Fortnite desert zone wars code (Complete list)

Fortnite desert zone wars

According to surveys, Fortnite’s Desert Zone Wars is one the most popular mods in this game, where players can enjoy their combat or skill characteristics in a sandy environment filled with lots of buildings.

Although users have a broad spectrum of maps to set as their maps, some of these maps are better in quality than others. In this post, we will talk about Fortnite’s Desert Zone Wars code and which is better to choose on Fortnite.

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How To Use Fortnite Desert Zone Code


Fortnite Zone Wars code is really easy to use, and you have to take some little steps to implement the Desert Zone Wars code in your game. Here, follow these steps:


  • First, launch Fortnite on your device, and in the Fortnite Lobby, go to the Discovery game selection screen.


  • Next, go to the Island Code tab and enter the Desert Zone Wars code you have in your mind.


  • If your Zone Wars code is valid, then Fortnite will display the map. Click on the “Play” button to confirm the map, and once you are back in the lobby, press the “play” button to load the Island.

Fortnite desert zone wars code 

After learning how to use Zone Wars Fortnite code in the game, it is time to review the three most famous members of the “Desert Zone Wars code” family as follows: 

Desert Zone Wars

Zone Wars code: 9700-3224-6429

This is the most famous code in Fortnite for users, and it was developed and created by JOTAPEGAME, also commonly referred to as “Desert Zone Wars 1.0.” With more than 15,000 views, this map has an open-style map like the 2.0 version. This map has been appreciated for its versatile combat situations that are offered by the placement of the buildings and structures.

Sahara Desert Zone Wars Refresh

Zone Wars code: 1434-8021-7042

As you can see, this is a refreshed and remastered version of the original Sahara Desert Zone Wars map. This map is much bigger than the original one and hosts more structures and buildings. By playing on this map, you will love it for sure.

Desert Zone Wars 2.0

Zone Wars code: 2933-9455-4583 

This is the second version of Desert Zone Wars, so the developer of these two maps are the same. This Fortnite map is more vibrant when compared to the previous ones. You can find more than 50,000 views on this map. Just play it to see how beautiful it is.



Thank you for reading. Regardless of which Zone Wars Fortnite code you choose, all available maps on Fortnite have the ability to attract any Fortnite player. As a strategy, you can start playing on the Desert Zone Wars version, and after that switch to the updated version and finally the Desert Zone Wars code version 2.0

You can visit Fortnite’s official website and read more about the Fortnite Zone war code if you need more information. You can also ask your questions about Zone Wars and Desert Zone Wars code from Fortnite’s support team.

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