All You should know about SHINJA

Some low market cap, modest cryptocurrencies make big profits for their backers who park money at the right time, while high market cap cryptocurrencies grab all the attention.

Shibnobi (SHINJA), one cryptocurrency, is currently seeing a spike in trading volume. Not even metaverse cryptocurrencies like Decentraland, which have recently gained attention, are as popular as Bitcoin or Shinja Coin. It is, however, attracting the attention of crypto enthusiasts.

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The primary line of business for the Shibnobi project, whose native token is Shinja, is “token swaps,” according to the company’s website. The initiative would give cryptocurrency enthusiasts the chance to generate “passive income” across at least three different blockchain networks, including Polygon (MATIC), Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum (Ether). These three networks collectively have a value of several billion dollars.

Shibnobi asserts that it purges the network of bots. By doing this, the network will only be used by actual users and not by automated programs that can manipulate price increases to benefit a select few.

Why do we need the Kusari blockchain?

A Proof of Stake algorithm is used by the Kusari blockchain for the SHINJA token. Therefore, no mining equipment will be required to verify the transactions by miners. As stakers, Shinja coin nodes will instead protect and safeguard the SHINJA token.

The SHINJA token has numerous potentials as a result of the factors we have already mentioned. As a result, you can begin using the Kasuri blockchain and the Shibnobi SHINJA coin. Additionally, if the project interests you, you can begin investing in the SHINJA coin.

Let’s continue learning about SHINJA now that we are familiar with the SHINJA token. The SHINJA coin price will then be covered. Additionally, I’ll introduce you to markets where you can buy SHINJA tokens.

How does SHINJA differ from other DeFi projects?

Shibnobi stands out because it’s more than just a meme token; it also serves a purpose. It is a multi-chain hyper-deflationary token that can be launched on a number of different blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Cronos, and Polygon.

Shibnobi intends to construct its blockchain, which will be hark-forked from the Ethereum chain, in contrast to many other meme projects on the Ethereum network. The project has received a full audit from Certik, the most renowned auditing company in the blockchain industry, and is also listed on a number of reputable exchanges, including Uniswap, BitMark, Fegex, Hotbit, and others.

Shibnobi offers the following services:

Shibnobi Dojoswap

A DeFi protocol created to address the lack of user-friendly DeFi tools on EVM-compatible networks. DojoSwap is based on a decentralized AMM system and uses user-powered liquidity pools to enable seamless crypto swaps across multiple chains.

Shibnobi Blockchain

A proof-of-stake blockchain that is still under development that will provide cheaper gas fees than Ethereum and faster transactions than the Ethereum chain.

Shibnobi Dojoverse

This metaverse, which was developed by the Shibnobi team, enables users to experience virtual reality in a different dimension.

Liquidity Mining

With a price increase of 5% of the liquidity pool tax to providers during distribution, Shibnobi hopes to reward liquidity providers. You can provide liquidity to the SHINJA token against other assets as a liquidity provider.


A portion of the SHINJA token will be used to advertise the project. Additionally, marketing is funded with 5% of each transaction.


By participating in this bounty management system, holders of SHINJA tokens can earn rewards for upholding the SHINJA community.

The Founders of shinobi SHINJA coin

Cliff Fettner, who serves as the company’s CEO, founded Shibnobi in November 2021. For more than a decade, Cliff has served as a mentor and a key player in the blockchain ecosystem. He has more than 20 years of experience in software development and technical strategy consulting. He is a serial entrepreneur. The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for the project, Ell Ceee, and the Head Designer, Andre Santos, are also team members in addition to Cliff.

How to obtain SHINJA?

The first step is to register for an account on an exchange that is supported. The following platforms: Uniswap, BitMark, Fegex, Hotbit, ProBit, and Lbank support SHINJA. Following that, enter a specific amount of fiat money into your account.

Buy SHINJA as soon as that is finished. These exchanges allow you to trade it against BTC, ETH, and stablecoins like USDT.

Shibnobi (SHINJA), among other cryptocurrencies, is supported by the PTPWallet platform. It has developed into one of the most popular platforms due to its wide range of uses, including as an exchange and a search engine for other cryptocurrencies. PTPWallet offers a straightforward and interactive interface that makes it simple for users to navigate its system, making it ideal for use as a SHINJA wallet.

How to trade SHINJA?

On a variety of Shibnobi exchanges, you can trade SHINJA for stablecoins. As previously stated, the majority of Shibnobi trading with stablecoins takes place on a variety of crypto exchanges.

In conclusion

This new cryptocurrency initiative is called Shibnobi SHINJA coin. It seeks to improve the friendliness, safety, and education of the crypto community. The crypto community will then grow as more and more new user groups join. In this article, we have also covered the cost and locations of purchasing SHINJA. SHINJA price is $0.000045 currently with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,062,934.

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