Promotion and marketing of the NFT. What’s so special about it?

Most of you have probably already heard about non-fungible NFT tokens and collections that are sold on the Internet for millions of dollars (if not, read my detailed article on NFT tokens). The biggest hype around this topic was in the summer, but even now it is still relevant, as well as marketing for nft from NinjaPromo. At least sales are still going through albeit not as active.

Promotion and marketing of the NFT

Is the NFT token itself a work of art?

Discussion issue. In view of the above, the NFT token can be a form of securing both the work of art and its description, and information about the author, and (after alienation) information about the acquirer. The key words here are maybe. So whether an NFT is, in itself, a work of art or not depends on what information is captured in that form.

However, if the parties to the NFT agreement recognize the value of the token even in isolation from the work of art itself, then the token will have value, at least materially. Artistic value is also primarily determined by the parties to the agreement and their artistic preferences. In general, it should be recognized that the question remains open.

NFT tokens will most likely become a way to digitize souvenir products and derivative mass content with a touch of individuality. Such conclusions are prompted by the analysis of the development trend of NFT and the content that is distributed in this form.

How to promote NFT collections?

From what I am observing now and how I myself am “led” to certain NFTs, I can conclude that the following few methods work best.

1. Creation and development of the community

Despite the fact that the audience is already “warmed up”, you need to be able to work with it – first of all, create an active community that will not only want to buy your “crafts”, but will also promote them online for free.

The main traffic sources where I see the most information on the topic are Discord and Twitter. I have not seen such activity in Telegram. The first application is generally a must-have in the crypto industry. Therefore, get ready to understand it in detail, learn how to set up bots, look for moderators, etc.

  • Influencers

Unlike Instagramm / Tiktok and similar social networks, it is not at all necessary to have a million audience here. This is actually a very narrow niche.

By the way, I have seen this feature several times: someone mentions NFT collections on Twitter, someone makes a review of the game on YouTube. If a certain loyal audience stands behind a person, and you have a good project, then you will be able to attract 100% attention. This is a really narrow niche, but with a very solvent audience.

  • Giveaway, contests

On Instagram, they are very popular with stars and celebrities. Among NFT collections, all this is much easier: like, retweet, hashtags + mention a few friends on Twitter.

  • Communication and Participation

I won’t say anything particularly original here, everything is already clear from the title. You need to actively “hang out” among crypto-enthusiasts and NFT-collectors – unsubscribe in their social networks, make useful online acquaintances, like, comment, and that’s it.

You also need to be active on the same NFT sales services, be aware of the latest relevant news/trends, subscribe to thematic publics and groups. The only thing is don’t spam. Because of this, you can get blocked and at the same time spoil your reputation.

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