to save Instagram photos to do Instagram repost. It is better to leave any third-party app, behind and take a screenshot to share the content on your Instagram feed.

  • Find the photo that you want to repost
  • Take a screenshot on your phone
  • Crop the picture
  • Create a new Instagram post with the new photo

If you are supposed to follow this way in repost on Instagram, think about the resolution of the shared post, because cropping photo will lead to the low-quality picture.

How to repost on Facebook

Repost each other’s content is very common on Facebook too, and the good news is that the process of sharing content on Facebook is much easier than Instagram and other stuff. If you like to share a post on Facebook with your friends or followers, the best way to share is to copy and paste.

The other official and vital way to repost the original post on Facebook is using the Share feature available at the bottom of the photo; the original poster gets credit though the post shows up on your Facebook wall.

Have you ever come up with the idea that marketing your business needs a repost feature to do all reposting on Facebook as well as twitter from an inbox to not only ease this action from one place but also let you repost Twitter and Facebook posts on your different social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and so on.

It is also Interesting to know that the possibility of choosing multiple social media accounts to repost a particular photo or video on them exists.

Can you post to Instagram from a computer

There must have been times you wanted to share your Instagram posts from a computer. Fortunately, there are so many ways you can promote your brand awareness on each social media platform, especially Instagram. Now I mention the typical ways plus a new way of posting from a computer for those who follow want to repost into plenty of social media accounts with an overview and management on them.

Five ways to post on Instagram on computer

  1. Instagram desktop (a chrome extension)
  2. Instagram app
  3. Bluestacks
  4. Facebook creator studio
  5. User-Agent on Safa

The above-listed items are useful to post content right inside the computer, but it is not sufficient. What if you could have an option to search for a specific topic like social media on a platform and serve you back with a long list of social media content and to select to share the desired content on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook business accounts.

Repost for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

First of all, you need to sign up for a social media monitoring tool to access this repost feature. Do not worry Inosocial has seven days free trial to experiment with this feature as well as possible.

  1. Go to monitor tab and click on the search option


  1. Type a keyword on the search bar like “social media.


  1. Click on the Repost option of each post you want


  1. Add every social media account in the “select-service” part


  1. Now, click on “Send Now” to complete the action of a repost on each social platform


Note: You can search twitter and Facebook posts for every keyword and share the content on each social media from Instagram to medium and WordPress.


The last but not the least

Repost is one of the most trending ideas resonates with a marketing job to expose you to a wider audience, as an Instagram marketer or social media manager it is a good option to utilize it beside the monitoring tool to complete the mission of marketing your business. When experiencing is free, why not testing repost out! Go through it I am sure you will get more out of it.

What is social media monitoring?

Your brand’s social share of voice shows how much conversation is going on about your business across social media. This is what social media monitoring brings about.

A brand’s social share of voice shows how much conversation is going on about your business across social media. This is what social media monitoring brings about. Knowing what people think and say about you and the industry helps to understand their needs and the industry gap so that you can be some steps ahead from competitors to fulfill customers’ needs.

What we are going to cover in this article:

  • What is a social media monitoring and how different is it from social media listening and social media analytics?
  • Why is social media monitoring so important for businesses?
  • Answers to common questions and myths about social media monitoring

What is social media monitoring?

…and how different is it from social media listening and social media analytics?

Social media monitoring is to gather all the conversations and threads on social media about a specific subject or keyword and taking particular actions towards each of the messages or comments (for example, you can like, comment on, repost, block or report each conversation). There are several functional tools to gather these conversations from throughout social media and the internet and apply specific action on them.

Social media listening is the same process of gathering conversations and data about a particular subject on social media. The difference lies in what you do to the data in the listening. In listening to social media, you try to come to an analysis based on what people have said about a subject and draw social media and marketing strategic plans given the analytics made.

In most of the social media marketing literature and debates, social media listening and social media monitoring are used interchangeably.

Now social media analytics is the act of gathering all the data and information about a page’s performance on social media. The data includes the number of followers, numbers of posts, number of likes and votes, and every progress the page makes.

So, monitoring and listening are about your audience and what they say about you, but analytics is about the progress your social media profiles have made.

With understanding the difference between the three, let’s move on and see why social media monitoring is so important.

Why is social media monitoring so important for businesses?

To unfold the importance of social media monitoring for businesses, let us name some of the undeniable benefits it offers. Monitoring your social media and listening to what people say about the brands helps:

  • Better understand customers’ needs

When you type a keyword in a social media monitoring tool, all the conversations made across the chosen platforms about that specific keyword show up. If you are going to launch a new product, say an online app market, you might want to know what people say about some keywords, specific to this field of market. So if you want to use marketing strategies like using the best site to buy Instagram likes or create influencer content, frequent monitoring will help you to know if that has been worthwhile.

  • eye your brand’s social share of voice

As stated before, knowing what people think and say about a brand helps in discovering their needs and the industry gap. A brand’s social share of voice is about the conversation going on around a business across social media. This is another undeniable benefit that social media monitoring brings about.

When you know what people say about you, the next step is to strengthen your weak points based on customers’ expectations.

  • See what people say in reply to you, all in one place

Brands try to engage in conversations across social media to get more attention and exposure. The time put in conversing with different people across a variety of channels must pay off; otherwise, it is a waste of capital. So, you need to track all your conversations to see if people are replying to you or commenting on anything specific under your posts.

Inosocial gathers all the replies and comments and social mentions to your brand’s social media activity in one place, giving you the possibility to like, repost, see the source of, retweet and reply to them.

  • Keep an eye on your brand’s share of social mention

This is where you need to keep a sharp eye on. When a brand grows, people start talking about it. To maintain growing progress on social media, you need to monitor what people say about you when they mention your brand in their socials.

Answers to common questions and myths about social media monitoring

Most of the people come to a negative attitude when talking about social media monitoring and listening, or think of it as a spying service. Here, we answer some of your most frequently asked questions about social media monitoring.

  • Isn’t monitoring what people say on social media illegal?

No. It is not illegal in any way. Because what a social media monitoring tool does is to gather already published posts and comments in one place. When people publish to their social media, they know that the content won’t remain private and all people can see it. As long as they have not made their profile private on social media, their content is open to all people.

  • What tools are available out there for listening to social media?

Inosocial is one of the most trusted and most used tools out there. By creating searches and keyword monitoring queries in this tool, keep up to date on whatever subject you want to listen to in people’s conversations.

  • What is the cost?

Prices are different across different plans of social media monitoring. But there are 7 days of the free trial, where you can test all the facilities for free and then decide to continue. The free trial requires no credit card information.

To conclude…

In an ever-tightening competition between brands across social media, it is one of the vitals to know what is said about your brand. To add to the intensity of the need for social media monitoring tools, brands are now listening to what people say about their rivals. It is for two reasons; one: to see what people like about their opponents to copy that to their own business, and two: to know what people hate about other similar companies so that to avoid it. Monitoring social media now is not an extra point to businesses, but it is a must for those seeking to survive the competition.

How to get your YouTube analytics?

there are two main ways to get your YouTube analytics and metrics, which are completely explained here.

YouTube is the biggest platform for sharing videos and visual content in the whole world. Understanding how beneficial using YouTube analytics of any kind, either free or paid, would be to the success of your YouTube channel, makes you want to use it to track your metrics daily.

The key to own a popular YouTube channel is not to get all your videos viral on the platform, but it begins by better understanding the audience, and that’s where you’ll feel the need for analytics. YouTube video analytics has two general methods, which would be discussed later in the blog after getting to know what we actually mean by analytics on YouTube and how it can help us perform better on the platform.

What is YouTube analytics, and how is it useful?

YouTube analytics is a free or paid service which provides us detailed information about how our videos and channel have performed, who our subscribers and audiences are? How long do people spend time watching our videos? What our audience wants from watching our videos and things like this. Using YouTube channel analytics, we can better understand our channel’s viewing statistics and trends.

By knowing such information about your shared YouTube videos, you can decide on when to post content, how to optimize the video strategy, and much more, which would ultimately lead to happier audiences and more channel growth.

YouTube channel analytics has two different methods which are as below:

  • Using a reliable social media analytics tool
  • Sticking with YouTube’s in-app analytics tool

As I mentioned above, there are two ways to track down the YouTube channel’s metrics, which one of them is available from the platform itself. YouTube offers its own analytics platform, which gives creators some extra information about the performance of their videos and metrics to know how their channel is doing. But there are some disadvantages of only leaning on the in-app analytics of YouTube, which gets so many users to look for better tools that offer them much more detailed video analytics.

The cons of using only YouTube’s own analytic app are:

  • It’s not much of a use for a creator with a very small fan base.
  • Users have reported that except for the real-time section, all other sections have at least a 2-day delay before statistics are displayed.
  • Most of the creators are not even aware of it; therefore, they do not take advantage of them.
  • Beginners might find it hard to work with and a bit confusing.
  • It only provides users with basic analytic metrics, sufficient for ordinary users and new, small businesses.

The reasons above make the creators look for a better YouTube analytics app to get help from.

How to Use YouTube Analytics?

To start using the in-app YouTube analytics, all you have to do is to either login to your YouTube channel or sign in with Gmail to get down to business. Follow the step by step guide below, to access your YouTube channel analytics easily:

1. At the top of your channel page, click the profile icon in the top right and tap on “Creator Studio” or “YouTube Studio.”

2. You’ll be redirected to the “Creator studio” dashboard, where you’ll see the basics of video analytics such as (Watch time, Views, Subscribers and Estimated revenue) in the middle of the screen.

3. From the menu on the left side of the panel, click on “Analytics” to go to the main page of your video metrics.

There is a second way to access the YouTube analytics tool, which is much easier and takes only a couple of clicks. Simply go to or select the “Analytics” drop-down in the “Creator Studio” tab of your account.

After following either of the ways mentioned, you have access to your YouTube channel analytics, and by default, the first page shows the Overview of your metrics. The overview is set to show you the analytics of the last 28 days by default, but you can change that to any period of time that you wish.

The main options of YouTube’s report and analytics tool are Overviews, Realtime, Earnings, Watch Time, and Engagement.


Becoming successful on a huge and popular platform like YouTube requires us to have a great marketing strategy and to act wisely. One of the first useful steps we can take to maintain great content on this platform is to analyze the videos we share with a reliable analytics tool, to find out what we are doing wrong and keep track of our content’s metrics. So never underestimate the power of analytics for all social media channels.

How to schedule YouTube videos?

YouTube is the biggest platform to share videos, and it is the second popular website all over the glove. Scheduling YouTube videos is a must for those who want to boost their accounts on YouTube.

YouTube is the biggest platform to share videos, and it is the second popular website all over the globe. Scheduling YouTube videos is a must for those who want to boost their accounts on YouTube.

Schedule YouTube videos is a must to keep your consistency and presence on this social media platform. Recently, YouTube has added a stories section to its website, which shows the presence and activity are getting more important than before.

Can you schedule YouTube videos?

Yes, of course. YouTube allows its users to schedule videos easily with in-app options. If you have multiple videos, it’s better to schedule them ahead of time instead of posting them all at once.

As a social media user, you surely know that almost all other platforms allow in-app scheduling as well. There are scheduling options of Twitter, Facebook and etc. YouTube is not an exception in this. YouTube is now catching up, but it may not be easy to find the settings and take the steps you need to do so. Bellow’s what you need to know.

What are the best ways to schedule YouTube videos?

There are two main ways you can use to schedule and plan your YouTube videos. First, the YouTube website in which you can only schedule one video to one account.

YouTube scheduler

In this way, you can keep your account organized, even if you are away.

To schedule YouTube videos:

  1. Sign up to your account
  2. Click on the Create on top right
  3. Upload your video
  4. Enter the title and description, click next
  5. Skip the video elements
  6. In the visibility, section click on Schedule
  7. Select the date and time
  8. Click Schedule

What is the best time to upload to YouTube?

Some of you may be heard of the importance of uploading time on YouTube, which is true.

You should upload to YouTube at that so many people are online. This action may increase your chance to be seen by others, or even in the rending section of YouTube. It is essential to upload YouTube videos at the right time.

Though, you might be wondering where to find the best time to post on YouTube channel. What you need to keep in mind is that it might differ according to your audiences and viewers.

How to find scheduled videos on YouTube?

Finding your schedule posts on YouTube is easy, and you can see all videos on your YouTube channel with a few clicks.

  1. Go to YouTube and click on your Profile
  2. Click on the Videos on the left menu
  3. Find the scheduled videos and their status on the list

From there, you can change the scheduled date or delete your videos. To remove the scheduled videos on youtube, select the video and click on the three-dots icon. Click on permanently delete, accept the rules, and delete.

Remember that you are not able to undo the deleted videos on youtube. To change the date of scheduling, click on the time, and enter any other you need.

A comprehensive guide to Twitter analytics (tools, 2020)

Twitter analytics is a section of the Twitter platform that provides users with data and information about their presence quality on Twitter so that brands and businesses know where they are going.

The news based social media network, Twitter, is one of the primary resources of promotion for brands and businesses and it is not surprising that many companies are investing a huge portion of their time and money on Twitter analytics tools and metrics to analyze their performance on the platform.

Twitter analytics is a section of the Twitter platform that provides users with data and information about their presence quality on Twitter so that brands and businesses know where they are going. Inosocial is another website that provides comprehensive Twitter analytics data for users and businesses.

How to use Twitter analytics?

There are two types of Twitter analytics; Free and paid.

The free Twitter Analytics tool is embedded into Twitter’s website, which provides users with basic analytic metrics, sufficient for ordinary users and new, small businesses.

On the other hand, paid Twitter analytics programs to generate in-depth analytic data about a business’s activity on Twitter. Inosocial is an example of an advanced Twitter analytics tool to which more and more businesses refer every day.

In this article, you will receive a comprehensive guide on both free and paid tools for Twitter analytics.

Inosocial Twitter Analytics

Inosocial social media analytics provides an all-in-one platform for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube analytics. In this article, we want to talk about Inosocial Twitter analytics separately, and break down each part of this tool to explain its performance.

After you sign up to Inosocial and get your 7-days-free-trail, the page below will show up:

First of all, you need to add a Service to your dashboard.  To do so, click on “Services”, “Add Services”:

Now choose the platform (Twitter in this case) you want to measure, and pick “Twitter Stream”, and then, follow the on-screen instructions:

The account is now set up for Twitter. To go to the analytics session of Inosocial, click on the “measure tab,” “report builder”. Next, pick a name and title for the report and determine the period (LAST 7 DAYS, LAST 14 DAYS, LAST 30 DAYS, LAST 90 DAYS) and hit “Select layout”; the more the layouts, the more detailed your report will be (we choose the forth layout). Finally, hit “Create Report”.

Now it is time to add a module to the report. Here, the second tab “Channels” will let you choose each platform (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) separately and build a report for each of them. All the services added to your dashboard are listed here. Scroll through them and find the Twitter account you want to get the analytics of (if you scroll down to the end of the list, you will see “all twitter accounts” option there. This option will give you a short summary of followers and followings count and your Twitter activity, which we are not going to choose):

Next, you should choose what to be added to your report. You can choose any of the modules provided by Inosocial (up to 30 modules):

  • Audience engagement

Breakdown of Mentions, Retweets, Likes, and Tweets sent over time.

  • Audience growth

Daily follower growth on your Twitter channel.

  • Best day to Tweet

A chart displaying the best day to Tweet. Measured by a probability of engagement.

  • Best time to tweet

A chart displaying the best times to Tweet. Measured by a probability of engagement.

  • Channel header

Channel header information.

  • Content habits

Overview of posting habits on Twitter.

  • DMs

DMs over time.

  • Engaged users

A list displaying the most engaged audience members.

  • Followers

Followers over time.

  • Followers vs Following

Comparison of Followers versus Following.

  • Following

The number of people being followed over time.

  • Inbound message activity

The number of incoming posts, comments and messages received each day.

  • Mentions

Mentions score over time.

  • Mentions vs Retweets

Comparison of Mentions versus Retweets.

  • Monthly tweets (cumulative)

The total number of tweets posted by month.

  • Potential exposure

The size of the total potential audience reached. This includes followers of people that retweeted you.

  • Recent followers

List of new followers and statistics.

  • Response rates by date

Analyze your response rates by day on Twitter.

  • Response rates by the hour

Analyze your response rates by hour on Twitter

  • Response rates by weekday

Analyze your response rates by weekday on Twitter.

  • Retweets

Retweet score over time.

  • Sentiment

Sentiment over time.

  • Summary

A summary of tweets, retweets, mentions, and followers for the selected period.

  • Summary (3 months)

A summary of tweets, retweets, mentions, and followers for the past 3 months.

  • Task completion rate

Analyze your task completion rates.

  • Top 5 Tweets

List of your most popular Tweets.

  • Topics & influencers

The most popular topics amongst your followers.

  • Tweets

An overview of Tweets sent and replies received over time.

  • Tweets

Tweets created over time.

  • Tweets retweeted

Retweets and statistics.

  • Twitter activity overview

A summary of Daily Exposure, Post Engagements and Reach.

  • Twitter mentions

Mentions and statistics.

  • Workflow activity

The number of tasks assigned or completed from incoming posts, comments or messages each day.

The final look of your Twitter analytics report must be like this:

Twitter’s free analytics

To access the free analytics of Twitter, on the main page, left menu column, click on “More” and then “Analytics”. Now you will be directed to the analytics page of Twitter. Twitter’s analytics consists of three tabs (it was previously 5 tabs): “Home” tab, “Tweets” tab and “More” drop-down menu. Let’s start with “Home”.

Twitter’s analytics Home tab:

Here four of your most important Twitter metrics are listed at the top, with statistics of 28-days-period: Tweets, Tweet impressions, Profile visits and Followers.

  • Tweets are all the posts published during this period by this account (which had a 107.1% increase compared to the previous 28-days-period);
  • Tweet impressions show the number of times users saw the tweets of this account on Twitter during the past 28 day (which is 14.200 times);
  • Profile visits tell us how many people have headed to this Twitter page; and
  • Followers show the total number of followers this account has got on Twitter.

Scrolling down, you will see separate statistics for each month of your Twitter activities:

Twitter’s analytics Tweets tab:

Here you can see:

  • your Twitter’s activity diagram in a 28 days period (the period can be adjusted manually):

  • Separate tweets’ statistics

  • Engagements, showing 28 days (or any adjusted period of time) with daily frequency

Twitter’s analytics More tab:

This tab gives you analytic metrics about your videos and conversion rate to your website. If you have a website, this is a great way to see how your audience is trafficking between the website and your Twitter page.

To start, create a website tag and install the tag on your website.

Over to you

Twitter analytics is necessary for brands and businesses if they are going to experience significant growth in their social media. Inosocial is a tool for every small and medium-sized business on their way to growing social media marketing and management. We have Analytics for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, which can be aligned with Twitter analytics in a single report. In addition, monitoring and scheduling tools of Inosocial are quite handy if you wish to try them in 7 days of a free trial.

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