Know About Twitch Channel Points

Channel Points is a customized points plan that allows streamers to pay members of their association with perks, like a taste of advantages typically held for supporters. All partners and affiliates can use this option.

Channel Points appears with built-in, automatic awards that streamers may customize. Streamers can also make custom awards that they satisfy on their own, such as pick the next channel I receive, placed my background music, or make me dance on stream.

The points streamers get are particular to the channel, and the points are stored automatically when they log in. As they support more, they may earn more points. 

How to earn Twitch Channel Points

Channel Points are different for any registered channel, and you can earn them through multiple activities such as Viewing, Following, and Sharing in Raids. Taking these things on a desirable channel will pay you with more Channel Points for that channel.

How to Earn Channel Points

As a follower, you can earn Channel Points regularly as you follow registered channels. At some periods, you may receive click-to-claim warnings at the bottom of the chat window. These awards will provide you more points. Now, you can click the warning, and your Channel Point is updated accordingly.

Channel Points that you get over Following and participating in a Raid will automatically place on your account. But it does not end there! You have to follow up a Watch Streak on an entered channel when you see their next broadcast.

Watching constant broadcasts will enhance your Watch Streak, and you will automatically receive more Channel Points per constant broadcast you watch since the Watch Streak continues perfectly.

Make sure you did not fail a broadcast, or the Watch Streak will damage! Stay up to date with the producer’s plan to guarantee you do not drop out!

How to Use Channel Points

You can use Channel Points on channel awards that the streamer has approved or attached themselves. The number of Channel Points required per reward may differ by channel as producers may estimate the amount of Channel Points needed to obtain specific awards.

To start managing your Channel Points, just tick the Channel Point image at the base left of the chat window. As you did it, you will see a window. It shows you the award opportunities for that channel and the corresponding Channel Points required to redeem the reward.

After choosing a reward, catch the directions provided.

Next, you have performed all of the required levels for the preferred reward; we will prove to you that you need to apply your Channel Points on this reward. To proceed, tick the purple Unlock key followed by the number of deducted Channel Points.

 Channel Points Setup and Management

Everyone likes points and awards! Your true followers will now be ready to get points from taking what they are now appearing in your channel, like watching, following, or engaging in a raid. The Channel Points schedule will append an extra layer of fun by making your viewers use their points on pleasure awards, some of which provide them a taste of goods typically stored for subscribers. This will seamlessly combine with their fellowship experience.

 All Twitch Affiliates and Partners can use it freely. You can run your details in the Creator Dashboard. If you do not want to have Channel Points allowed on your channel, you may disable the point by toggling the Enable Channel Points alternative.

Customizing your Channel Points

You can customize your Channel Points by going to your dashboard, ticking the Hamburger image in the top left-hand edge, and continuing to Channel Points below the Viewer Rewards part.

Now, you can set the title of your Channel Points to show your brand and community. You will also notice an opportunity to upload a custom image for your Channel Points. You can find it on your channel page at the base of the chat window.

Twitch Channel Points help you to make a connection with your fans and pay them for following you. Here, in the above text, I talked about Twitch point details for both producers and followers.

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