Top 6 oil drain pans to buy in 2023

Many folks don’t perform their own vehicle oil changes. Instead, they rely on a specialist to perform the oil change at a garage or lube shop. This makes sense because, if you don’t know what you’re doing, changing oil can be messy labor. But performing the oil change yourself will both save you money and be satisfying.

You must drain the old oil from your car before changing the oil. If you’ve never changed your oil before, you may not be aware of how filthy the process can be if the proper tools aren’t on hand.

The front of your car’s oil drains from underneath. If there is nothing there to catch the oil as it flows out of the car, it will end up all over the place. This will harm the ecosystem and be difficult to clean up, particularly if it occurs on the pavement.

Because of this, you’ll need an excellent oil drain pan that collects all the oil and enables spill-free pouring into jugs for disposal.

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Top 6 oil drain pans to buy

  • NEIKO 20762A Oil Drain Pan | Black Plastic Anti Splash | Motor Oil Drip Catcher Pan | 2 Gallon (8L) Capacity

  • LubriMatic Professional Grade 75-751 Oil Drip Tray Pan – For Mechanics, Motorcycle, Automotive Oil & Fluid Change Use, 17 x 16 1/2 x 1/2 Inches

  • Goplus Portable Oil Drain Pan with Pump 17 Gallon Low Profile Oil Drain Pan for Truck Car with 8′ Hose, BlackBest expensive

  • Matrix Concepts M28 Oil Drain Container, Clear

  • Capri Tools CP21023 Portable Oil Drain Pan, Anti-Freeze, GreenBest overall

  • Hopkins FloTool OP-1 Heavy Duty Oil Lube and Drain PanBest price

1. NEIKO 20762A Oil Drain Pan | Black Plastic Anti Splash | Motor Oil Drip Catcher Pan | 2 Gallon (8L) Capacity

This black plastic 4.5-gallon drain pan has several wonderful features and a high-quality design that earns it top points overall in this review. It is designed to make oil changes efficient and clean. This huge, sturdy drain pan is ideal for homes that don’t have much room for a jack.

This oil drain container is perfect for getting into small locations and for gathering quarts of oil without creating a mess because it is 6 inches deep and 15.25 inches in diameter. It has an integrated pour spout, molded grips, and an anti-splash lip, all of which make changing the oil simple. ATD drain pans are built to last a long time because they are made of high-quality Polyethylene material.

This drain pan’s lack of a mouth-covering lid is one flaw. Depending on how full it is, moving old oil may be dangerous. If you must completely fill this drain pan, make sure to do it slowly because if you don’t, backflow may escape the spout and fall over the floor. Another factor that can prevent spillage is a lip that is too tiny.


  • High Capacity
  • Some decent anti-splash technology
  • Affordable for the quality of drain pan


  • No lid to cover the pan
  • The anti-spill lip is still too small
  • No cap to cover the drain spout

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2. LubriMatic Professional Grade 75-751 Oil Drip Tray Pan – For Mechanics, Motorcycle, Automotive Oil & Fluid Change Use, 17 x 16 1/2 x 1/2 Inches

This model’s measurements are 16″ x 16″ x 4″ and it is made of galvanized steel with a 3-gallon oil capacity. This is a low-cost oil drain pan with a sizable mouth for catching oil. The lack of a top to keep the pan shut is the major drawback of this no-frills oil drain pan.

It is a fantastic option for use in mechanic and automotive shops because it is strong enough to survive frequent use. Change the oil in automobiles, motorcycles, boats, and other vehicles while guarding the garage floor or driveway against stains, spills, and drips that are difficult to remove! Besides being used for vehicles, it can also be used to catch drips from barbecues and under garden plants.


  • Huge capacity
  • Durable steel construction
  • No drips in the driveway


  • No lid to keep it sealed

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3. Goplus Portable Oil Drain Pan with Pump 17 Gallon Low Profile Oil Drain Pan for Truck Car with 8′ Hose, Black

This low-profile oil drain pan stands 7,5 inches tall and can accommodate up to 17 gallons of oil. It works with the majority of automobiles. This pan can easily slide in and out of vehicles thanks to the T-handle and 4-inch casters. The handle folds, which also makes storage simple.

You’ll appreciate how useful the 8-foot hose is for emptying the oil. The hose is connected to an effective hand-crank pump.

The oil draining into the container without making a splash is a pleasant feature. But even better is the mesh grate, which is present. Consider having to retrieve a filter from 17 gallons of wasted oil. With this drain pan, it won’t happen.

High-impact polypropylene is used to construct the tank of the GoPlus Portable Oil Drain Pan. Everything about this content appeals to us. It is lightweight but not soft, to start. Many different compounds do not react with it easily. Because it can withstand bending and torsion, the tank keeps its shape. These characteristics are crucial given the garage space.


  • Made from impact-resistant material
  • The hand-crank pump works as designed
  • Collects as much as 17 gallons of oil
  • Smooth casters roll with no resistance
  • Mesh grate catches filters and plugs


  • Wheels could be larger to handle rough floors

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4. Matrix Concepts M28 Oil Drain Container, Clear

A clear drain pan with a container integrated into it serves as the Matrix Concepts M28 Oil Drain container. This makes the pan visible clearly so that you may check it for impurities before storing it.

Additionally, it eliminates the need for you to waste time attempting to pour oil from the pan into the container. Instead, you can just unplug the bottle and store the oil inside. This makes it simple for you to transport the oil from one location to another for disposal or other uses.

Also included is an airtight top closure for the container. An airtight plug in the pan area ensures that no oil spills from the cap. You may travel with the container because of its strong closure without worrying about spills.

The container has a pretty sizable handle as well. You can hold the container comfortably thanks to the handle. Because of the ergonomic grip, carrying the container won’t put your hand through unnecessary stress.

You can transport it with ease thanks to its compact size and lightweight plastic construction. Due to its tiny size, the portable device may be kept almost anywhere. You could definitely fit it below the car seats and it is simple to store.

Furthermore, the handy container makes emptying it out simple. The narrow spout guarantees that the oil will discharge in a controllable stream, causing less of a splatter.


  • Ergonomic and secure grip to reduce strain
  • Lightweight and small in size, making it easy to carry
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Comes with a container built inside
  • Clear visibility of the oil
  • Easy to pour out


  • It is needed to wipe the side of the container to carry it around
  • Not as durable as other heavy-duty models

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5. Capri Tools CP21023 Portable Oil Drain Pan, Anti-Freeze, Green

The finest brand to get stylish accessories for daily tasks is Capri Tools. This oil drain pan is a fantastic illustration of how practical their product line can be.

The best polymers are used to create this drain pan, which makes oil exchanges simpler and cleaner. Anyone who wants a quick change and doesn’t need to load a lot of oil should choose it.

But don’t be fooled by it. For bigger oil changes, the Capri Tool Oil Drain Pan is also a respectable option. It has a maximum capacity of 4.5 gallons or roughly 16 liters. This indicates that the deep container will prevent spills and keep your oil secure. It keeps a sturdy exterior structure using polyethylene.

The Capri Tools Oil Drain Pan is a great choice aside from that. Don’t worry about spills if you’re worried about them. To minimize spills and preserve as much oil as possible, this pan has an anti-splash lip. The bright green tint will make it easy to spot any oil residue and facilitate cleaning.


  • Capable of holding up to 4.5 gallons, 18 quarts, or 16 liters of oily spills.
  • Can be used to store substances like oil, gasoline, and lubricants. extremely versatile item
  • Anti-splash lip lessens splashes and spills and facilitates carrying
  • Longer lifespan due to the use of the finest polyethylene polymers
  • Will remain functional for at least six months. not broken or spilled
  • Extremely simple to maintain and clean. The color green makes oil more visible.


  • Not optimized for higher temperatures
  • Not good for hot oil or lubricants

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6. Hopkins FloTool OP-1 Heavy Duty Oil Lube and Drain Pan

One of the top oil drains pans on the market right now is the FloTool OP-1 Oil Drain. For its clients, Hopkins is dedicated to providing the best, mess-free solution.

It can be utilized to do a huge variety of tasks that you must carry out on a regular basis with the utmost simplicity. Normally, it would take you an hour or more to complete these tasks, but because of FloTool’s commitment to minimizing clutter, you will be done quickly.

It makes it simple to replace your oil, top off your antifreeze, and check the levels of all your vehicle fluids. It can assist you in doing this and saving time.

It has a robust wall design that enables it to keep its shape even when a lot of heavy fluids are put inside of it. The oil drain pan is simpler to handle and move about due to its strength and steadiness.

Additionally, it even features a special, large pouring spout that makes recycling much simpler and faster for you, Brian. This particular type is made of a sturdy material despite being relatively light. When empty, this makes it exceedingly lightweight and portable.

When the pan is full, the handle makes it easier to transport. Additionally, it has a quart drain with a scale that can be adjusted from 1 to 7 quarts. This makes keeping track of oil usage much simpler.


  • Raised rim handles to make it easier to use
  • The oversized pouring sprout makes recycling much easier
  • It has a 7-quart capacity drain scale that can help to track oil usage
  • It is lightweight, easily stores, and has an innovative design


  • The oil spout for pouring is too big and oil flows out rapidly

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What can I use for oil drain pan?

You can line the ground with large plastic waste bags that have been cut open instead of using a large pan to catch drips. One or two pages of an old newspaper will do. The newspaper would frequently either be clean or only contain a few droplets thereafter. Rolling the plastic and papers up makes it simpler to toss them away when using this method.

How to choose the best oil drain pan?

While choosing the best oil drain pan you should consider the followings:

1. Capacity

Before purchasing an oil drain tank, the capacity is the first and most crucial thing to look into. Knowing that a specific drain tank can hold all of the oil at once without having to empty the tank repeatedly is crucial. As a result, various oil drain tanks have varying capacity ratings.

Larger oil drain tanks offer higher capacities whereas smaller units may only be rated at 8 gallons. Out of these 2, the bigger capacity is significantly preferable for the majority of customers. However, a lesser capacity produces a small and portable oil drain tank that may be brought to distant maintenance jobs where you might need to drain oil from an engine.

2. Height Range

Most likely, whether you are working on a car or any other type of vehicle, you are doing it while it is being raised. So that all of the oil goes inside and does not spill, your oil drain tank needs to have a specific collection height.

Most oil drain tanks have a height range so that you can change the height to match the height of your car lift. Different oil drain tank models come in a variety of height ranges, such as 36 to 77 or 42 to 72 inches. In general, choosing a model with a lot of flexibility is advised.

3. Wheel Size

The bottom of practically every oil drain tank you see has wheels. Simply put, this is because an oil-filled drain tank of this kind can become rather heavy. If your oil drain tank has wheels on the bottom, you can just push it instead of dragging it. However, not every oil drain tank has wheels of the same size.

While some of these come with considerably smaller 2-inch wheels, others have much larger 6-inch wheels. A larger wheel size is usually preferable for smooth mobility over uneven surfaces when compared to smaller wheel sizes.

4. Funnel Size

You must know that practically all of the oil drain tanks after viewing them in this post have a funnel on top. This funnel’s purpose is to collect all of the oil and prevent any of it from escaping the oil drain tank.

Having said that, this funnel will only function if its size is sufficient for your oil drain tank. Depending on the type you choose, this funnel’s size or diameter typically runs from 12 inches to 16 inches, with a bigger size being preferable.

5. Pressure Rating

There are several oil drain tanks on the market that have a suction feature that can gather oil considerably more quickly. The pressure inside the oil drain tank is used to accomplish this. So, if you wish to use this feature, it’s crucial to check this pressure rating. The majority of oil drain tanks typically include a pressure rating of up to 10 PSI and a pressure gauge so that you can properly monitor it.

How do you clean an oil pan drain?

There are a few steps that should be taken for cleaning an oil pan drain:

Cleaning tools

Be sure to have all of your cleaning supplies on hand before beginning to remove the oil pan from the engine block for cleaning.

  • A strong dishwasher
  • Degreaser
  • Rags
  • Paper towels
  • High-pressure water source
  • Scrapers
  • Brush
  • Brake cleaner

All of these items have various uses, so you might not need them all to clean an oil pan car.

Scrubbing oil with plastic scrapers

There is oil on the metallic inside surface of the oil pan after removing it from the car that cannot be cleaned with soap and water. For this reason, you must first use plastic scrapers to remove the substantial oily deposits.

You can use paper towels to clean the excess oil from the oil pan’s uneven areas, but plastic scrapers work best on the interior of the pan’s smooth surface. The surface appears to be somewhat grayish when you scrape off a lot of the black oil.

To remove the scraped oil residue from a relatively cleaner inner flat surface, get some additional paper towels or rags.

Soak it in hot water with a strong cleaning agent 

You can now wash the oil pan with a strong detergent or another cleaning agent after wiping and scraping it. In the second phase, there are two approaches that both function well.

The first step is to spray brake cleaner on your oil pan, let it sit for a while, and then wipe it off using rags or paper towels. Because you won’t be able to wipe all the irregular surfaces with this method and because you need a lot of rags, it is a little less effective.

The second method involves filling a sizable container with hot water, a powerful cleaner, or a chemical solvent. Mix everything thoroughly, then let the oil pan soak in it for a while.

Wash it with high-pressure water

Take your oil pan out of the soapy water at this point and give it a thorough cleaning with high-pressure water. The water’s strong pressure eliminates all dirt and debris from crooked surfaces that are difficult to wipe.

Take a brush and scrub any areas that are visible to still need to be cleaned while running them under water. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the oil pan with hot, high-pressure water.

You don’t want any laundry detergent residue in your oil pan because it could harm the fresh engine oil.

Drying it

Your oil pan is ready for use once you’re satisfied that all of the remaining oil residue and cleaning agent has been taken out.

Make sure the interior of the oil pan is dry before attaching it back to the engine block. To completely dry up the oil pan, use a basic cloth or some paper towels. Your oil pan is in perfect working order once you replace it and check for leaks.

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