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Writing an Excellent Marketing Case Study

Those who work in marketing know very well that case study is one of the important tools to deal with customers. This is a story of your success when you helped a customer with the similar demand solve their problems.

What is a case study in marketing

As marketers love using storytelling, this is basically your personal story as a great marketer on how well you feel the customer and help them choose something that will satisfy their needs. It is important to present a customer, who came with a problem, and who ‘lives happy ever after’ after you helped them. 

Case study is also a great method to humbly promote your skills and achieved results. It is an easy way to convince a hesitating customer in partnership.

If you do everything right, you will be able to show your approach to each separate case and capabilities that lead you to the desired result. 

To tell the truth, many think it is a nightmare composing a case study because it demands storytelling skills and correct tactics to present yourself to the potential customer. It does need all that, but the flow of process depends greatly on how you treat it. 

However, there is one important aspect to remember – case study should not be about your company’s greatness. Winning case studies always tell the story of a person, and always focus on that person, their demand, their journey and success. 

How to write a marketing case study

Let’s first talk about the length of a case study. How long it should be. Remember, case study is not release or advertisement. Most sources recommend making it not less than 500 and not more than 1500 words. It depends on the sphere you work. 

Most of the word count should be given to the part of the text where you describe benefits and results. It is a good idea to use graphics to add more information. 

Tips to Write Marketing Case Study

Now when you know what a case study is and why you need it, let’s go to the practical part. Here are some important tips to compose your case study:

Do tell a story. Case study is a great tool to show your professionalism in marketing to help customers and illustrate the results of your work. A story about a real person will help your customers imagine it vividly and understand better. Involve your customer in this story from beginning to end. 

Talk about specific solution. Think about all your cases and choose one to several you would like to share with your potential customer. Include details. This will help you with the response from the potential customer who has the same problem. Emphasize who your services help solving the problem. 

Plan. Planning is a good idea for many things. It works perfectly well with case study writing. When you have a plan the process becomes much easier for you. 

Win customer’s approval. When you work with a client and achieve result, it is a good idea to win their approval to use this project for your case study. It is best to do it without delay while the customer still experiences the emotions of happiness from your service. 

What should be in your CS?

  1. Title that is short and catchy. Tell about the results of the story to catch attention.
  2. Your customer. A case study normally starts with introduction, brand presentation and their service. Include a customer like the main actor of the story. 
  3. Problem. Proceed to identifying the customer’s problem/s and challenges on the way to solving it. 
  4. Solution. It is time to show your approach to the customer’s problems. You should describe details, each step you did to find the solution.
  5. Result. Describe the results you achieved thanks to your approach. Use all the ways possible to show how you helped your customer – data and statistic, visuals. 
  6. Call to action. Marketing case study always aims at encouraging your potential customer to achieve similar results. Your article needs to conclude with a strong appeal for action

Help with marketing cases

All the above sounds a bit complicated, doesn’t it? Especially if you are just starting to create your system of case studies. There is no need to stay on your own with this challenge. Ask for professional help.

Where can you get help with case study? Let’s see, a case study is basically an essay adjusted specifically to your sphere of work, right? It means that you can address case study writer from and get professional assistance. 

This service has proven to be a reliable partner when it comes to any type of writing. They have an impressive team of experts in multiple spheres, including marketing. This online essay writing service will do its best to make you their happy and satisfied client. 

When you place the order at their website, you will be able to contact the case study writer from who will deliver your order to discuss all the details. You will share your experience and they will use your story to compose a winning case study. 

Even after that you will be able to monitor the execution of your order, make suggestions and corrections in the process of writing. You can be sure that your case study will be written by an expert in marketing and with the use of proper language.

We recommend not ignoring such a tool of turning potential customer to standing customers of your company as case study. If you need help composing winning cases, you can always ask assay writer service for help. 

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