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What Are the Best Twitch Analytics?

When you begin streaming, you might face this topic that how do I develop on Twitch?

Everyone’s turn on the program is varied, but there are several steps you can do to promote your stream.

For instance, you might need to find out the fittest times to run live on Twitch, which games are the best to stream and which games you have to avoid, or perhaps you even need to recognize other streamers you could cooperate with (or who might be your opponent.)

There are several tools ready to present Twitch analytics, apart from Twitch’s dashboard.

Here, I will go through the best twitch analytics tools and explain how each one can help you to improve your channel.

Best Twitch Analytics:

  • SullyGnome

Sullygnome’s homepage connects you right away with millions of data and statistics regarding the contemporary state of Twitch. It provides you a great summary of:

  1. Most streamed and viewed channels
  2. Most streamed and followed games
  3. Analysis of modern trends across the last day, week, month, etc.
  • TwitchTracker

TwitchTracker has a smooth design and offers users a collection of stats directly on the homepage.

Like SullyGnome, TwitchTracker presents you data on how many streamers and observers are currently running on Twitch, as well as a rough notice of what time most observers watch. It also records top streams in the past week, as well as the best currently live channels.

In the head right, you can explore for yourself or any streamer that you like. This page provides an immediate snapshot of your stream’s show, with light-colored indicators to show whether the stat has developed or discredited in the timeframe you chose.

One of the useful sections is below the “Streams” tag, where you can view a comprehensive list of your streams. So you can choose through to any particular week for further features.

  • StreamElements Chat Stats

StreamElements Stats is a bit distinct from the others, as it only trails chat stats. But, this is especially helpful, and you cannot ignore it.

The first point is that it is a great method to get out who your best chatters are, which can assist you to recognize your biggest fans. Paying your most engaged community parts is a good idea of involving and relating with them, so you could utilize this tool to determine who should need a VIP star in your chat.

You could also apply it to understand which association members might be good mods if they are always there and very effective in your chat.

An Extra great point StreamElements Stats makes is listing the emotes that are utilized most in your chat. It can be suitable for Twitch co-workers and affiliates, as it encourages you to understand which are your most and least favorite emotes.

  • TwitchMetrics

TwitchMetrics has identical pieces as websites like SullyGnome and TwitchTracker, with a summary of Twitch as complex and in-depth penetrations for different games and channels.

The landing page for games is much useful here, associated with the corresponding page on other sites. It provides an overview of the current project in the section, viewership across time, most-watched clips, and fastest-growing and most-watched channels.

  • StreamElements / Streamlabs Reports

Both StreamElements and Streamlabs can give you records to your email address shortly after your stream ends, and they make an exceptional snapshot picture of how your stream played. You can apply both or just unity, but they will contribute approximately the same type of learning. Streamlabs provides a great summary of the financial progress of a critical stream. For example, its description will show you how many gifts (or tips), subs, and cheers they followed, along with some viewership data and a small plus if your stream made better than your past one. 

StreamElements gives completely identical info, arranged in a somewhat less easy-to-read form (but with helpful graphs) 


There are several various means possible for streamers to follow analytics. We suggest applying these tools to supplement the current Twitch dashboard, enabling you to find what you are making right and what fields you can develop.

You can also practice each of these devices to analyze your stream with other comparable streamers, maybe somebody who stream the identical games as you or people who have a similar following.

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