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How Can An iOS and Android Live Streaming App Be Developed?

There is a sizable market for live video streaming apps that yet has plenty of opportunity for innovative products. Do you want to design an app for live streaming? This post will go into great depth on how to properly design a live streaming app.

How Can An iOS and Android Live Streaming App Be Developed

What Exactly is a Live Streaming App?

Live video broadcasting via a mobile device is referred to as mobile streaming. It refers to using a mobile device to view internet video content. Recognizing the article about watching and streaming material on Android and iPhones is important. The greatest choice for a broadcaster wishing to monetize video content is a mobile app. For instance, creating a mobile app that is scaleable helps increase subscribers in more significant ways.

Building a Live Streaming App: Steps

Even though developing a live streaming application is rather straightforward, some technical expertise is required. It is advised that you hire a professional live streaming app development company if you do not already have one on your team since developing a mobile app is not work that can be completed “DIY.”

  • Select a Video Hosting Website

If you want to build a live streaming app, you’ll need to make a financial commitment to online video hosting. You will just integrate our platform’s video players into your app and all of your video content will exist there.

Your choice of platform will depend on your specific streaming needs. If you want to create a live streaming application, features like APIs, SDKs, and an HTML5 video player are crucial. Look for additional feature options to meet your streaming goals. If you wish to monetize your video material, you should think about doing so.

You should also consider your budget. Examine several price options to determine what you can afford. As you establish your budget, take your target return on investment (ROI) into account.

  • Download the SDK for Android or iOS

Download the live streaming SDK that your platform offers after selecting it as your online video hosting service. Our player documentation website, which is quite simple to use, has complete documentation for all of our API and SDK code.

You must decide whether you are creating an app for iOS or Android at this time. You can create both but focus on only one at a time. We recommend starting with the one that is most compatible with the operating system used by your target audience.

  • Mobile Application Development Toolsets

You will need a mobile development environment, such as the well-known Xcode for iOS or Android Studio for Android.

Even if you can’t make a native iOS app using Android studio right now, don’t forget that there are still ways to make a hybrid app that runs on both platforms. While Android app development using Xcode is possible, releasing your program to the Apple App Store requires a $99 yearly Apple Developer Account. Having said that, you must choose an app that has support for your unique streaming and development requirements. Upload your SDK to this platform after you’ve made your decision.

How Can An iOS and Android Live Streaming App Be Developed
  • Start Developing Live Streaming Applications

Utilize the SDK components and provided an API script to develop your mobile application. You will now personalize your app to best reflect your company’s image and provide the greatest user experience.

You should also think about the features you wish to integrate at this point. The following are typical aspects you could think about:

  • Consider if you want to enable people to sign up using their email addresses, Apple IDs, or other accounts.
  • Will you promote actual images, biographies, or the opportunity to have followers, for instance, on your profile?
  • Chat: You may use your app’s comments and chat boxes to foster a sense of community.
  • Reminders, messages, and other timely information are a few examples of common alerts.
  • Will you allow broadcasters on your platform to raise money for their efforts by accepting donations?

Here is when the help of a professional developer comes in handy. With the help of a professional, your idea will become a reality. Because even a little glitch might disrupt the functioning of your app, you must have access to competent technical support.

  • Construct and Submit an App

Once your app is complete, package it and submit it for evaluation to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Before submitting it for approval, don’t forget to thoroughly test it for functionality and flaws. Don’t forget to test it on devices that are equipped with the newest software.


Connect with us to get the greatest technical help if you’re prepared to create a live streaming application. Trembit offers a variety of expert services, including app development. Our specialist will implement your project and make libraries easier to use. If you are eager to begin using Trembit, get in touch with us and we will help you every step of the way.

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