4 Amazing Virtual Office Solutions Your Company Should Try

Running a business sometimes requires you to make harder decisions than you would like. Due to the “eat or be eaten” nature that defines contemporary market environments, businesses have to constantly look for ways to increase their profits and cut expenses wherever possible at the same time. The above is made many times worse if a disaster such as an economic crisis strikes unannounced. In such a case, layoffs are often, unfortunately, one of the first choices many companies take.

You should never give in to such an approach. After all, there is one incredibly expensive thing that can be reliably let go of without any major consequences to your company – your office. In this age of remote work, there are numerous virtual office solutions that can replace your physical one with an Internet-based choice and thus allow you to save up on pricy rent and cleaning services, including Opus Virtual Offices for beginners, Servcorp as a high-end option, Alliance Virtual Offices for receptionist services and Davinci Virtual Office Solutions for your international needs. Explore the advice below and learn what virtual office solutions work best for you!

If You Need a Cheap Option, Go With the Opus Virtual Offices

OVO might be a perfect solution for clients based in North America. Offering basic solutions for an affordable price, this company has over 500 locations on the continent, making them a natural choice to companies located in the entirety of continental US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Opus is often the preferred choice for beginners, providing straightforward solutions such as full mail and Virtual Phone System or a live receptionist during business hours. Moreover, Opus has your convenience in mind, being able to convert all your faxes and voice messages into easy-to-read emails that get sent to your inbox. Most importantly, you get all that for barely $99 a month. That’s a remarkable improvement over the thousand of dollars you have to pay each month for your rent and all else that it entails.

Servcorp Is Perfect if You Need a High-end Option

If pricing is irrelevant to you, you’d be pleased to know that Servcorp can offer you the most premium services and benefits out of any solution discussed in this article.

Naturally, it contains such basic virtual office features as an address, phone, or mail services, as well as a receptionist if you need one. That, however, is barely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Among the premium features, you wouldn’t find in a subpar virtual office solution are 3 hours of free access to co-working spaces per day, 8 hours of access to private boardrooms and offices per month, a state of the art wi-fi with a personalized login and password, as well as a personal assistant and access to the company’s business networking community. Moreover, Servcorp would be a natural choice for those businesses employing a lot of seasonal or temporary workforce, as it is among the select few that offer the ability to pay one month at a time.

As mentioned before, the price for all these features is substantial. Choosing their services will require you to pay an astounding $700 a month. Bear in mind, however, that such an expense is still going to be significantly lower than what your company paid for your trendy office and all the services it needed to function properly.

Alliance Virtual Offices Prioritizes Receptionist Services Like No Other

Sometimes, the nature of your business puts a particular emphasis on the receptionist’s work. After all, no dentist or vet can function properly without a person dedicated to taking calls and making appointments.

In this case, Alliance Virtual Offices might be just up your alley. Unlike most competitors, this solution offers a specialized receptionist plan that involves a dedicated employee working tirelessly from Monday to Saturday, taking care of your communication needs as well as managing your calendar. It might come off as a surprise, but such a dedicated service will cost you barely $95 a month for 50 minutes of live answering service, assuming you sign a six-month contract and pay a $100 setup fee. A small price for a service that is available in the entirety of the US and 42 other countries.

However, if even such a high number of supported countries is not enough for you, there’s a solution even more global in its reach.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions Is the Ultimate in International Coverage

This reputable company offers its services in 45 countries (besides, of course, the entirety of the US) and boasts a staggering number of over 5000 locations worldwide. That alone makes it a natural choice for businesses looking to aggressively expand their reach into international markets.

Davinci offers not only a physical address and mail receipt plus forwarding but also in-person services anywhere it has a presence, including registered agents, business support centers, and even lobby greeters. Moreover, the live receptionist plan is equally impressive, with the basic one including such services as local or toll-free numbers, live answering, call forwarding, and voicemail management, to name a few. The premium package takes this up to eleven by introducing the bilingual receptionist option and customer care.

Surprisingly for a company with such a wide reach, Davinci’s packages are not especially expensive. Your basic office features start at a mere $49 but take into account that such a plan is rather barebones. The price tag for services representative of Davinci’s capabilities will inevitably be much higher.

Running a business is already a challenge in itself. You have to constantly plan for the future and adjust to changes as they happen. It is especially burdensome when you have to make adjustments to your physical office and everything it entails: rent, cleaning, pay for employees.

In this case, it would be more than prudent to get rid of it entirely and look into the wide variety of virtual office solutions available. The solutions discussed above will allow you to save on all those costs while still remaining in perfect contact with your clients and allowing your employees to comfortably work from their homes.

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