How Tech Companies Can Kill It on Instagram

How can B2B tech companies engage and grow on the platform with many photo-based social networks flooded with content? One example is Intel. Although Intel is well-known for its semiconductor business, its Instagram account engages current and new audiences while staying focused on the semiconductor business. Here are some strategies to start your Instagram strategy off right:

Start with Well-Received Content

A well-received video on Instagram will make your company stand out and boost sales opportunities. Videos should be 600 x 315 pixels, and photos should be taken during the golden hours or indirect daylight. Use an image editing app to make them look unique and professional. Insta stories are also an excellent place to call out to users with questions or answer FAQs.

Buy Instagram Followers

The best solution for every industry to grow on Instagram fast is buying followers. Businesses from A to Z can utilize this strategy for the growth of their Instagram handles. The best way to buy real Instagram followers is getting them from a legit & trusted agency. Make sure you buy only real, active and engaging Instagram followers that can actually benefit you.

If you buy cheap followers or bots, you may end up getting banned from Instagram. Also, saving money from this strategy also hurts the reputation of your company due to unmatched contrast between likes and followers. Just think of having 10K followers on your profile and 10-15 likes on your posts.

Give Your Fans a Glimpse Behind the Scenes

If you want to make your followers feel like part of your team, share some behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram. For example, a design brand may post a video of an employee roller skating through the warehouse. The video was posted to promote a sample sale. The company also tagged the designers of the Brazilian-made chairs. To boost engagement, you should ask your followers a question in the caption. Posting a question using the hashtag #askmyfollowers will also encourage them to leave a comment.

Try an Instagram Takeover

If you want to increase your site’s traffic, try an Instagram takeover. Influencer marketing is a powerful way to promote your company, but it can be expensive. Consider collaborating with micro and local influencers to get the most out of the campaign. Use less common hashtags and use location stickers to attract local customers. You can even turn an Instagram takeover into an event to increase ROI.

Similar Interests & Goals

Before you embark on an Instagram takeover, please write down your goals and metrics and ensure they align with your overall social media marketing strategy. Select a profile based on similar interests and goals when choosing a host. Partnering with a customer or employee may be better than with a brand influencer. Your guest account should have access to your profile so you can share more interesting stories with them. Access to the profile will also enable you to run a live Q&A session.


Influencers can be very influential for emerging brands. If you can find a well-known user with a big following, you can partner with IGFollowers extend your reach. This way, you can get new followers and build brand awareness simultaneously. These users can also provide exciting insights or ideas for the brand to share with followers as a bonus. However, you must ensure that the user you’re partnering with is authentic and genuinely interested in your products or services.

User-Generated Content

While it can be challenging to turn users into advocates and fans of your brand, the benefits of incorporating user-generated content into your social media strategy are clear. These social media posts are authentic, and they build brand identity. They also help to establish trust. This content works across social media channels, ads, and your website. It can help you create a strong presence on Instagram and reach your audience beyond the competition.

Organize Contest or Give-Away

When creating user-generated content for your social media presence, you must consider what makes a great piece of content. For example, consider organizing a contest or giveaway to reward the best photos if you have a product you would like to sell. You can also use GramFeed to search through photos on Instagram. You can search images based on hashtags.

Product Reviews

User-generated content can be as varied as product reviews. You can even get your customers to design your following product. User-generated content is precious because people are likelier to trust what they read on other people’s profiles. In short, you can use it to create brand loyalty. So how can tech companies use user-generated content to gain an advantage over their competitors? Read on to find out.

Innovative products

If you’re a tech geek, you’ve probably noticed a trend in the world of social media: innovative products from tech companies are on the rise. In the past, a tech company might post a photo of their latest self-driving car, but you’ll find them posting pictures of their latest innovations this time. There’s always something new and unique to share, from augmented reality gaming to virtual reality games to home improvement projects. Using Instagram as a marketing platform makes this much easier because you don’t have to sell a product; you can share an idea.

Winning Products & Solutions

A big competitor of Dell, HP has more than one million followers on Instagram, and it uses the platform to promote its printers and other products and services. Like Dell, HP uses Instagram to showcase its print solutions, but it uses the platform to boost its social media presence and demonstrate its intelligent marketing strategy. Its marketing strategy has made it one of the most-followed accounts on Instagram, with nearly half a million followers.

Technical solutions for Instagram

While many think Instagram is only for visually inclined businesses, tech companies have proven that it’s worth its weight in gold. IBM, for example, has over two hundred thousand followers. Tech companies can use the feedback and engagement features of the social network to their advantage. They can also engage their current client base, as a visual feed resonates well with the tech-savvy generation. And with its growing user base, a tech company can attract new users.

Which tech companies are killing it on Instagram?

Intel is another tech company that’s killing it on Instagram. The company has been a driving force behind significant technological leaps, and it’s always looking for new ways to stamp its status as a big boy. They’ve used Instagram to showcase their journeys. Their account features stunning images, along with exciting content. Intel is one of the few companies that’s managed to engage on photo-based networks and remain true to their semiconductor business.

Great visuals

Adobe also makes products that play well with visuals. It hires the best photographers and video editors in the industry to create engaging Instagram content. Its strategy is to attract both experts and novices to use its products. The content is beautiful in its own right. It’s also highly rated by users. Tech companies can kill it on Instagram by incorporating human-like elements. It’s easy to see why the content is so popular.

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