Top 5 Best Streaming Platforms In UK To Watch Best Shows And Movies

Streaming platforms have been making quite the buzz among audiences. After the pandemic, it seems people have begun to finally appreciate the lifestyle of introverts; staying at home, binge-watching a show while stuffing your face with junk food. No one thinks “partying” is cool anymore. 

If you’ve finally found your true calling with binge-watching shows all day long, you should have a firm grasp on the best toys the Internet has to offer in terms of streaming, of course. If you’re a British citizen, you should know your options, and also how to get your hands on the options that are unavailable within the UK. 

For instance, you can get HBO Max in the UK as well, if you know how to get around geo-restrictions by using a VPN. But more on that later. Let’s give you a rundown of the best streaming platforms mankind offers to break out of boredom. 

  1. Netflix

To say Netflix is one of the biggest streaming websites available on the internet is an understatement. Despite losing 2 million subscribers in the past year, the streaming service continues to thrive by adding more and more titles to its ever-growing expansive library of 6000+ titles. 

So far, Netflix remains undefeated when it comes to producing originals. From the mysterious gang in Stranger Things to the entertaining ton of Bridgerton, the dramas keep you hooked. Apart from that, the streaming platform adds new and old titles to its library on a monthly basis.

The movies and shows are available in a variety of languages, so there’s something for everyone. Name any movie star and you’ll find at least one or two films of theirs on Netflix already. You can get a Netflix UK subscription for as low as £10.99 per month.   

  1. HBO Max

As already mentioned, HBO Max earns its position in the top 5 popular streaming platforms in the UK. However,it is a geo-restricted platform and cannot be accessed in the UK directly. 

But, you shouldn’t let that hold you back. After all, you can always get the assistance of a premium VPN service and watch this stand-alone streaming service in the UK, offering a bunch of shows and movies. 

HBO Max offers content you can watch for more than 13000 hours. Impressive, Yeh? Apart from the worldwide famous Game of Thrones, you can watch The Staircase, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Big Little Lies and a number of other shows as well. Much like other streaming services, HBO Max also offers a number of packages so that you can binge-watch shows as much as you like. 

You can also get Max Originals, an over-the-top streaming service that houses the new version of the classic teen drama Gossip Girl. HBO Max packages start from $9.99 per month. 

  1. Amazon Prime Video

Giving a good competition to Netflix’s originals, you have Amazon Prime Video, the streaming platform that houses the black comedy superhero series The Boys. Amazon Prime gives you access to over 12,000 titles available online and on-demand. 

Did you know you can even rent and buy movies and shows on this streaming platform? 

With Amazon Prime, you never run out of content to watch. Name a genre and you’ll find it on Amazon Prime. In fact, you can even get free 2-day Prime shipping, access to Amazon Music, and a free Kindle book every month. 

That sounds like a perfect package. You can get Amazon Prime for £7.99 per month and simultaneously stream it on three devices. 

  1. Disney+

This family-friendly streaming platform is ideal for you if you’d like to relive your childhood through a heavy dose of nostalgia. Disney+ houses a variety of streaming content owned by Disney itself, Marvel, and Pixar. Any Disney cartoon which was an all-time favorite of yours in childhood, you’ll find it here.

Just recently, Disney+ unloaded a heap of the newest Marvel original series like Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, Loki, and many others. You can watch shows in 4K resolution and on four different screens simultaneously without paying any additional costs. 

Disney Plus Premier Access allows you to purchase the newest cinema releases, such as Black Widow. All in all, Disney+ is an excellent streaming service if you’d like to get something for the entire family to watch, only for £7.99 per month. 

  1. Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is also in the streaming business to give the rest of the competitors a run for their money. Most of the content produced by Apple TV+ has focused on quality rather than quantity. A star-studded quality product too. The # MeToo-focused drama, The Morning Show features Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell, all in one show. 

If you’d like profound shows, Apple TV+ has a ton of them. This streaming platform offers affordable prices like £4.99 per month. It provides 4K resolution and allows you to watch on six simultaneous screens at the same time without any additional charges. 

In fact, if you purchase an Apple device along with a subscription for Apple TV+, you’ll get to use it free of cost for three entire months. 

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That’s all from our side. We hope you can now decide which streaming service or service(s) are ideal for you while residing in the United Kingdom.. Gone are the days of DVDs and CDs as you can rent and purchase the newest shows or movies online. Also bypassing virtual barriers on your favorite streaming services is a piece of a cake for VPN providers. So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and get one!

Author: Dyka Smith

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