The Top 5 Traders To Follow

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 5, 2021 / The foreign exchange market has been growing non-stop ever since George Soros became one of the first forex traders. Nowadays, there are many more forex traders to follow, but not all are versed and experience in the different components that make up this ever-changing market. Here are the top five traders to follow in 2021:

-Samuel Leach


Samuel Leach graduated from University with a Dean’s Award and quickly after joined one of the United Kingdom’s leading independent private banks. leading independent Private Bank. He then founded Samuel and Co. Trading in 2012, which today is an international CPD accredited company. Samuel is a well-known Forex trader and a social media influencer via YouTube, with a following of over 120,000 subscribers. His Instagram social media is still growing, currently with  300k+ following. Whilst recording his own journey, he documents students from Samuel and Co. Trading via his documentary “The Real Forex Trader.” Samuel is also a contributor to Forbes where he frequently posts about stocks he is watching and why he thinks certain stocks should be on your watchlist. Samuel has been featured in CityAM, Reuters, Forbes, and many other publications.

-Austin Netzley


When Austin Netzley was 27 he created an automated stock trading system so powerful and successful that it built him a fortune. The system, which allowed him to achieve financial freedom, was created so that he could trade while keeping his 9 to 5 job in order to efficiently build wealth. Austin wrote about it in his book Make Money, Live Wealthy. Today, Austin continues to share his tips and insights on the forex market through his podcast and blog YoPro Wealth, where he has already interviewed over 100 successful entrepreneurs, some of the forex traders. His goal is to help others take control, make money and live wealthy.

-Jarratt Davis


Jarratt Davis has been a well-known trader since 2008 when Barclays named him the second best trader in the world. He kept this title up until 2013, based not only on the trading tips and weekly videos he shares but also on his mentoring program. Jarratt teaches his own trading skills to multiple people every year. Jarratt’s students perform very well as a result of learning his disciplined form of trading that mixes analysis and technical indicators. In his website, you can find Jarratt’s tips and weekly videos, where he shares information about forex trade and current events that affect the market.

-Sam Seiden

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @realsamseiden

Sam Seiden specializes in price action trading using supply and demand analysis. He first came to prominence when he explained his approach to trading in In order to implement his strategy, it is important to understand price action, which he explains very well through the many articles he has written for Through his social media, he continues to create content in order to empower his followers to choose the life they want to live by sharing financial market skills and strategies that work.

-Walter Peters

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @nakedforexnow

Walter Peters is a currency trader who has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Finance, and Before 2000, he used to focus on share trading, but he now works with a small community of traders at Naked Forex Now, a private online trading community. Walter is also a psychology professor, who has worked as a hedge fund trader and who has written a best-selling book about price action trading strategies, titled Naked Forex. Walter takes a unique, indicator-free approach to trading that makes him stand out as a forex trader.


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