How to create your own NFT?

The term nonfungible token (NFT) usually refers to a blockchain asset that represents an intangible and unique digital item like an art piece, a picture, a classic in the game, or tweet that other assets cannot be Replaced a set of exceptional properties. Each NFT is unique and limited and not interchangeable; this can act as a degree of origin and ownership.

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NFTs are distinct from the other by metadata and unique identifiers such as barcodes. Information that forms assets is known as metadata. Metadata allows users to buy or sell objects based on their metadata instead of the entire object.

NFTs are the goal of repeating tangible features of physical items such as unique, deficiency and proof of ownership. On the other hand, adaptable goods can be exchanged since their value, not unique features, identifies them. However, digital products are only valid when used in their product.

The good news is that you do not need special technical knowledge in the crypto industry to build irreplaceable tanks. Before we start, you need to decide which blockchain network you need to opt in order to create your NFT. Ethereum is now the biggest network that provides these services. Albeit, there are, other blockchains that you can use:

• Binance smart chain (BSC)

• Flow Dapper

• Tron


• Polkadot

• Tezos

• Cosmos


Each of these networks has its own NFT standard, wallet service, and special market. For instance, if you create an NFT on the Binance Smart Chain, you can only sell it in platforms that support this network. That is, you cannot sell it on the NFT market of Ethereum or other blockchains.

Since Ethereum has the largest Ecosystem of NFT, in this paper, we will talk about making an NFT on this network.

What are the applications of NFTs?

An NFT can be anything because the digital version is a real, tangible item, or just a digital asset stored in a blockchain.

The followings are the most common NFTs on the market:

• Art and digital images

• Music


• Game items

• Collectible and business cards

• Sports moments

• Domain names

• Memes

• Virtual fashion items

Digital art

The most popular form of NFT is art. Artists can sell their best work online by presenting digital artwork in the form of these unique assets. Many of the most valuable NFTs available today are digital art.

Some NFT artists have sold their artwork at exorbitant prices that rival physical artwork. An NFT collector paid $69.3 million for Mike Winkelman’s digital artwork “Everydays” (also known as Beeple), making it the most expensive NFT in history. Sold by Christie’s Auction House. Bipple “Every Day” is a collage of 5,000 paintings that have been referred to every day for the past 13 and a half years.

Also, this is just one of many NFTs that have sold over $1 million. However, many NFT collections are very successful and do not require complicated authoring.

Video NFTs

Like digital art, video NFTs are popular with NFT artists. Gifs and short videos have become remindful by NFTs collectors.

Music NFTs

As mentioned above, almost any art form can be marked. All music tracks, artwork, lyrics, programs, files, as well as real objects (such as concert tickets or unique merchandise) can be included with your NFT. This allows artists and content creators to create new ways to share their experiences with their audiences.

What are the characteristics of a unique token?

One of the most obvious features of the NFT is that its ownership, registered entirely on the blockchain platform, is immutable and no one will be able to infringe on that ownership. This can bring countless benefits to the maker or owner. For Instance, Imagine the extent to which works of art are plagiarized in the real world. Thanks to the unique token, it can be said that this dilemma has largely disappeared.

In addition, another unique feature of NFT is its similar nature to other digital currencies. As we have said, the nature of tokens and other digital currencies is somewhat similar. These similarities, no matter how small, have made it possible to store tokens, like other digital currencies, in wallets, or digital currency wallets. This makes it safe, easy, fast and painless to buy and sell. It is even possible to exchange digital currency in many types of online exchanges.

What do we need to enter the NFT market?

Now that we know what a unique token is, its applications and how it works, it is best to dive into the center of the matter. How should we enter the NFT market, in what context should we operate and how can we build such a thing ourselves?

First of all, you need two things to get started in the unique token’s market:

A Digital Wallet

First of all, to enter the digital currency market and buy any kind of currency, you need to have a wallet to store your digital currencies. There are many options for storing currency, and even some types of digital currency exchanges allow users to store currency.

You also need a digital wallet to build and store unique tokens. Some wallets are for digital currencies only, yet others also support NFT. One of the most reputable wallets for storing and making tokens is the Metamask wallet. In addition, wallets such as Coinbase and Rainbow can be mentioned.

Providing some digital currencies

In addition to having a wallet, you will need some digital currency to operate in the NFT. In order to be able to build an NFT, it is necessary to pay a small fee such as platform fees and network fees. The amount of this fee can vary depending on the context in which you work.

Although a variety of blockchain networks can be used to generate unique tokens, the most common network for this area is Ethereum. Most importantly, keep in mind that sometimes the cost of making a token may be much higher than the cost of selling it due to commissions; therefore do not expect to be able to make big money this way at the very beginning!

Creation of NFTs

Now it’s time to officially get started and build your first NFT. There are many ways to make and deliver these tokens, and you can do it from any platform you are comfortable with. Making tokens by default requires programming knowledge, but since most digital currency operators do not know this, we need to go to websites that allow NFT builds.

The simplest type of unique token is to create digital artwork, or “Digital Art”. Your artwork can be in any format: Gif, MP4, JPG, PNG and etc. Of course, at the outset, as we said before, note that you should not expect digital art to make money quickly; because you are probably not a well-known person.

To create digital art and then turn it into a unique token, you can visit the following websites:

  • Opensea
  • Rarible
  • Foundation
  • Hicetnunc
  • Mintbase
  • Superrare
  • Niftygateway
  • Makersplace

Each website has its own rules, for example, to enter or join a foundation, you need to have an invitation from a member or artist who is already on the platform, or you have to fill out forms and pass a series of rituals, prove that you are an artist. In addition, note that each works with a specific digital currency e.g one with Tezos and the other with Ethereum.

All you have to do is enter one of these sites, design your digital art, attach your wallet and pay the related fees, and finally set a price for your work and sell it.

In conclusion

Although NFTs seems to be a new innovation in the world of digital currencies, with a little more care we realize that they are not very strange phenomena. A simple example would be a postage stamp. A postage stamp normally costs less than a few dollars, while the same stamp is worth much more if it belongs to the ancient period and has the signature of a famous person.

NFT tokens will be valuable in much the same way and with some special features. These NFTs are stored and transmitted in the same way as other digital currencies. The difference, however, is that each unit of NFT tokens has its own value and in this respect they have a kind of flexibility. In fact, they are not valuable to other units.

So now you know How to create your own NFT. This is easier said than done, and as a result, NFTs are gaining in popularity, often with impressive price tags. Thanks to blockchain technology, artists moving to NFT can make a lot of cash.

However, it is important to understand that NFTs may not always be sold, and some will never make money for their manufacturers because of all the costs associated with selling in the NFT market. To avoid losing money, make sure you sell NFTs that others value and set a minimum price that covers the cost of the sale.

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