How to Raid On Twitch?

As you know, Twitch approved a new point that lets a streamer transfer all his observers to a different individual stream. This selfless action provided generous streamers to increase recognition to up-and-coming streamers that might have been trying to burst onto the Twitch view. Twitch named this special point raiding.

Like most other Twitch points, determining how to raid on Twitch could not be easier. In the below guide, we will show you the simple actions needed to start raiding.

What Is Twitch Raiding?

Twitch raiding is a point Twitch offered to enable streamers to receive another channel’s content.

If Twitch streamer closed their stream, they have two choices. The first alternative is to say bye to his observers and end the stream. The other is to raid a different channel and receive their content – spreading consciousness to another streamer.

New Twitch streamers choose this sort of comfort to decide and burst into the scene. Like other social media programs, Twitch is an arduous profession to get famous for yourself. So, if you feel free, you can always raid a channel and work and increase their following.

How to Raid On Twitch

Like other Twitch characteristics, like how to clip on Twitch, you can begin a Twitch raid by just working with the chat box. You can also make this by the mobile and desktop app – you should not do that by the browser.

Write channel name into the chat

The best way is that when you are Live, type the channel name into your chat box. Follow the Channel name with the title of the channel you decide to raid.


Choose Raid Now on the Pop-up control box

After you enrolled the raid group in chat, a pop-up control box will arrive in it. Be careful to choose the Raid Now alternative to start the raid with direct effect. You can also remove the raid at this time if you have a variety of responses.

If you did not choose any option, the raid automatically starts by 80 moments.

 Once the raid begins, you will be receiving (showing) that channel’s content. Any user that accesses your channel soon will direct to the raided channel.

How to manage Your Twitch Raid Settings

Twitch has allowed a group of configuration choices about your channel’s raid frames. It will enable you to determine who might and might not raid your channel, who can handle the chat through a raid, and report dodgy raiders after the event.

To manage your channel’s raid settings, choose the settings (gear) symbol in the chat box and turn the channel form to ‘Followers-only chat’ – restricting the chat to observers who follow your stream. It is a helpful point, particularly if a channel raids your stream for unfavorable purposes.

Inside these settings, you will also be ready to list or prevent accounts from raiding you. Under the ‘Tasks’ part of the settings strip, tick the ‘Review Recent Raids’ tag. Already clicked, you will have the right to prevent or notify former raiders.

You can also restrict Twitch raids to fellows only. You might need to try a little, but it still somewhat plain:

  • Below the settings tab, choose the ‘Creator Dashboard’ from the list
  • In the creator dashboard, drive to Preferences>Channel options
  • Scroll down to ‘Raids’ and assure the ‘Only allow raids from friends’ tag is chosen

It will limit your account to a friends-only raid form – defending your stream from external troll channels.

Benefits of Twitch Raiding

Raiding another Twitch channel does not take anything to profit the streamer or anyone who makes it. By sending a stream viewer to another streamer, the instant interest is to the streamer who gets the raid.

 It suggests networking possibilities that would differently be tough to gain, notably for the latest streamers for Twitch streamers who make a raid. Associations of Twitch streamers with limited populations can all raid each other to increase their audiences, for instance.


So, there you have it, our smart model on how to raid on Twitch – a little point that enables you to increase comprehension of up-and-coming streamers that might be trying to burst into the display.

Author: Dyka Smith

Dyka Smith is a content marketing professional at Inosocial, an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Dyka worked as a marketing manager for a tech software startup. She graduated with honors from Columbia University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing.

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