How to Edit Comment on Instagram?

Can you remember the early time that users commented on social media without the editing ability? If an unpleasant one put an embarrassing comment, it would persist there continually. But it changed after Instagram updated itself in 2013 and make the users able to edit and remove comments. Today we are more powerful about both comments that we leave and receive.

Continue reading and learn more about how to remove, edit, and even set off your Instagram comments.

How to edit a comment on Instagram

While removing and impairing comments on Instagram is mild, editing them might not.

How to edit your Instagram comment (caption)

When we talk about writing, you can edit your Instagram captions after you finish posting them. But it is not possible to edit your or other people posts comments.

Here are directions if you need to edit your Instagram caption: 

  • Run Instagram. 
  • Touch the person icon at the bottom-right side of the page to drive to your profile. 
  • Find the post that you need to edit the caption.
  • Hold the three horizontal marks at the top-right of the post. 
  • Choose to Edit. 
  • Rewrite your caption. 
  • Hold Done. 

The best point is that you can edit your caption when you need it, with no concern about how old the photo is and how many times you did it.

Is it possible to edit your comments on other people’s posts?

No. If you require editing a comment you put on an account’s post, the only way is to remove it and make a new one. Comments are the primary means of communicating on social media. And as we now send direct messages and notices, commenting is an excellent way to communicate with your followers online.  

What to do when my Instagram comments not showing up?

If your Instagram comments continue to be blocked or are not performing as they have to, there could be a few problems to accuse. 

First, control your Wi-Fi connection and see if it is all working great. Sometimes you are connected to a router causing problems and keep your comments from passing through. 

The next item that you have to check is checking if your Instagram app is up to date. Old apps could fall and have other special difficulties. Renewing your app could determine the comment query. 

Ultimately, your activity may be breaking Instagram’s systems in any way, like:

  • You added over five mentions in a comment. 
  • You added over 30 hashtags in a caption. 
  • You put many comments (or copy them) on a particular post. 
  • You have applied forbidden words, phrases, or hashtags. 
  • The user who made the post might block you or the word you want to write in your comment. 
  • You run over Instagram’s activity goal, which is a sum of 500 reactions (comments, follows, and likes) a day. 

If you consider you defiled one of these courses, you need to log off the app and try another day. Contacting Instagram’s Help Center for more help is also another way. 

How to delete your Instagram comment

We have all been there. You put a comment on someone’s post that you consider appropriate, but after a few seconds, you think you need to erase it(probably ere they have even seen it). 

The good news is that removing your comment on Instagram is an easy action. Here, I show you the steps:

  • Run Instagram. 
  • Drive to the post where you put the comment.  
  • Go left on the comment. 
  • Touch the red trash can icon and delete it. 

Can I delete someone’s comment on your Instagram post?

More than your put comments, there is one other type of comment that others put on your post, and you can control it fully.

Here are the mild guidance for removing a comment on your Instagram post: 

  • Run Instagram. 
  • Find the comment you need to delete. 
  • Go to the left side of the comment. 
  • Hold the red trash can icon.

Will the person become informed when you remove their comment?

No. Instagram does not give a warning when you remove a person’s comment on your post. But, nothing is stopping them from visiting the post and understanding that you delete their comment.


It happens to all Instagram users that put a comment and need to edit it. Here, we talk about this topic that is it possible to do so or not? And the best ways to do it.

Author: Dyka Smith

Dyka Smith is a content marketing professional at Inosocial, an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Dyka worked as a marketing manager for a tech software startup. She graduated with honors from Columbia University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing.

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