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Amazon business user account for B2B sales (features and benefits)

Amazon Business User Account for B2B sales

After Amazon successfully launched its B2C program in 2015, it decided to expand its functionality in 2016 to a B2B one, enabling Amazon business user accounts. This account lets businesses to buy directly from each other, gives them the possibility to determine their payment methods, provides them with reporting tools, and enable a lot of other accessibilities for businesses.

Amazon Business Program

Amazon Business provides business owners with a variety of features

Who can create an Amazon business account?

All businesses that have a physical location inside the USA and its territories are eligible to join the program. Besides, Amazon business has some limitations that accounts and businesses must observe:

to sell on Amazon

to join the Amazon business seller program

order defect rate

1% or less5% or less

pre-shipment cancellation rate

2.5% or less

Less than 1%

late shipment rate

4% or less

Less than 2%



Benefits of having an Amazon Business account

Businesses can benefit from amazon business programs and account in a variety of ways. Those advantages for businesses include:

  • Exclusive SKUs for businesses:

Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) are numbers dedicated to each item in the inventory by the retailers and helps to identify their prices, manufacturers, and inventory.  Business accounts on Amazon provide you with exclusive SKUs.

  • Tax-free programs:

Sellers on Amazon can join the tax exemption program if their purchases are qualified by the program.

  • Business pricing:

Sellers and customers on the Amazon business seller program can benefit from the features of the business pricing. This program provides users with attractive and competitive prices across the platform and offers discounts to businesses, without considering the quantity they purchase.

  • High volume purchase discount:

Amazon’s business program also gives businesses the possibility to buy a higher volume of goods at lower prices. This is a discount applied to high quantity purchases.

  • Seller credentials:

Sellers on the program can also add their credentials to their business accounts. These credentials can include ISO marks, the gender of the user, their niche, location, the size of the business, etc. This helps users and businesses find the business account, more efficiently on Amazon.

How can businesses join the seller program on amazon?

Businesses can go to the Amazon Business page and create an account there. If you are already a user of Amazon, you can either enter your previously registered email to change your current Amazon seller account to an amazon business seller one or register with a new email to keep your seller account separated from your business account. Then proceed to fill in the form on the next page.

Amazon business seller program fees

There is a monthly fee for those joining the program. By this payment, a bunch of features will be available to the seller in the business-to-business program of Amazon.

To wrap up

Amazon business seller program is absolutely a step towards a new generation of online retailing, enabling businesses with tools and opportunities to optimize their online shopping selling activities more than ever. Amazon is expected to lunch more and more programs and updates to create a richer user experience throughout the platform.

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