The Best cryptocurrency to invest

Bitcoin, as the most expensive and most popular cryptocurrency in the world, attracted so much attention. Nowadays, so many investors want to participate in a decentralized peer-to-peer network. As the price of Bitcoin increases, it works as an inspiration for other investors.


Ethereum is one of the best cryptocurrencies you can find on the market. It was created five years ago. If you had invested $5,000 into Ethereum 5 years ago, you would have over 1.25 million today. Ethereum and bitcoin are different in many aspects. Ethereum is like a platform for launching and operating distance realized.

While bitcoin is a payment system or a means of exchange, Ethereum is a revolution in the supply chain. Use a smart contract for its operation. Today there are so many businesses using Ethereum to introduce their product and services all around the world. There are thousands of decentralized applications; each has its token.

 bitcoin cash

this cryptocurrency is similar to Bitcoin. It uses blockchain technology to store information about crypto transactions. It was created as a fork of Bitcoin. Because the number of people participating in the network increases, confirming transactions become slower.

In 2017 several programmers created their version of Bitcoin, and they called it Bitcoin cash. The capacity of 8 blood in Bitcoin cash increased. Now you can store up to 8 megabytes of data on each block. This makes transactions faster and more frequent with lower fees. Bitcoin cash is not as popular as Bitcoin, but it has great growth potential. So if you’re thinking about finding a cryptocurrency to invest in, you should consider bitcoin cash.


Nominex is a rapidly growing crypto exchange that combines regular trading and DeFi with the launched NMX token. It also offers a variety of tools for easy acquisition for daily trade between digital currencies and fiat currencies. It also has good performance in the exchange of digital assets, its interface is quite simple and high performance.


Litecoin was created in 2011. It was What have the first cryptocurrency to follow the Legacy of Bitcoin. It uses a network that central authority or a third party  does not control it. It is like Bitcoin in many aspects, but its generation rate is much faster, so the transaction can be confirmed faster. The number of people who are participating in this network is increasing. The market cap of this currency as of January 2021 reached 153.88.

Today Litecoin is the sixth largest cryptocurrency in the world. So it would help if you considered this cryptocurrency while thinking about choosing a good asset to invest in.


The blockchain of Cardona has been created through extensive experimentation and research. It is based and proof of stake. As the bulletin of this cryptocurrency is more capable than Ethereum, it has been cold Ethereum Killer. Cardano is still in its infancy, but it has great growth potential.


Polkadot or dot Is a cryptocurrency based on proof of stake. It has been created to build a bridge between other blockchains. It lets different protocols work under one roof.

People can operate different blockchains on this platform with their native tokens. It made programmers available to create the blockchain using the security of the Polkadot blockchain. But they have to create their security measures. So after why are there so many different projects on these lunch chains with their security? As the blockchain gets larger, it will be more secure.


It is a decentralized oracle network that has been created to connect differently to smart contracts together. It has so many different uses because he can access outside data. One of the most important you for blockchain is to monitor water supplies for pollution.


Dogecoin Created so much news since its creation. The price of this asset increased. If you invested $10,000 5 years ago, in this case, the currency, you would have 1.7 million dollars today.


Monero is a cryptocurrency that is untraceable, private, and secure. It was launched in 2014 and has attracted so much attention since then. It is one of the most secure cryptocurrencies in the market, and because of unique security mechanisms like this, it has been linked to criminal operations worldwide.


Tether Is one of the first and the most popular stable coin on the market. It is a coin that is backed by a dollar. It was created to reduce the volatility of the market. The price of this acid is tied directly to the price of the US dollar. Using this cryptocurrency, you can transfer from other cryptocurrencies back to US dollars faster and easier.

This type of cryptocurrency has been created to work as a platform designed to facilitate the use of Fiat currencies digitally.

In the end

There are more than 7000 cryptocurrencies in the world. It is hard to decide which cryptocurrencies to invest in. Before choosing a cryptocurrency, try to learn more about that cryptocurrency and its future. Many of the cryptocurrencies that have been created in the past do not have great growth potential. They might seem so appealing, but you would lose your money investing in those cryptocurrencies.

The most popular cryptocurrencies are the best investment you can choose. While Bitcoin is so expensive, there are so many other cryptocurrencies you can choose to invest in. Read more to understand cryptocurrency’s market. You are so many investors In The Market, but only the ones who know the market better will succeed. If you want to be B1 of those successful Traders, you need to learn more about this new market.

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