GEOfinder Review: The Must-Have Location Tracker on Your Mobile Phone

GEOfinder Review

How people used to find each other without mobile phones? It must have been a big challenge, especially in cases of emergency. The possibility to track someone’s location in a few clicks is one of many reasons to be happy living in 2023, and today we will talk about the GEOfinder app, which is a great help in this task.

GEOfinder Location Tracker – How It Works?

You might already be familiar with the whole location tracking process by using Google Maps or the built-in app on your phone. The main idea behind these apps is to have GPS on all the time and share your location with somebody. 

This solution completely fails the task when the seeking person doesn’t want to be tracked, doesn’t know how to use the phone, or is incapable of it. This fact served as the idea behind the GEOfinder creation – finding a way to get someone’s location information on distance by using the only phone number of the person. 

The mechanics behind it are simple: using GEOfinder, you send the message with the link to your friend, and as fast as them clicking on it, your phone will get access to their current location. The messages could be modified, and the app shows the information in real-time, with impressive accuracy.

GEOfinder at Google Play or App Store – Installation in a Few Clicks 

GEOfinder Review

One more thing we like about GEOfinder is that the app is official and completely safe. You won’t be asked to go to some scratchy website to download it – use Google Play or App Store to download the tool quickly and conveniently.

The installation process doesn’t take long as well. Everything depends on your internet connection at this point. Right after installation, you would need only another 5 minutes to create an account and buy a subscription to GEOfinder. As we said – it is fast, safe, and convenient – everything the modern user expects and deserves.

5 Main Reasons to Download GEOfinder Today

We are guessing you are reading this article because your main goal is to track someone’s location now, but GEOfinder may be your helper in different scenarios. We put together 5 main reasons to have this app on your phone so you can use its full potential.

  • Family safety – with the help of GEOfinder, you will be able to track the location of your kids, parents, or a partner in any extreme situation or daily to ensure their well-being
  • Business reasons – GEOfinder can be used for logistics with your workers or co-workers for control reasons or as a tool to track the progress of the task
  • Tracking an unfaithful partner – unusual location of your partner during working hours, late working meetings, and suspicious behavior could help you prove that you were cheated on
  • Finding the lost device – you can send a message using GEOfinder to locate the place where your lost or stolen mobile is
  • Navigating the lost person – use GEOfinder to help your friends or family to find the right way to the meeting point or any needed location

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Track Someone’s Location Using GEOfinder

In previous paragraphs, we explained to you briefly how the software works, but even though using GEOfinder is quite simple, let us walk you through this process real quick.

  • Step one: Use an App Store or Google Play Market to download the app. Simply put the tool’s name in a search bar and press “download”.
GEOfinder Review
  • Step two: Create an account and buy a subscription plan. It costs $9.99/week.
  • Step three: Use one of the massage templates or create your own and send it to the phone number using the search bar or picking one from your contacts. Right after your friend clicks on the link, the map with their location will appear in the User Space. 

You might use the browser version of the service as well, which would not require an installation. Simply go to, log in to your account, and start using GEOfinder the same way described above. 

GEOfinder – Free Trial and Price 

GEOfinder is a great app, without a doubt, but is it affordable? It is! A one-month subscription would cost you only $39.99 for a web-based version – it is less than a YouTube TV subscription, for instance. I think we all agree that location tracking of our loved ones is more important than a streaming platform without ads. The price for an app downloaded from Google Play and App Store is $9.99 per week.

If you would like to try out the service before purchasing the subscription, GEOfinder online provides new users with a 48 hours trial period, which would cost you a symbolic $1.This is a great opportunity to see how useful GEOfinder could be before you make the final decision about it.

Is GEOfinder Compatible with Your Device?

Another great thing about the GEOfinder app is that you shouldn’t be worrying about its compatibility with your devices – developers have taken care of it for you ahead. 

The tool can be installed on Android-based phones, the same as iOS-powered ones, but if you are in doubt, Google Play Market or App Store will automatically recognize your device and will inform you about the compatibility of the app with it. 

The web version of GEOfinder doesn’t require installation and is compatible with any OS and any device.

GEOfinder Review

Real Talk: GEOfinder Pros and Cons

Our review wouldn’t be complete without the list of pros and cons of the GEOfinder app. Here is our redaction conclusion:

The app is compatible with all devicesUser-friendly interface and easy to useThe tool is affordableGEOfinder can be downloaded from Google Play Market or App StoreThe service doesn’t require installation and may be used in the browser The app has a $1 trial period for 48 hoursAnonymousRequires the seeking person to click on the linkIs not freeTo track location the user has to know the phone number of the target person

Is GEOfinder a Scam?

This question might appear in your head because the GEOfinder sounds too good to be true. We checked the service ourselves, tried it out, and were happy with the results we got at the end.

Note it well that official apps, for a good price and from a clean reputation provider, such as ERSTEN GROUP LTD, deserve your attention and trust.

How Useful Is GEOfinder Location Trucker?

It’s not a secret that each person would have their reasons for installing a tracking app. How useful would it be? Some people will be using it every day to track their kids coming from the school to the sports section. For others, it could be a one-time or one-month solution for relatives or a cheating partner. 

It doesn’t matter for how long it would be useful, but we know for a fact that GEOfinder WILL be useful for you and your close ones.


Today, we talked about tracking location and reasons to install a good tracking app on the phone. With a huge offset on the market, sometimes it could be hard to find a real service without scamming its users and stealing their private information. 

We are happy to confirm that GEOfinder is a trustworthy app you should try next time to find someone’s location. We bet you will be satisfied with it as well.

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