How to make a smoker in Minecraft? (2023)

Minecraft smoker

Minecraft is a sandbox videogame, in which you need to act as if you are in the real world; you cannot run miles away without any horse or donkey, you need to tame animals to produce more of them, and of course, you have to eat something in order to get enough energy.


One of the most critical processes to making food on Minecraft is cooking. As you know, your character cannot eat raw meat or any raw material required to be baked or cooked. In this article, we are going to answer these questions in detail:

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  • What does a smoker do in Minecraft?
  • Which materials are used in a Minecraft smoker recipe?
  • How do you make a smoker in Minecraft?
  • How to use a smoker in Minecraft?


What does a smoker do in Minecraft?


As mentioned earlier, you need food and drink to survive on Minecraft and get enough power to craft new things in the game. Cooked foods, especially meat, can give you the required energy to resume your career in Minecraft.


Notice that a Minecraft smoker can only process items that result in an edible product. Items that aren’t edible after being cooked, like chorus fruit that cooks into inedible popped chorus fruit or smelted metal, can’t be processed in a smoker.


Required Materials to make a Smoker?


All you need to make a smoker Minecraft as a “Minecraft smoker recipe” is as follows:


  1. A crafting table (which requires four wood planks)
  2. A furnace (requiring eight cobblestones)
  3. Four logs or blocks of wood


You can use any of the wood blocks explained below as a Minecraft smoker recipe (I don’t say you need to collect all of them!!! Only four logs are needed):


  1. 4 × Oak Logs
  2. 4 × Spruce Logs
  3. 4 × Birch Logs
  4. 4 × Jungle Logs
  5. 4 × Acacia Logs
  6. 4 × Dark Oak Logs
  7. 4 × Stripped Acacia Wood
  8. 4 × Stripped Oak Wood
  9. 4 × Stripped Spruce Wood
  10. 4 × Stripped Jungle Wood
  11. 4 × Stripped Birch Wood
  12. 4 × Dark Oak Wood with Bark
  13. 4 × Stripped Dark Oak Wood
  14. 4 × Birch Wood with Bark
  15. 4 × Oak Wood with Bark
  16. 4 × Jungle Wood with Bark
  17. 4 × Acacia Wood with Bark
  18. 4 × Spruce Wood with Bark


Note that planks cannot be used in making a Minecraft smoker in the game.


How to make a smoker in Minecraft?


Now it is time to see how to make a smoker in Minecraft. To build a Minecraft smoker, follow these steps;


  • First, create a crafting table and furnace if you haven’t already, and then collect at least four logs.


  • Now, open your crafting table.


  • Place the furnace in the center slot of the crafting table, and surround it with four wood blocks on the top, bottom left, and right sides. Note that these four wood blocks don’t need to be all the same.


  • Next, take the smoker from the crafting table to your inventory.


  • Finally, place the smoker Minecraft at your desired location. If you want to move the smoker in the future, you need a pickaxe.


If you think answering the question “how to build a smoker in Minecraft?” will take so much time for you, finding a smoker can be a second way to get a Minecraft smoker. In order to find a smoker in Minecraft, take these steps;


  • First, locate a village


  • Next, look through the village for a butcher NPC.


  • Use a pickaxe to mine the butcher’s smoker.


  • Now, go over the broken smoker to pick it up.


  • Finally, the Minecraft smoker is yours, and you can place it wherever you want.


How to use a smoker in Minecraft?


Smokers are used to cooking meat in Minecraft, and they can do it twice as speedily as a furnace can. If you have meat from any sources (sheep, cow, etc.) You can use a Minecraft smoker to feed your character with cooked meat. Follow these steps to cook your meat with a smoker Minecraft;


  • Firstly, craft a smoker, and place it in a place you are okay with.


  • Obtain uncooked meat from animals like cows, pigs, or sheep.


  • Now, open the smoker interface.


  • Place uncooked meat in the smoker interface.


  • Next, you need to place fuel in the smoker interface. Note that working in furnaces also works in smokers, including wood and coal.


  • Wait for a while to have your meat become cooked. Finally, take cooked meat to your inventory.



Thank you for reading. Making a Minecraft smoker is easier than you think. How to make a smoker on Minecraft? Just bring the materials. We have covered all information you need to make and use a smoker Minecraft; however, If there is any problem, you can visit Minecraft’s main website to view more details.

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