Everything about Minecraft Donkeys

As a Minecraft user, you cannot neglect donkeys in the game. These unique animals, with powerful features, can boost your abilities while playing Minecraft. But, how can we use them?

To answer your question, this guide will ultimately show you what donkeys eat in Minecraft, how to breed donkeys in Minecraft, and where donkeys spawn in Minecraft.

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What is the use of a Minecraft donkey?

As mentioned in the beginning, donkeys are really unique. The fact is that players can attach a chest to them, allowing 15 extra slots. This amazing is very useful for long journeys across the harsh biomes of the Overworld. Another unique feature about donkeys is that they regenerate health over time, which means the player will not have to feed them.

One of the disappointing tips about a Minecraft donkey is that they cannot use Armor, unlike Horses, which can use Leather, Iron, Golden, and Diamond Horse Armor.

If you want to tame a donkey, you need to mount it. To mount a Minecraft donkey, don’t hold any item in your hand, then right-click. If you are playing Minecraft on a mobile device, go near the donkey (your hands must be empty), the “Mount” button will show up on the screen, and you should click on it.

To know if you have successfully tamed the donkey, check these two conditions;

  • The donkey will not buck you off his back anymore.
  • You can open its equipment menu.

A Minecraft donkey has between 7.5 and 15 hearts for health, depending on the type of donkey. Therefore, a donkey has 15 and 30 health points (because one heart = 2 health points). To kill a donkey, you need to inflict between 15 and 30 points of damage, depending on the donkey. By killing a donkey, you will receive one item of leather.

How to breed donkeys in Minecraft?

Note this statement; each Minecraft donkey has unique stats: its health, movement speed, and jump strength. As a result, the bred foal will receive an average of its parent’s randomly attributed stat, along with some stats of both of their parents.

Generally, two Donkeys can be bred with either Golden Apples or Golden Carrots. As they are eating, the Donkeys will walk toward each other and ram their heads against the opposite Minecraft donkey. After a few seconds, a new foal will appear on the screen.

What do donkeys eat in Minecraft?

A Minecraft Donkey can be fed a variety of food, including Sugar, Wheat, Apples, and Hay Bales, to restore its health. All of these mentioned items can be useful when taming or healing your donkey, but remember that only the coveted golden apples and golden carrots are required in breeding donkeys.

Where do donkeys spawn in Minecraft?

This is another unique feature of donkeys; they only spawn in select biomes. To discuss more precisely, one to three donkeys will spawn in the Plains biome, and you can see only one donkey will spawn alone in the Savanna biome (Java Edition only).

Two to six donkeys will spawn in the Plains biome based on the Bedrock Edition. You can also crossbreed a donkey and a horse using the same items. You will get a Mule if you breed them. A mule is similar to a donkey, but the mule has a different texture, cannot be reproduced with another donkey or horse, and does not naturally spawn.

It is recommended to keep these foals within a fenced or closed area to avoid wandering off and getting themselves into dangerous situations. 


Thank you for reading this article. Although donkeys are somehow stubborn animals, they become very useful when you are playing Minecraft. A donkey under your purview is technically a donkey that could quickly assist you in your travels; so, just get engaged and tame some donkeys for yourself!!!

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