What is Filecoin?

What is Filecoin, and what are its features in the world of cryptocurrencies? In today’s world, most applications on the Internet run on central servers.

What is Filecoin, and what are its features in the world of cryptocurrencies? In today’s world, most applications on the Internet run on central servers. In this case, data protection is much more important than before because the loss of primary data causes irreparable damage to these systems.

At the moment, a network with a very high level of security and trust is necessary. Filecoin, developed by Protocol Labs, provides users with the basis of a decentralized blockchain economy on a single platform with all its mathematical science and technology.

Filecoin is one of the open-source and public cryptocurrencies developed based on the blockchain distributed network. It is a multi-platform digital currency due to its particular implementations and configuration based on the Interplanetary File System.

Filecoin Features

Filecoin is on three general axes of digital assets:

The first is the client as a data-sharing of a file and memory along with its cost.

Some miners allow you to store data and receive information on the hard drive space for further customization.

However, to optimize storage space customization, you must be a miner to do this process.

The miner does not encrypt files that were securely released with the client on the blockchain, and this is one of the most critical operations of the Filecoin platform.

Filecoin advantages

How to make sure the data is stored entirely and securely? Here the role of the Proof of Replication algorithm is specified.

Because the entire Filecoin ecosystem is built on decentralized protocols, the process is also public. Filecoin can be accessed by any entity that wants to share part of the hard drive with users.

Filecoin privacy

Due to the nature of the encrypted decentralized network, the file has considerable security. Even if the file is available to users from different geographical locations, blockchain will still confirm its safety. At the same time, security guarantees by encryption.

Authenticated employees can manage part of the data. Even though another server, no data leakage occurs. Unlike proof of stake algorithms, which are penalized for damaging data on the hard drive, there is no information leakage in this system.

Filecoin price

The Filecoin was launched in August 2017 by Xuan Bennett. More than $ 200 million grew in the first 30 minutes alone.

January 2018 saw the highest Filecoin price of $ 10.3. But it did not take long for the cost to reach $ 10.04. In November 2018, the cost of Filecoin reached less than $ 9.2. However, in 2020, it also experienced a fee of $ 12

Technical analysis of Filecoin shows that its price is rising contrary to the regular market routine. In the original competition with Stellar and Atrium, the cost of File Coin will reach more than $ 153, and its market volume will be $ 10 billion.

Filecoin Price Prediction

Filecoin could have a rapidly growing trend in the coming years. The price of this cryptocurrency will reach $ 300 by the end of 2022, $ 530 in 2023, and $ 770 in the next five years.

Filecoin Price Prediction 2021

Just like other cryptocurrencies, Filecoin is related to previous data, volume, and market movement. This mode allows Filecoin to be predictable even with large fluctuations and to properly investing in. Of course, experts have different opinions about the price of Filecoin in the coming years. However, due to the sharp fluctuations in the price of this digital currency, its prediction is not easily achieved.

Price Prediction 2022

In 2022, the price of this currency will reach $ 302. Its maximum price in 2022 is approximately $ 349.

Price Prediction 2023

In 2023, this token will be in the $ 800 price range. Of course, with the analytical calculations that have been done, the average price will probably be close to $ 775

Price Prediction 2024

The long-term price of Filecoin until 2024 is close to $ 900 to $ 1130. Of course, this trend also depends on the market structure and digital currency system.

Filecoin Price Prediction 2025

Of course, it is tough to predict the price of a volatile market in the long run. Technical analysis and other studies of the cryptocurrency market estimate the cost of Filecoin in 2025 to be around $ 1,200. Many experts even see this price up to $ 1400. So Filecoin is well worth the investment.


As we explained, Filecoin is based on a decentralized open-source protocol and gives users a storage space on the hard drive. Filecoin can pave the way for developing and constructing optimal storage space so that security is visible. What do you think about this cryptocurrency?

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