Snapchat is working on a New Option to Add Popular Music Clips to Your Snaps

Snapchat is working on a New Option to Add Popular Music Clips to Your Snaps

Snapchat has once more surprised its users and is working on a new cool option, which would excite all Snapchat users out there. Snapchat’s working on a new way to share music within Snaps, which could be seen as another nod towards the rising popularity of TikTok, though there are some variances in the application.

There is one thing to note here. Snapchat does already have a music sticker option, linked to Spotify, but this is a more advanced, direct connection option for music clips.

This TikTok-like feature would make Snapchat one of the biggest competitors and TikTok alternatives these days, which the TikTok audiences have been exploring alternative apps as the Trump administration weighs a ban on Chinese tech companies over data privacy concerns.

What exactly is this new feature and how does it work? 

This very interesting news Snapchat option will enable users to add music to their snaps – pre or post-capture. That could facilitate the type of lip-synching, dance clips that have been popularized by TikTok, so it probably is inspired by the app, but the feature has also been facilitated by Snapchat’s new deals with music publishers, which will enable it to include more music for use in the app.

When friends receive one of the new Snaps with music, they’ll be able to swipe up to view the album art, song title, and artist name. A “Play This Song” link will also be available.

When clicked, it will open a web view to Linkfire that will allow users to listen to the full song — not a snippet — on their preferred music streaming platform, like Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud.

After the release of the option, Snapchat could qualify as the best TikTok rival and could welcome TikTok refugees warmly. 

Snapchat will first launch the option in New Zealand and Australia this week, with a wider rollout planned for later in the year.

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