What are the best popsockets to buy? (Where to buy?)

While walking on the street or at your family parties, you may see your friends or relatives having a thick, doorknob-shaped object stacked to their phones’ rear side. What is their use? Is it worth having one for ourselves? 

In this article, we will take a better look at popsockets and introduce the top pop socket collection available on the internet.

  • MagSafe PopSocket PopGrip Lips: Swappable Grip and Lip Balm for Phones and Tablets

  • Mountain High Phone Grip Pop SocketBest price

  • PopSocket Phone Mount for Car Dash & Desk – Black PopMount 2 Car & DeskBest expensive

  • Syncwire Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand, 360 Degree Rotation Finger Ring Kickstand with Polished Metal Phone Grip

  • PopSockets PopGrip Slide Stretch for Phones and Cases

  • Case-Mate popsocket MagSafe phone gripBest overall

  • PopSockets PopWallet+: Swappable and Repositionable Wallet/p>

  • Hogwarts Letter Phone Popsocket Wallet with Grip

What are PopSockets?

As you may also have seen on people’s hands, a pop socket is a plastic circle attached to a smartphone (or a case) with a sticky adhesive. Once you pull or “pop” the item out twice, the PopSocket extends like a small accordion in which you can slip your fingers in between your smartphone and the end of the pop socket, allowing for a more comfortable and tighter grip.

The advantage of having a pop socket is better to finger grip; you can take better selfies with yourself. Furthermore, they are great for fidgeting.

How to fix a popsocket?

Although the popsocket is an easy-to-produce item, in most cases, it will never break to require fixing. However, if you have one of those broken popsockets in your house, you can fix it easily by utilizing one of these methods below;

  1. Securing a loose popsocket base

Sometimes, the stickiness of your phone popsocket has decreased, so it only needs to be secured manually. Follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, run warm water from your sink faucet and clean the popsocket base. You can also fill a glass or bowl with water and use that to wash the Popsocket.
  2. Now, dip the Popsocket base into the water in order to make it wet. Place it sticky-side down in the water. If your Popsocket is in one piece, you can drop the entire item in the water and let it soak for a few seconds.
  3. After that, run the popsocket base with your fingers to remove debris on the sticky surface. Do this method for 30 to 60 seconds to make sure all debris is knocked off.
  4. Finally, put the base on a clean towel and wait until it gets dry. Then, stick the base back onto your phone to attach the clear popsocket.
  1. Resembling a popsocket funnel

If you think the funnel of your phone popsocket needs fixing, you can take these steps to reset it to its first day of life:

  1. If the cap of your pop socket is still on, press on the tabs to pull the cap off. To do that, push on one of the tabs while holding the funnel in one hand. Make sure the cap comes out of the hole on the funnel.
  2. Next, place the funnel on top of your sticky pad by rotating the funnel, so its smaller end is face down. Then, push it into the hole. To lock the funnel in the correct position, turn it clockwise to keep it pinned in place. After about a quarter-turn, it will snap in place.
  3. As you can see, the funnel has a series of 4 small holes around its top edge. All you need to do is slide the tabs of your pop socket cap into the holes one at a time. Once you get the first tab in, the others become much easier to secure.

How to change popsocket?

You can find thousands of popsockets with different designs; some of them indicate a special day or ceremony. Can we change our pop socket whenever we want? The only thing you need to do is remove your pop socket and attach the new one, so the answer is yes.

How to remove the popsocket?

The process of removing your phone popsocket is too easy; first, you need to collapse the sticky PopSocket, so it’s flat against your device. Next, set your fingernail underneath and around the disc to make it unattached from your device. Now you can attach the pop socket to a new device in fifteen minutes without losing the stickiness.

How to put a popsocket back on?

Just reverse the process of removing your popsocket to get it back on your phone. Firstly, stick the adhesive pad to the back of your smartphone. Next, place the smaller end of your popsocket case on the ring of your adhesive pad, and finally, rotate the base clockwise to lock it correctly in its position.

Where to find the best popsocket?

Popsockets are not a kind of high-tech product so they can be purchased at any global and local shop centers. However, the material used in a popsocket case is very important (including the adhesive) as they are going to hold your 200-gram smartphone for a long time.

As a recommendation, we prefer to choose our phone popsocket members from Amazon, the biggest online shop on the planet. You can also look for other opportunities like viewing eBay and Walmart rather than the popsocket Amazon section.

What are the best popsockets?

As we get a better subjective picture of exactly what a pop socket is, let’s take a step further and review all the available popsockests on the markets to choose the best;

1. MagSafe PopSocket PopGrip Lips: Swappable Grip and Lip Balm for Phones and Tablets

This is a great MagSafe popsocket with a refillable lip balm made from natural ingredients. You can purchase the new pop socket design in different colors, including lavender vanilla. If you have an iPhone 11, this product is specially manufactured for you; however, it cannot attach efficiently to iPhone 11 pro or iPhone 11Pro Max without a suitable case.


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for geeks


  • Adds bulk
  • It cannot be used individually for some iPhone smartphones

2. Mountain High Phone Grip Pop Socket

If mountain hiking is one of your daily habits, so you may get amused if you have a small-sized heel on your phone. The new-brand popsocket Amazon item can be used with almost all phones and tablets, such as iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max, Google Pixel, Samsung Tab, and Samsung Galaxy.


  • Adjustable with almost any device
  • Versatile


  • Uncomfortable to hold

3. PopSocket Phone Mount for Car Dash & Desk – Black PopMount 2 Car & Desk

This is a kind of custom popsocket designed to be set on your table. You can purchase one of these pop sockets so you can have your video calls, listen to music, and get in touch with your guys on the car hands-free. It is compatible with phones of all sizes and has been redesigned to accommodate most PopSockets PopGrips.


  • Cute design
  • Great material


  • Not good for silicone

4. Syncwire Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand, 360 Degree Rotation Finger Ring Kickstand with Polished Metal Phone Grip

As a kind of a magnetic popsocket, this item is one of those delicate, modern designs you can find on the market. Introduced in three different colors (rose gold, grey, and silver), this pop socket has made of high-quality zinc alloy and metal plate, with only 0.014-inch thickness.


  • Versatile
  • Modern design


  • Relatively expensive

5. PopSockets PopGrip Slide Stretch for Phones and Cases

You can try a flexible magnetic popsocket if you are wondering about the previous ones’ strength and durability. This new product can be stretched easily to fit most phone cases with curved edges. Easy to change the position, so you can lower it, raise it, or even make it unattached from your phone.


  • Adjustable to most the devices
  • Inexpensive


  • Simple-shaped, not suitable for those seeking new fashions

6. Case-Mate popsocket MagSafe phone grip

Have you heard about the Case-Mate company products? If not, then you will be shocked if you see their new magnetic popsocket collection with around 15 various designs. A new adhesive disc has been implemented on this collection so it can attach to both porous surfaces and textured cases. There is also Micropel protection to keep your minis looking like new.


  • Different choices of designs for customers
  • High-quality adhesive base


  • Hard to be accessible on the markets

7. PopSockets PopWallet+: Swappable and Repositionable Wallet

If you are trying to carry your credit cards on your phone, just take one of these pop socket wallets on Amazon. Keeping secure from electromagnetic waves, you are also able to push the top left corner of the device and slide right for wireless charging. The product will not stick to iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11Pro Max without a suitable case, as a negative point.


  • Popsocket wallet with different appealing color designs


  • Relatively expensive
  • Without a suitable case, it will not stick to iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11Pro Max.

8. Hogwarts Letter Phone Popsocket Wallet with Grip

This is another popsocket wallet, especially for those people asking for bright colors on the designs. The handgrip is customizable, so you can make changes in your custom popsocket if you get bored of its shape. You can use this popsocket wallet on most smartphone devices, including iPhone X, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, and iPhone 13 Pro


  • Customizable hand grip
  • Ultra-thin


  • It contains small parts, so it must not be accessible for children under three years old.


Thank you for reading. Having a pop socket is optional, so it is up to you if you think it can be useful. Note that you can try a magnetic popsocket if you are against adhesive pads and the related issues. If you feel the popsocket amazon section hasn’t met your demands, you can try alternative inline markets such as Walmart and eBay.

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