The Best Tiktok Songs in 2021

Tiktok is an app you can find all new songs. From hilarious voice-overs to popular mashups, successful TikTok songs improve videos to run viral on the program. Every year some new famous singers create new songs and add them to their list. Finally, some stand out and rise to the top of the TikTok fame rate. In this text, we want to break down the top 2021 TikTok songs in a single list.

The Best TikTok songs of 2021

Radio and MTV once control choosing which popular tunes would arrive the society and surely become successful hits. Soon, in the time of social media, it appears that TikTok is at the head of the music business.

The list of the best TikTok songs in 2021

“Oh No” by Kripa

“Aesthetic” by Xilo

“Buss It” by Erica Banks

“Lotus Flower Bomb” by Wale feat. Miguel

“drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo

“Sugarcrash!” by ElyOtto

“So Pretty” by Reyanna Maria

“Dangerous” by Kardinal Offishall

“Vacation” by Dirty Heads

“Streets” by Doja Cat

“Pieces” by Danilo Stankovic

“Up” by Cardi B

“telepatía” by Kali Uchis

“Batman” by LPB Poody

“I Am” by Yung Baby Tate feat. Flo Milli

“Oops!” by Yung Gravy

“Caution” by Kaytranada

“It’s Not The Same Anymore” by Rex Orange County

“Church Bells” by Carrie Underwood

“UCKERS” by Shygirl

“Day ‘n’ Nite” by Kid Cudi

Now I want to introduce some of them for more and talk about their videos.

“Buss It” on TikTok

  • “Lotus Flower Bomb” by Wale feat. Miguel

Originally, they produced this music in 2020, but it became popular in 2021 when famous people like Addison Rae used it as part of a dance course. One of the causes it runs viral is its easy dance mimics, unlike others on the app.

“It’s Not The Same Anymore” on TikTok

  • “Church Bells” by Carrie Underwood

The only national song in this list is a record of the viral dance. Different from other viral dances, it became popular as a parody.

“UCKERS” on TikTok

  • “Day ‘n’ Nite” by Kid Cudi

They introduced this song in 2008, but this year was a perfect year for that on TikTok. Most videos of this song contain a person holding in front of a light key with a slogan written out around the video. Some of the words are in white, while some are black. When the “day and night” lyric pops up, the body turns the lights off, and a new white slogan appears.

“Church Bells” on TikTok

  • “UCKERS” by Shygirl

This iconic video scream has attended all items from home decor rounds to DIY bucket hat tutorials. There are amazing courses in utilizing this sound like somebody screaming and many expressions around him that they consider false. It explains how you observe real-life as opposed to what your Instagram profile seems.

“I Am” on TikTok

  • “oops!” by Yung Gravy

Because of this famous song, you can not imagine Tracy without considering “Tracy with the Honda?” This video reveals someone before and after they become ready. Also, it shows the users moving on a skateboard, on roller skates, or stretching out of a car window.

“Oops!” on TikTok

  • “Caution” by Kaytranada

It is the next popular song that people usually use as background music in many videos. While it has a relaxing rhythm and repeated sounds, it is a natural song over all the layers of voice-overs.

“Sugarcrash!” on TikTok

  • “So Pretty” by Reyanna Maria

Changing from no makeup to makeup style makes a popular video on TikTok. Other songs like that perform those shifts even more seamless. Somebody uses this sound and simulates tapping the camera for the opening beats and then showing their different look through the “I’m so pretty” line.

“So Pretty” on TikTok

  • “Dangerous” by Kardinal Offishall

They produced this song in 2008, but following the sound PresleyWalker created, it became popular on TikTok for several trends. The most popular trend shows a person making something “dangerous,” like inviting their crush out, then getting a sip of water with trembling hands to prove how excited they are.

“Vacation” on TikTok

  • “Streets” by Doja Cat

This recent love song is the best to explain someone’s relationship. It became a trend for the person lip-syncing to take their partner through the course “there ain’t a man like you.”


Almost all Titok fans check the list of trending music each year. Here I collected some of TikTok best songs you can not miss in 2021.

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