Off-Page SEO Techniques To Increase Organic Site Traffic In 2024

Off-Page SEO Techniques To Increase Organic Site Traffic In 2024

If you’re serious about your website increasing its search engine rankings, knowing the critical components of an effective off-page SEO strategy is essential. 

Furthermore, off-page SEO is important because it demonstrates your site’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) to search engines.

That’s why this off-page SEO checklist is tailored for you. 

Let’s jump in!

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO differs from on-page SEO in that you are working on improving external factors rather than internal ones.

You haven’t full control of your actions over off-page SEO you like over on-page SEO (site content, keyword optimization, page speed).

The 8-Step Off-Page SEO Checklist

To effectively implement off-page SEO techniques in 2024, follow this comprehensive 8-step checklist.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Backlink Profile

Backlinks are simply links to your site from other websites. As mentioned, scrutinizing your site’s backlink profile is the inaugural step in off-page optimization. 

However, in the landscape of 2023, the sheer quantity of links no longer stands as the primary determinant of your site’s success. Equally crucial is the vigilance exercised in monitoring the quality of these links.

Leverage tools such as Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and Moz to attain detailed insights into your link profile. Identify the domains with the highest frequency of references to your site and pinpoint the pages garnering the most links. Furthermore, these tools can furnish you with a Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rating (DR), serving as indicators of the overarching quality and authority embedded within your backlink profile.

Step 2: Conduct Competitor Analysis

In addition to evaluating your backlink profile, it’s crucial to analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles. You can make that by Semrush or the same platforms:

  1. Run your Domain Overview.
Off-Page SEO Techniques To Increase Organic Site Traffic In 2024
  1. Check your Main Organic Competitors.
  2. Select one of them and go to Backlink Analytics.
  3. Click Backlinks and check.

Go through each big competitor, analyze their tactics, identify potential opportunities for your website, and try to outperform them.

Step 3: Guest Blogging

According to the 2023 research conducted by Meetanshi, over 50% of bloggers and website owners communicate with 10+ proprietors and managers of other sites monthly, allocating efforts specifically to derive maximum benefits from guest blogging. This trend underscores the popularity and efficacy of this off-page SEO technique.

To ensure the effectiveness of guest blogging tactics:

  1. Research popular blogs in your industry;
  2. Google your keyword + search terms such as keyword + “write for us”;
  3. Find lists of free guest posting sites where you can submit your articles;
  4. Consider special platforms like Collaborator, where you can find trusted donors in your niche and simplify the guest posting process.

Upon completing the research phase of your competitors’ backlink profiles and identifying relevant sites, you’ve compiled a list of potential sites, and now the time has come to leverage it.

Prepare your pitch. Here is an excellent pitch courtesy of Brian Dean that will assist you in navigating the negotiation process:

Off-Page SEO Techniques To Increase Organic Site Traffic In 2024

Learn guest post guidelines and personalize your pitch (avoid “Hi”, “Hey”, and “Dear Webmaster”). 

Once you get the go-head to submit your article for review, prepare a well-researched article with a catchy title to increase your chances of the publication of your post and getting a backlink.

Step 4: Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a unique link creation strategy that involves finding lost links on other websites and replacing them. It looks like this: 

  • Your competitor posts your content or links to a secure site.
  • After a while, this link becomes 404.
  • If you notice this faster than a competitor, you can suggest that the donor site specify your link instead of a competitor’s.

Finding such links will help you Xenu program or Ahrefs Broken Link Checker:

  1. Go to the platform’s website.
  2. Enter the competitor’s domain.
  3. Find links lost by the competitor and write to the owners of such sites.
Off-Page SEO Techniques To Increase Organic Site Traffic In 2024

The essence of this feature lies in alleviating the need for constant monitoring of link functionality, ensuring that it remains intact throughout the agreed-upon term. It not only safeguards your online image but also streamlines the management of your link profile.

Step 5: Branded Mentions

Your responsibility extends beyond establishing your brand references; it also involves actively seeking out mentions that lack direct links. Utilizing platforms such as Brand Mentions, you can effortlessly set up alerts to notify you whenever your brand is identified online.

Armed with the data obtained, you can engage with users, encouraging them to include a link when referencing your brand. This strategic approach fortifies your online presence and increases search engine visibility.

Step 6: Local SEO

Local SEO is crucial for small businesses targeting a specific geographic area such as a city or region. Optimize your website for local search by creating and updating your local citation and directory profiles. List your company on trusted local citation sites:

  • Google My Business, 
  • Yelp, 
  • Apple Maps and others. 

Ensure that your business information – name, address, and phone number (NAP), is accurate and consistent across all directories.  

Regularly update your information to reflect any changes in your business details. Local SEO helps improve your visibility in local search results and drives targeted traffic to your website.

Step 7: Customer Reviews

The internet functions as an expansive sandbox wherein users share their positive and negative experiences with others. If you’ve pinpointed sites and platforms where users can openly express their opinions about your business, the next step is to foster conditions that encourage more frequent engagement.

For instance, consider implementing incentives such as discounts for reviews on Trustpilot or offering gifts for the most creatively articulated review on social networks. Equally crucial is the responsiveness to feedback, be it positive or negative. Users appreciate when their opinions are valued; it fosters a sense of connection. Consequently, if you listen attentively to their feedback, they are likelier to leave reviews that garner appreciation from fellow users and search engines.

Step 8: Social Media Presence

After the coronavirus crisis, social media and messenger-based businesses witnessed a substantial surge. 

According to WebFX, 91% of modern companies use social media for their marketing campaign. So, if your company lacks a presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, you are potentially forgoing profitable opportunities. The key lies in consistently sharing and promoting high-value content, such as research findings, tools, infographics, or blog posts, to enhance user loyalty and drive traffic to your website.

This approach not only positions you in proximity to your audience but also amplifies the performance of your off-page SEO.


Off-page SEO holds paramount importance in determining the search position of your site. Hence, make diligent use of the checklist above to enhance performance. It is essential to remember that this is not a one-time undertaking but an ongoing commitment. Consequently, you must consistently keep your finger on the pulse, actively working on SEO indicators to achieve and maintain optimal results.

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