10 Best samsung chargers (For all devices)

It always seems that the main charging equipment that comes with our smartphones works best. Many after-sales options do not really work well, or charge our phones and tablets too slowly, often shorten or simply become defective. The classic “Accessories not supported” error message allows us to do this. With that said, investing in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) equipment seems to be a lot better than the waste that manufacturers generate after sales.

On top of that, many OEM devices are just as durable as a phone, and you do not always have to spend money on new wall adapters or wires. If you follow the article, we will show you some of the best Samsung OEM charging equipment, from ordinary wall adapters to Samsung fast chargers and even wireless chargers.

  • Samsung 45-watt USB Type-C wall chargerBest overall

  • Samsung Wireless Charger Stand: 15W Fast Charge 2.0Best expensive

  • Samsung wall charger with Micro-USB and USB-C portsBest price

  • Samsung Duo Pad Wireless Charger Pad

  • Samsung 25-watt USB-C wall charger

  • 25 watt portable samsung wireless charger

  • Samsung DeX Station

  • Galaxy S21 Charger YWXTW Type C USB Cable

  • samsung super fast charger type C,25W charger

  • Samsung EP-TA20JWE Travel Charger

What are the best Samsung laptop chargers?

All laptops require a certain amount of volts and amps to function properly, and anything more or less than that can be dangerous for the laptop’s delicate internal electronics. An AC adapter converts the higher voltage received from the outlet to the right amount that the laptop needs. Laptops can share power cords as long as the watt adapter and connector tip are compatible with each laptop you want to use.

Where to buy the best Samsung fast charger?

You can buy the best Samsung fast chargers from online shops and stores. The important thing to note is that you gain adequate information prior to finding this device. Fake devices are common these days so be careful.

What are the different types of Samsung chargers?

Nowadays, considering phone users, despite the fact that various applications and social networks such as Instagram and Telegram use their mobile phones every time, they need to always charge their phones, for this purpose, they should always have their phone charger with them.

To charge your mobile phone if needed and in suitable conditions, so you are familiar with different types of phone chargers with this account? In this article, I want to introduce you to different types of mobile chargers, so stay tuned to Sorento.
Mobile phone charger
Due to the high usage of mobile phones, daily users face a decrease and end of charging their mobile phones, new mobile phones with the use of modern technologies and full touch screens consume a lot of battery and run out of charge during the day is a bad thing. For this important purpose, using wall chargers or using Power Bank and Powers is considered as ideal ways.

One of the best types of mobile phone chargers is the wall charger. The wall charger connects directly to the power outlet and charges the mobile phone using city electricity. Charging mobile phones through wall chargers is faster than charging phones through the USB ports of computers and wireless chargers. This is due to the output power of wall chargers, which is higher than the port output and the wireless charger port output.

Also, check here for Best Samsung watch bands.

Types of Samsung charger

Mobile and tablet desktop chargers
These chargers have a base unit and a USB cable that connects the mobile phone to the desktop or laptop, other mobile or electronic devices such as tablets can also be charged with desktop chargers.

Car chargers
Among the types of phone chargers, we can mention the lighter charger, which is generally designed for use in cars and while traveling. By connecting to a 12-volt cigarette lighter or an auxiliary power adapter, a lighter charger can charge your phone through your vehicle battery. Slow, lighter chargers can even be used on some boats. By finding the right adapter or charging cable, all mobile phone owners can charge their phones while driving.

wireless charger Samsung
wireless chargers Samsung including Samsung fast chargers are a new generation of mobile phone chargers that are not yet fully integrated into people, but wireless chargers are expected to replace wired chargers soon.
The charging process, like other types of electrical devices, is done by a transmitter and a receiver, and the charging process is done by electromagnetic induction, although wireless charger technology has been available for several years, all mobile phones can use this type of charger. Do not have.

Newer models of mobile phones have this technology by default, in other types of phones, you must use a suitable wireless charger that is compatible with your smartphone. Wireless chargers are a great tool for use in the workplace. They do not take up much space and do not restrict you to wires during use.
wireless charger Samsung technology has been built on top of the Qi standard which enables faster charging with their own-branded charger, but all Galaxy models with wireless charging are also Qi-certified for guaranteed compatibility with any Qi wireless charger.

Samsung tablet charger
It should come as no surprise to you that Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets need the power to function. That’s why a tablet that refuses to charge is really bad. Not only does this mean that it will have limited use when it is fully charged, but it also often indicates a deeper problem that will take time. So you should remember to always use original Samsung tablet chargers.

Samsung Chromebook charger
Samsung is also one of the companies active in the field of Chromebook production in various models. Samsung laptops have speakers, digital microphones, webcams, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and card readers, and are resistant to moisture, heat, and vibration.
Chromebooks were first introduced at the Google I/O conference in May 2011 by Acer and Samsung and launched a few months later. Other companies, such as Lenovo and HP, joined the market in 2013.

In those years, Chromebooks did not receive good feedback, especially from laptop experts and analysts, as they were compared to Windows laptops with a small price difference and did not offer a particular strength against them. This feedback later led to more equilibrium in their final prices by manufacturing companies. Samsung Chromebook chargers are now one of the most popular products of this company.

Samsung wireless charger
Samsung wireless charger technology transfers electrical energy between two electrical and wireless circuits. These electrical circuits are used in one device as a transmitter and in another device as a receiver. Wireless charging on cell phones, while seemingly wireless, still requires a cord that attaches to the cordless charging pad instead of to the phone.
The wireless charging pad can be in any size and shape and the user can charge his phone by placing his mobile phone on it. These pads can be used everywhere and are very attractive in this respect.

For example, while driving, they can be used and used; As another example, consider a wireless charging pad on your desk or desk. When you need the phone, you pick it up and get to work, and when you do not need it, put it on the pad and charge it.
This technology is not as fast charging technology, but it has another advantage that makes it more attractive than fast charging; Recently, however, Xiaomi has managed to increase the wireless charging speed, and in its flagship phones, it has also used 55-watt and 67-watt wireless charging, which is much faster than the wired charging speeds of Apple and Samsung products.

But its biggest advantage is that it is cordless, easy to use, and does not have the hassle of cable charging; For example, in cable charging, when the cable is damaged, the charging process has problems, but in this case, such problems occur with difficulty.

Samsung watch charger
Samsung watch charger comes in a simple box with several other pieces next to the watch. When you purchase there is a watch, a manual, an extra watch strap, and a charger Inside the box. It should be noted that this smartwatch has two charger models. The first model has a Galaxy charger with a micro USB cable and a charger base. However, in the second model, the charger cable is not detachable.

Samsung charger type c
With the addition of new digital connectors in smartphones, most manufacturers have become interested. This technology is not only a better way to charge the phone, but also very useful for removing the headphone jack. Here we take a closer look at Samsung charger type c:
If you have a device that connects to other physical devices, most likely it is a USB connection. From your laptop or smartphone to the flash drive you connect to your laptop.

As you know, USB comes in several versions, such as USB 1.1 or USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB 3.1, which were recently released and have high data transfer speeds. You should know that USB Type-C is very different from other versions of USB. Recent versions of USB were created with the goal of speeding up data transfer, while USB Type-C, in addition to speed, also cares about quality and durability.

Samsung charger type c technology is also very important for the quality and durability of the cable and of course the charging port. This USB can be connected to the charging port or data source from both sides. Therefore, you do not need to look for the right way to connect it like normal USBs. This helps the charging port and the cable itself to be damaged later. You have probably seen the charging port of iPhones, where you can connect the charging cable to the phone from both sides. This technology follows the same theme, but it can not be said that its design is exactly like Lightning cables.

Samsung laptop charger
Alongside Samsung phone chargers, Samsung laptop charger adapts to the busy lives of mobile professionals by conveniently recharging your battery even if your PC is in sleep mode or off. They’re also energy-efficient and electrically safe so that your work is always protected. No matter where business takes you, you can rest assured that you’ll have the power you need to get it all done and keep moving forward. For maximum efficiency, use only Samsung laptop chargers, batteries, and cables. Samsung accessories are designed to maximize battery life. Using other accessories may void your warranty and cause damage.

The best 10 Samsung phone chargers

1. Samsung 45-watt USB Type-C wall charger

Samsung’s 45W USB-C wall charger marks the company’s first foray into modern rapid charging. According to Samsung, it can charge devices that are USB PD 3.0-compatible and have Direct Charging capability with a charge rate of up to 45W. Unfortunately, Samsung’s Note 10 series of smartphones and the Galaxy S20 Ultra are the only ones that can take advantage of the full 45W of power the Note 20 and Galaxy S21 lines were left out in the cold when it came to this feature. Although it is compatible with various USB-C devices, the charging rate will vary depending on the device. This Samsung charger type c is one of the popular ones.


  • Dual USB-C ports provide a good power ratio for cross-platform houses
  • Compact design with folding prongs


  • Cable not included

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2. Samsung Wireless Charger Stand: 15W Fast Charge 2.0

This Samsung charger is One of Samsung’s newest charging stands, the Samsung 15W Fast Charge 2.0, which can give up to 15W of output to the Galaxy Note 20 or Galaxy S21 family of devices, depending on their configuration. It demonstrates that you do not require a wired Samsung quick charger in order to have the greatest experience possible.


  • LED Light Control
  • Fan Cooling Improves your charging time
  • well-built


  • No weak points reported

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3. Samsung wall charger with Micro-USB and USB-C ports

Even while USB-C is becoming increasingly common on Galaxy devices, it’s possible that you’re still using a Galaxy device that has a Micro-USB connector on it. In comes the Samsung Micro-USB/USB-C wall charger, which can charge both USB and USB-C devices. You’ll most likely utilize the USB-C charger for the majority of your charging needs, but the Micro-USB port may come in handy when you need to recharge accessories such as speakers or power banks.


  • Good power efficiency
  • Extremely compact


  • Doesn’t support some older phones

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4. Samsung Duo Pad Wireless Charger Pad

The Samsung Duo Wireless Charger Quick Pad now supports USB PD. This means that the Galaxy S will charge 22 to 9 watts, while the old Samsung smartphone will charge up to 7.5 watts. The charging pad also works with other Qi-compatible smartphones. Best of all, this charger pad has a dedicated place for charging a Samsung smartwatch or real wireless headphones. The LED indicator light notifies you that the devices are charging up to 100%.

This Samsung wireless charger pad’s pros and cons are:


  • Charges 2 devices at the same time
  • Cooling system for the fast charger 2.0 interface


  • When charging 2 devices at the same time, the fast charge 2.0 will change into a standard fast wireless charger

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5. Samsung 25-watt USB-C wall charger

If you do not need a Samsung 45-watt wall charger, why not consider buying a Samsung 25-watt USB-C fast charger? This super fast charger transmits up to 25 watts to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and other devices with USB Power Delivery 3.0. This product works with any device that has a USB-C port, but make sure your device does not need to charge more than 25 watts. The Samsung Wireless Portable Battery is unique in that it can charge your Galaxy phone with or without a cord.


  • Rapid Charging
  • compatible with various devices
  • You can alternate the types of cables to charge a variety of mobile devices that you own.


  • The Cable is hard to plug

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6. 25-watt portable Samsung wireless charger

This portable and pocket battery supports up to 7.5 watts of output for Qi-compatible devices. It also produces up to 25 watts for wired charging. The 10,000 mAh capacity of this power bank should be able to fully charge your phone up to twice. This product is also enough to charge a Samsung or Galaxy Buds smartwatch up to 10 times at full charge.


  • Fewer cables mean less clutter
  • frees up your phone port for other uses
  • reduces the likelihood of power surge to your phone


  • Phone ports hardly ever wear out
  • Cables are weakly made

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7. Samsung DeX Station

Samsung DeX is the way to get a desktop experience with select Galaxy devices. Simply place your phone onto the DeX Station and DeX Pad, or plug in the DeX Cable, and connect to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to continue what you’re doing on your phone on the large monitor screen.


  • Slick hardware that’s easy to carry around
  • well-made


  • No weak points reported

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8. Galaxy S21 Charger YWXTW Type C USB Cable

This device works with most Android and Windows phones such as Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, S21 S20 Ultra S10 S9 S8 Plus, Note 10 Plus, S20 FE, A52 A72 A51 A71 A11, LG Velvet, LG Wing, LG Stylo 6, LG G8 G7 G6 G5 ThinQ V60 V50 V30 V20 and any device with USB C port. Samsung watch chargers are the same but have subtle differences. This Samsung charger type c’s pros are more than its cons:


  • Very good quality
  • The “L” type design fits most cases


  • They easily melt down while power swings

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9. Samsung super fast charger type C,25W charger

This charger is equipped with a USB Type C port, that provides you Max 25W output power, Charging Samsung Galaxy S22/S22Ultra/S22+/S20/S20+/S20 Ultra/S21/S21+/S21Ultra/S20 Fe/Note 10/Z Fold 3/Z Flip 3/10 plus up to 50% in just 30 minutes. Full charging in only 1h, is one of its best features. Samsung super fast charger has its own pros and cons


  • Charges very quickly
  • Well-made
  • Has a one-warranty


  • Not compatible with some cables brands

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10. Samsung EP-TA20JWE Travel Charger

This Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging Micro-USB Wall Charger lets you enjoy rapid recharge on your devices such as Note 4, Note Edge, S6, and S6 Edge. It has Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Technology that Charges compatible devices up to 75% faster than a standard charger, and other smartphones or tablets at their normal speed. Samsung phone charger’s advantages and this advantages are:


  • Is a Samsung tablet charger too
  • Well-set for packing


  • This Samsung phone charger is not as fast as advertised

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In conclusion

In this article 10 best Samsung chargers were introduced. Also, we tried to make more familiarity with other Samsung charging products such as Samsung Chromebook chargers, Samsung tablet chargers, Samsung watch chargers, and also Samsung super fast chargers.

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