The CHZ token

The CHZ token is one of those digital currencies that was created and launched to support sports teams. This digital currency is currently used in its blockchain to involve people in polls and Q&A related to sports teams. In this article, we review the CHZ token.

Due to its blockchain level of reliance and multi-platform, the CHZ token has become the first pro token made for sports teams in the digital world. fans can poll and vote for their teams in cyberspace and on the blockchain by buying and trading it.

In general, the CHZ token has paved the way for the development and targeting of digital currencies in the future, so that even international voting can take place through it. Suppose one day the US presidential election is held with such tokens, which of course many believe will be the next US election. There are several ways to buy or trade this token:

First, through the Socios website, which is the place to produce this token, you can get CHZ or receive it as a reward from this website. The Chiliz website is also the first sports token trading website to allow sports team fans to trade or buy tokens such as CHZ.

CHZ token

This token is one of the digital currencies use by fans of sports teams. CHZ is currently available in 25 different countries and on sports platforms and software. It also supports over 34 major sports.

Imagine you are the president of a wealthy club you want to share your fans in the club capital. What do you do if you have millions of fans but do not know how to share a fortune with them all in the world? The best way is to use the CHZ token. In this way, even in club decisions, fans can involve and participate in polls by spending their tokens to increase the club’s capital. Of course, in this way, each fan can also be a shareholder of the club! which means raising capital internationally.

CHZ token

Initially, the CHZ token was focused on soccer sport, because this sport has a lot of fans in the world, and the main idea of ​​fan ownership started from football on this token. But more than 37 different sports are supported by CHZ fans who can buy the relevant token to support their club and vote for their club polls or polls.

How does the token work?

This token works on two different blockchains, the first being the full-sided blockchain and the second the Ethereum blockchain.

To increase the security, it’s built to be placed on a more personalized decentralized network than Ethereum Blockchain to increase token productivity and user security. Of course, using a sidechain can help increase transaction speeds and transactions much faster, as well as cost less time and money to build new blocks.

Ethereum Blockchain also accepts CHZ tokens, which operate following the ERC-20 standard and provide the ability to make and trade tokens. All transactions recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain.

CHZ token has many uses for sports team fans in that they can use these tokens by registering annually to play team games or buy products from their favorite team. Suppose your team has a live broadcast of the tournament and you want to watch all the games live, all you have to do is pay a small CH token, buy a one-year viewer account from your team and watch all the games live.

Introducing the Socios platform

The Socios platform was created and launched to create voting or fan commenting feature for your favorite team via the CHZ token. This platform allows fans anywhere in the world to participate directly in their club decisions. The most vital point is that the existence of the blockchain does not allow any fraud or loss of data vote of each user will be recorded on the block with confidence.

CHZ token

The Socios platform has two subsets that offer a variety of services. These subsets include the following:

  1. Buy and sell tokens by fans. With this system, any user can purchase tokens and save them in their digital wallet.
  1. Voting: With this system in the Socios platform, each user can participate in the polls related to his sports club with the tokens he has.

Applications that have used this token so far

In 2020, the Barcelona club team created its first token as the Barca Fan Token on this platform. Fans bought more than $ 1.3 million of the token to support the club in less than 2 hours so that they could own a stake in the club. On a specific date, more than $ 2.5 million worth of token deals made for Barcelona in 2020.

in 2021, a voting system for boxing matches moved token records on the Socios platform.

The price of the CHZ token

At the beginning of the initial public offering, the CHZ token entered the digital currency market with an approximate price of $ 0.0215, and 8.9 million tokens are the total capital and number of these tokens in the market.

CHZ token

After the release, the price of CHZ hardly reached $ 0.015 until it reached its highest level at the beginning of 2021 at the price of $ 0.8915. Although at the time of writing, the price has dropped again and returned to the level of $ 0.25, in any case, it is a very good figure compared to the original price.


If you are also a fan of sports teams and your team is active on the social platform, you can buy the CHZ token for your company and share in the club right now and trade it at a reasonable price or from various services. Use sports related to your club. If you have used this token before, please send us your comments about it.

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