Highstreet: The New Reality Of The Virtual World

HIGH is an Ethereum-based token empowers Highstreet, an online metaverse and multiplayer game that assimilates shopping, gaming, NFTs, and traditional brands.

Highstreet crypto (HIGH) is created by LumiereVR, a computer vision-based VR retail company established in 2015. The team has built a commerce-based metaverse over the years by piecing together components built by various household names from brands like Hershey’s Chocolate to Victoria Secret, and bigger groups like L’Oreal to Madison Square Garden as well.

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What Is Highstreet crypto (HIGH)?

Highstreet crypto (HIGH) is a local badge of a decentralized business-driven play-to-procure metaverse worked with computer-generated reality (VR) support. Aside from understanding a two-way money stream inside physical and virtual universes, Highstreet (HIGH) presents a market where in-game things can be recovered for genuine items. During ongoing interaction, clients have a chance to investigate the metaverse, battle beasts and complete journeys meanwhile obtaining merchandise that have both computerized and certifiable utility.


The task expects to characterize the new age of retail and offers an easy, secure and engaging approach to making on the web buys.

Aside from HIGH, the game elements a utility symbolic STREET, obtained through finishing different jobs in the game. While HIGH is viewed as an administration weighty token, offering gamers a chance to decide on significant choices on the stage, benefit through stacking and purchase items on the commercial center, STREET fills in as the essential cash working with the business in the game and can be utilized to purchase protective layer, weapons, mends, travel tickets, and inn stays. HIGH is paid to proprietors of properties in charge and is additionally possible through cooperation in metaverse’s extraordinary occasions.

As expressed in the authority sources, the symbolic first went live in October 2021. The organization’s Twitter channel reports that the game is at present as of November 2021 in private alpha testing with the public beta testing coming towards the year’s end. Highstreet market is as of now available to clients by means of program.

The team behind Highstreet crypto (HIGH)

Highstreet (HIGH) was rebranded from a PC vision organization LumiereVR. Laid out in 2015, it was zeroing in on lifting retail insight through consolidation of VR innovation. The prime supporters of LumiereVR and Highstreet are Travis Wu and Jenny Guo.

Travis Wu is an accomplished programming engineer and blockchain fan with a foundation in VR. He concentrated on business venture at Draper University in San Mateo, California and software engineering at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada.

Jenny Guo studied electronic craftsmanship and political investigations at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York and considered innovative delivering at Columbia University in New York. She is an honor winning VR film maker, a committed craftsmanship gatherer and a fruitful business visionary. Guo additionally has a broad foundation in craftsmanship managing among China and the United States.

Unique features of Highstreet crypto (HIGH)

Highstreet (HIGH) is a MMORPG game that obscures the limits among physical and virtual universes. All the in-game things are addressed on the stage as ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) separated into two portions. While the acquisition of the computerized portion offers players a chance to utilize the thing inside the metaverse, purchasing the NFT all in all permits gamers to likewise get the thing, in actuality.

The venture guarantees the authenticity of each item sold available. The gamified commercial center’s confirmation interaction ensures that main checked reliable venders can join the stage.

A holding bend is a numerical capacity used to set a connection between the cost of a resource and its accessible stockpile. Highstreet (HIGH) carries out holding bends to give item liquidity to purchasers and deal a robotized cost revelation for merchants.

As computer games are right now assuming control over the business of gathering amusement for the youthful crowd, production of the in-game presence furnishes brands with a chance to grow a buyer market. Despite the fact that Highstreet (HIGH) basically includes restricted release items by very good quality brands right now, the stage energizes both startup and laid out organizations to apply to send off their creation.

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