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Most popular YouTube channels as of October 2020

by Dyka Smith
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It must be interesting to know who is the most famous channel on YouTube, this big social media. YouTube is now the biggest video sharing platform with its monetization program, has attracted many users to compete.

What are the most popular YouTube channels?

Here you can find out the top 10 YouTube channels that have millions of subscribers. It is not surprising that the most popular channels belong to music and movies.

  1. T-Series

2.         PewDiePie

3.         Cocomelon – Nursey Rhymes

4.         SET India

5.         5-Minute Crafts

6.         WWE

7.         Canal KondZilla

8.         Zee Music Company

9.         Like Nastya

10.       Kids Diana Show

Here is the infographic of this data.


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