The VTHO price prediction

VTHO is one of the new tokens in the cryptocurrency market that has grown very well in the last few months. If you want to see the price prediction of VTHO in 2021 and the next few years, we will explain it in general in this article.

Many cryptocurrencies have seen rapid growth in price and market transactions over the past year and beginning in 2021. The year 2021 was a turning point for cryptocurrencies. But some of these currencies have experienced unprecedented growth, including VTHO. The cryptocurrency market has calmed down now and is currently stable. But does the VTHO price forecast show the same?

What is VeChain?

Vechain is a blockchain platform for managing smart contracts and secure international trade. Each blockchain is built to simplify and increase security through technology. There are two general networks use on this blockchain, the first being VET and the second being Energy. VETs use to move trades and convert to other Crypto and transfer chains, while Energy works for the fuel support network.

What is VTHO?

VTHO is a token in the Vechain Thor blockchain. The Vechain lunches in 2015 with VET, but VTHO also is a vital token of this blockchain.

VTHO is one of the tokens launches to simplify the transactions of other cryptocurrencies. VTHO breaks the pressure of trading and extracting heavier cryptocurrencies. This token, of course, is also used for Blockchain smart contracts.

VTHO Current price and rate

At the time of writing, VTHO’s price is $ 0.0138, and its market volume is estimated at $ 60,377,112. Most of the networks on which this cryptocurrency trades are VTH Binance and


VTHO price prediction for 2021

Over the past month, positive pulses obtain regarding the amount of VTHO purchases and transactions, so that according to the charts, we are witnessing positive growth in the one month. However, considering the RSI in the range of 75, the trading volume of this cryptocurrency in 2021 accompanied by further growth. However, it seems that caution should be exercised in trading and buying this currency because market fluctuations may suddenly come with this token. Over the past few days, the words of Elon Musk, the crypto market faced a 10 percent slump. For now, however, this fall has changed its course again and continues to grow as before.

Starting in 2021, it became a little harder to predict the price of VTHO. As the charts show, there has been a lot of fluctuation in the price of this crypto since the beginning of the year and ups and downs that may have occurred right after a sudden price increase on this currency.

In the chart below, the first support level of VTHO considers 0.10402, and its first resistance level is 0.0246. However, its price forecast chart shows a symmetrical triangle. Accordingly, if it can reach its resistance level at $ 0.0246, it will surely face the second level of resistance, the price of $ 0.04, by the end of 2021.


VTHO price prediction for 2026

Based on the resistance levels consider for this cryptocurrency, the overall market chart shows good pulses.

It is very positive, with the break of resistance levels of 0.075 at the end of 2021. its way is open for 5 years and moves to the $ 1 price. Until these levels reach, two resistance levels of $ 0.0311 and $ 0.0523 are also available. Therefore, the risk is based on all three levels of resistance and the general market chart.

Many analysts predict a growing trend for VTHO, which now ranks 102nd in the cryptocurrency market. The currency could rise to around $ 0.08 by the end of 2021, provided it reaches resistance levels and will reach an approximate price of $ 0.5 by early 2023, with increasing use of the blockchain for more IoT access. Many have considered the ten-year trend for this currency up to $ 1. But we predict that despite this market, VTHO could reach $ 1 by 2026 if certain conditions meet.



VTHO operates in the WeChain blockchain network and is one of the main pillars of smart contracts in this network. In predicting the price of VTHO, we consider an uptrend and note that the resistance levels will soon break if investors support this token, and we will see higher prices of this currency. What do you think about VTHO?

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