Top 15 Ice skating shoes to buy (Men and Women)

If you plan to use ice skates a few times a year, there is no need to spend a lot of money on ice skates. You can get cheap ice skates for around $45, however, be aware that more expensive ice skates usually offer better comfort and support around the ankle.

Ice skating is the recreation and sport of sliding on the ice surface on blades that are fixed to the soles of shoes. The activity of ice skating has given rise to two distinct sports: figure skating, which involves performing a variety of jumps, spins, and dance moves. And speed skating and short track speed skating, both of which are forms of ice skating competition. Ice hockey is the most well-known team sport that involves skating.

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Top 10 Ice skating shoes to buy

The list below comprises a list of top Ice skating shoes to buy in 2022:

  • Jackson Ultima – Artiste with Mark IV Blade

  • Lake Placid Monarch Boy’s Adjustable Ice SkateBest price

  • Botas Dagmar Figure Ice Skates

  • Jackson Ultima SoftSkate Womens/Girls Figure SkateBest overall

  • CCM Super Tacks 9350 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

  • Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Zephyr Men’s Adult Ice Skates

  • Lake Placid Cascade Women’s Figure Ice Skates

  • Riedell Skates – 110 Opal – Recreational Ice Skates with Stainless Steel Spiral Blade

  • Edea Figure Skates Ice FlyBest expensive

  • PowerTek Beige V3.0 Girl’s JR Figure Skates

1. Jackson Ultima – Artiste with Mark IV Blade

[easyazon_infoblock identifier=”B08LFP137L” tag=”inos03-20″]

Made for both women’s and men’s styles and in black and white colorways, the Artiste ice skates for women and men, made by Jackson Ultima are super versatile. Firstly, the blades are attached with screws and are removable, meaning you can customize them to an extent. It likewise makes honing the sharp edges a lot more straightforward. These ice skates are intended for novices and deal with incredible adaptability inside the boot. This makes them more agreeable, because of a gentler topline plan, adaptable padding lower leg support, and a microfiber lining.


  • Highly Flexible
  • Comfortable


  • Weak lace hooks

2. Lake Placid Monarch Boy’s Adjustable Ice Skate

[easyazon_infoblock identifier=”B014RIZBB8″ tag=”inos03-20″]

This pair is adjustable for up to 4 sizes. The small fits size 11J-2, Medium fits shoe sizes 2-6, and Large fits shoe sizes 6-9. Monarch boy’s adjustable ice skate is good for recreational skating, public sessions, and general ice skating lessons. And you can make sure that your feet will stay warm and comfortable with its woven lining and deluxe comfort Padding. It comes with a cam lever buckle, a power strap and laces. 


  • Affordable price
  • Secure fit
  • Stainless steel hockey-style blades that have to be sharpened before the first time using


  • Hard to clean

3. Botas Dagmar Figure Ice Skates

[easyazon_infoblock identifier=”B07B879BRX” tag=”inos03-20″]

This model comes in sizes for men, women, and children, the Botas Dagmar Figure Ice Skate has a blade that is solidly set in a tough, plastic sole and boots that are made of water-resistant leather. although competitive figure skaters will want to look for something more attuned for landing tricks, these skates fit the bill for a wide age range of skaters. This is impressive, considering feet can be quite different as we grow older. Padding in the ankle, tongue, and boot collar allows your foot to expand wherever you want.


  • Ample padding
  • Perfect design


  • Not durable enough for advanced tricks
  • Laces are of a low quality

4. Jackson Ultima SoftSkate Women/Girls Figure Skate

[easyazon_infoblock identifier=”B08NQXKH8C” tag=”inos03-20″]

This model of the Jackson Ultima brand has been made for women and features a chic and classy feminine style and fit. This makes this product ideal for both women and girls. These top-rated ice skating shoes feature an easy to work lace-up system that ensures stability and proper fit.

The popular figure skates are connected with a chrome embed that adds style and complexity to their look, while the built-up vinyl upper with a cushioned tongue covering and moved cushioned collar gives warmth, solace, and backing.

The PVC outsoles are smooth and give the equilibrium and strong form to coordinate with the sharp edges at the base. The climate-safe and tough hardened steel blade on the opposite end makes these pair amazing skates for novices.


  • Chic, sleek and feminine style
  • Reinforced upper, padded tongue, ankle padding, and rolled padded collar for enhanced warmth and comfort
  • Sturdy and no maintenance PVC outsoles
  • Stainless steel blades


  • Loose hook on netting

5. CCM Super Tacks 9350 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

[easyazon_infoblock identifier=”B08P2JX1FH” tag=”inos03-20″]

The CCM Super Tacks 9350 Senior Ice Hockey Skates could be the best option for any hockey player. This model is super comfortable and provides good support and stability. This pair is well-designed and made of high-quality materials. So, if you want to be a better skater and develop your skills, you can consider CCM Super Tacks 9350 Senior Ice Hockey Skates.

The 9350 is a ready-to-skate model as the blades are pre-sharpened, therefore you don’t need to pay extra money. It looks like a  casual shoe and at the same time a pro one like an NHL model. Its novel construction makes the skate more durable with better visual appeal.


  • Soft and sturdy
  • A long tongue makes it more comfortable and safe


  • Pricey

6. Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Zephyr Men’s Adult Ice Skates

[easyazon_infoblock identifier=”B076T379FH” tag=”inos03-20″]

Another model for casual ice skaters is the Zephyr by Rollerblade which is a reliable option. And most people will enjoy using them, particularly those who bought these as their first ice skates. So, yes, if you are just learning ice skating, this can work well for you.

The company claims these are ready to use out of the box and do not require a break-in period. While the claim about fit may be valid for most, the part about being instantly ready to use is not correct. You will have to sharpen the blades before you ice skate, so remember that.

The Zephyr is reliable with decent support and comfort. Yet, this is a skate that is aimed to be a value-oriented product, so do not expect it to blow your mind away with professional-grade quality. For the most part, these will get you going on your ice skating journey as it is suitable for beginners. But anything more than that may be a struggle.


  • Good quality for this price
  • Easy to balance
  • Fits well


  • Blades are not the best

7. Lake Placid Cascade Women’s Figure Ice Skates

[easyazon_infoblock identifier=”B014RIYYLG” tag=”inos03-20″]

It is understandable that you may not want to splurge out over $100 for your first pair of skates this happens especially when buying for kids. You never know if they will stick with their skating regime or quit midway. So, for all you parents caught in a dilemma, this one’s for you.

These figure skates by Lake Placid are perfect for recreational use for beginners. With these, you get reinforced ankle support. The sole is waterproof, so you can skate for as long as you like. The blades are decent, and you will have an easy time balancing.

The boot is synthetic, and I do not think you were expecting anything else at this price point. It gets the job done, and you will not be left wanting more, at least in the beginning.


  • Ankle support
  • Good build quality for the price
  • Aesthetic design
  • Affordable


  • Finding the right size can be a difficult

8. Riedell Skates – 110 Opal – Recreational Ice Skates with Stainless Steel Spiral Blade

[easyazon_infoblock identifier=”B00T5CZ7H0″ tag=”inos03-20″]

Ridell, along with Jackson, is a brand that makes skates for all levels. Right from the Olympian to the absolute beginner. They know their stuff well and make some of the best skates on the market.

This particular pair of ice skates, the 110 Opal, is aimed at beginners who want a soft figure skate. Riedell has used high-quality vinyl and other such materials to make sure these last long. They provide comfortable support and allow for more significant movement on the ice. The split tongue design ensures comfort and ample support for long sessions.

My overall impression of this ice skate pair is very positive, considering the looks, build, and price point. If you are looking for ice skates that offer a comfortable fit, are designed for the rink and pond both, and keep you safe and dry, the Riedell 110 Opal is for you.


  • Good ankle support
  • Decent build quality
  • Aesthetic design
  • Good price.


  • Nothing reported

9.  Edea Figure Skates Ice Fly

[easyazon_infoblock identifier=”B07CNDLF92″ tag=”inos03-20″]

The Fly model is the top of the range model for the free specialty of figure skating, proposed by the well-known Italian company Edea. It is a boot with a support index indicated by the manufacturer as “strong”, suitable for performing triple jumps. As there is no internationally standardized classification system for the stiffness of footwear, all that remains.

If you want to make comparisons at the application level is to refer to the indications provided by the various manufacturers. In this sense, the Fly boot can be considered an equal class of the Risport Mercurio Elite model, just to stay on a brand known and used in Italy. The comparison could also be extended to other products, which however are, in general, dedicated to the ice skating market and are not very widespread in Italy, so we think it is not very useful.


  • Light and technically advanced
  • Customizable


  • Hard assembly

10.  Deluxe Adjustable Ice Skates – for Boys and Girls, Two Awesome Colors – Black and Pink, Faux Fur Padding and Reinforced Ankle Support, Fun to Skate

[easyazon_infoblock identifier=”B075R3MV8P” tag=”inos03-20″]

Deluxe Adjustable Ice Skates for ice hockey or recreation are easily adjustable with reinforced ankle support that provides extra stability where it is needed most. This model features sturdy boot construction to ensure ankle stability, moisture resistance, and insulated lining for added warmth, comfort, and easy break. Just make sure your child always wears a helmet and protective gear when ice skating.

This model is made for those riders under 130 lbs. Do not skate in inclement weather or on unsafe surfaces. In order to adjust the size press and hold the button on the side of the skate, and pull the front of the shoe as needed.

Keep in mind to always clean the blades and wipe them dry after each use to prevent rust. Clean outer surfaces with a damp cloth using soap and water, as needed. Sharping the blades periodically is needed.


  • Well design
  • Sturdy and sharp blade
  • Safety cover


  • Some dissatisfactions were reported about packaging

5 Best women’s ice skates

If you want to know more about the Best women’s ice skates, you should stay with us till this section:

  • American Athletic Shoe Women’s Tricot Lined Ice SkatesBest overall

  • Lake Placid Everest women’s ice skatesBest price

  • Jackson Ultima Softec Vibe Women’s/Girls Adjustable Skate

  • Riedell 19 EmeraldBest expensive

  • Rollerblade Bladerunner Ice Aurora Women’s Adult Figure Skates, White and Silver, Ice Skates

1.  American Athletic Shoe Women’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates

[easyazon_infoblock identifier=”B00DSP68SW” tag=”inos03-20″]

American Athletic Shoe Women’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates is a beginner-level pair. The skates are lined with tricot, a specially engineered fabric that is textured on one side and smoothed on the other, making it a perfect match for a figure skate.

These figure skaters are white and are available in sizes 5 to 11. Each skate size is intended to be a true fit, matching women’s shoe sizes. However, many customers report that the skates run a little large, so you may want to buy a size lower than your shoe size.

The boot heel is made with PVC, and the blades are composed of nickel-plated carbon steel. Thanks to its tricot texture, the skates are easy to wipe and keep clean.

As you might expect from the price, these are entry-level skates. You’re not going to pull off any amazing spins with these blades, but if you are still learning or just enjoy skating around the rink, these are an affordable way to get into skating.


  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable price
  • Blades are good quality for the price


  • Skates tend to run large after a short while of using

2. Lake Placid Everest women’s ice skates

[easyazon_infoblock identifier=”B014RIZ5L4″ tag=”inos03-20″]

These figure skates from Lake Placid are a lot more stylized than the less expensive American Athletic skates. These women’s ice skates have golden lines along the upper. They seem to be quite a bit more durable than the less expensive skates, and the heel is better made.

One of the good things about these skates is that they’re designed with both faux-fur linings and are padded for comfort. As they keep your feet both warmer and more comfortable, you can be safe when you are out on the ice. The ankle support seems pretty pro, and there is a hook-and-loop power strap to help keep your feet in place as well.

However, there are two issues here that mark this as an entry-level skate. First, after a year of constant use, these skates are very loose after breaking in. Second, the blades are not sharp at all. Even out of the box, you need to sharpen them before using them.


  • Faux-fur lining and padding
  • Good insulation
  • Hook-and-loop power strap


  • Gets too loose after a while
  • The blade is not pre-sharpened

3.  Jackson Ultima Softec Vibe Women’s/Girls Adjustable Skate

[easyazon_infoblock identifier=”B0872WD7GS” tag=”inos03-20″]

Jackson is an industry leader in ice skates and a great option for any youngster who is ready for their first pair of skates. Its comfortable and warm feature comes from a soft boot design. The external skeletal structure provides support and stability making this model wonderful for beginner to intermediate ice skaters. Jackson Ultima Softec Vibe Women’s/Girls Adjustable Skate offers a lightweight and modern look with Softec comfort and support.

the adjustable size makes it an easy-to-use choice for different sizes. A factory-sharpened blade comes attached to the recreation model. This makes it even easier to use.


  • Comfortable and safe
  • High durability


  • Sizes are not accurate

4. Riedell 19 Emerald

[easyazon_infoblock identifier=”B07C3JTS4C” tag=”inos03-20″]

Up to now, most of the skates reviewed have been ice skates for women. The Riedell 19 Emerald skates are sized for girls. Although we believe girls are the target demographic, these work perfectly well for boys too. Thanks to its smart design, it does not look like a boys’ or girls’ skate, which makes it a good option.

There is plenty of reinforcement in these skates for your youngsters’’ feet. A leather tongue keeps their ankles protected, and PVC soles and Dri-Lex lining protect their feet from getting wet. The blades are made with stainless steel but do not come pre-sharpened. The best thing about these skates is the ankle support. Without proper support, it’s impossible to develop the skills necessary to progress.

The Riedell 19 are available in 1, 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5 Medium, as well as 9-13 Medium. Like many other beginner skates, the blades are not the best, but they work well enough to get you started down the right path.


  • Comfortable velvet lining
  • Good ankle support
  • Sized for both boys and girls


  • The blade does not come pre-sharpened

5. Rollerblade Bladerunner Ice Aurora Women’s Adult Figure Skates, White and Silver, Ice Skates

[easyazon_infoblock identifier=”B098VC2GNZ” tag=”inos03-20″]

These women’s figure skates from Blade runner take their name from the popular Harrison Ford movie from the 1980s. The quality of the boot part is very good, but the blades are made of stainless steel and could be better.

Let’s go for the boot part first, as they are well-made. They have a warm, synthetic lining that provides a good deal of insulation. The exterior is made of vinyl and is easy to keep clean. It provides ankle support as well. The blades are another matter. Stainless steel isn’t the most durable type of steel, and these don’t maintain their sharpness very well, so if you do a lot of skating, be prepared to sharpen them regularly.

Like the rest of the skates in this guide, these women’s figure skates are intended for beginners. With a better blade, you can use them for intermediate-level skating. The shoes are comfortable and warm, but without better blades, these are just beginner skates.


  • Comfortable velvet lining
  • Good ankle support
  • Blade is pre-sharpened


  • The blade is made of stainless steel and tarnishes quickly

Where to buy the best ice skating shoes

One of the main options where you can find a bunch of models in it is Amazon online shop. There are a lot of other online ice skating shoe shops where you can purchase from. Besides, there are shops where you can find these products physically.

What to look for when buying Ice skating shoes?

Now that you know a little more about the different kinds of ice skates, here are seven tips for buying your own pair:

The primary use of These ice skating shoes

Detail is the most important because it limits the type of ice skates you should buy.

Your skill level and experience

Some ice skates are better suited for advanced skaters, while others work best for beginners. As your skill level progresses, you can try different skates.

How often you will use the skates

If you simply need a pair of skates to wear a few times a year for fun, you probably don’t need to invest much. On the other hand, if you’re a skater who competes at the national level and skates for hours every day, you won’t mind investing a little more.

Think about your foot size

Has your leg stopped growing? If not (or if you’re buying skates for a kid who’s still growing like a weed), you might be better off sticking with the cheaper options for now. Once your feet have reached their normal size, you can invest in a better pair if you wish.

Research different brands

If you are going to invest hundreds of dollars, it’s worth checking out which pair is best for you and your situation.

Read the reviews

Ask your coaches or other athletes in your sport. Remember that some sellers get a commission from certain brands, so you may not be able to trust the seller’s recommendation.

Look for the golden dress

The skates should fit snugly, but you don’t want them to be too tight or too loose. They really have to fit ‘right’. Your ankles should feel supported, but they also need some flexibility.

Rent until you’re ready to buy

If you are new to skating or aren’t ready to inject cash into your new hobby, simply keep renting. Rental skates won’t hinder your general progress until you reach more advanced levels.

How much are ice skating shoes?

Prices range from below $150 for recreational skates, and upwards of $150 for skating classes ice skates. Advanced-level figure skates with a better level of support for $250 and higher. Whether you participate in figure skating, or ice hockey, or want to skate for fun.

Skates for Adults including ice skates for women

Ice skates come in all sizes, from small to large. They have different levels of ankle support, for professional or recreational skaters.

We understand that its customers look for both convenience, quality, and affordability. Our product range caters to a variety of tastes and needs, and our online shopping experience provides customer convenience. Prices range from below $150 for recreational skates, and upwards of $150 for skating classes ice skates. Advanced-level figure skates armed with a better level of support for $250 and higher.

Whether you participate in women’s figure skates, or ice hockey, or want to skate for fun you can always find the best one in the market.

Kids Ice Skates

Along with women’s figure skates, kids’ ice skates should give firm support and be bought to last. If you are buying for your daughter or son, make sure that the ice skates are correctly tied. Ensure that they are firmly supportive, but not too tight.

Too loose ones cause trouble as they increase your chances of falling. Too tight, and a fun outing will become uncomfortable very quickly.

Also, make sure that the laces are firmly tucked out of the way. Finding your balance on the ice is going to be challenging enough, without tripping over your shoelaces.

Bring extra socks for your kids, and make sure they are very warmly dressed.

 In conclusion

Ice skating is both a casual-recreational activity and the foundation of highly specialized activities and sports, so there are many options. In general, the best ice skates provide adequate ankle support, have the ability to mold and give around your foot through repeated use, and feel stable. The level of comfort and style is a personal preference, but make sure you invest in something that fits your foot well, as the most common issue people face when learning to skate is foot pain more than Inappropriate skates.

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