15 Best Paying Jobs in Basic Industries 2023 (All about Basic Industries)

All governments need to have reliable revenue sources to keep their power at the highest point in order to manage the course of their national economies. Basic industries house a lot of job opportunities, which provide people with avenues for growth and also a means of livelihood. Globally, more than 1 billion people engage in basic industries corporations.

  • This article in front of you is aimed to find the best answers to these questions;
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  • What companies are in the basic industries field?
  • How many jobs are available in basic industries?
  • What do basic industries jobs pay?
  • The best paying jobs in basic industries
basic industries

What are Basic Industries?

Basic industries are somehow the first member of the production supply chain for the giant manufacturers as they produce both raw materials & basic manufactured products. These businesses are usually major providers of inputs to other industries and services, and they will export them to marginal product factories. Most countries keep the buck of their financial statistics on their import and export activity; since they are not a member of a global community famous for having high-tech manufacturers, basic industries are more critical in these regions.

Only a few portions of basic industries sites can be seen on the exchange table. However, as one of the major revenue sources for the governments, basic industries are believed to get the highest rate of bank facilities and direct investment by the rich.

Why should you work in the Basic Industries?

Although basic industries jobs tend to be more physically demanding, highly educated workers and scientists again manage the core of these businesses. As a member of the basic industries group, there should be a guarantee that you have raised your skills in these fields;

  • Productivity: factories and workshops seek an employee who is punctual and excellent at time management. Employees should draw a certain life schedule for their daily activities, and they need to engage in tasks and missions that add value to the organization.
  • Teamwork: being experienced enough to collaborate with other employees has always been an essential skill for basic industries. Based on MLMs and multi-disciplinary teams, people should build mutual relationships and data connections to boost their performance.
  • Positive approach: as a successful employee, you need to be ambitious to get early job promotions and make your exclusive role in the industry. Workers have to constantly upgrade their skills while on a job in order to illuminate their career picture.
  • Adaptability: a ship on the ocean always encounters powerful waves during its journey, anas Basic sectors are always the first victim in the occurrence of global macroeconomic fluctuations. Hence, employees and workers have to be highly flexible and adapt themselves to the changes in technology.
  • Lucrative: This area has high competition among industries so they will offer competitive salary and benefits packages to their employees.
  • Self-satisfaction: basic industries are the kind of most reliable businesses due to high material demand in the world. Because of that, workers and basic sector crews are experiencing high levels of job satisfaction.

Basic industries Pros and Cons

Young adults and individuals who have just graduated from universities are looking for an occupant that maximally matches their abilities and has enough room for further improvement. Is applying for basic industries jobs a good idea? Let’s review the positive and negative points of your decision;

  • Pros
  1. The payment is often very good, especially for entry-level positions.
  2. There is enough room for a job promotion.
  3. The work can be very rewarding, both in terms of the job satisfaction and in terms of the positive impact
  • Cons
  1. The work you choose can be very physically demanding and challenging, so you must keep yourself in shape and healthy.
  2. Time-sparing guys can be successful in this field of industry.
  3. The job can contain long hours, difficult working conditions

What do basic industries jobs pay?

Since many kinds of professions are working together in the form of a basic sector, the average salaries of basic industries jobs can be far different. According to your interests and skills, there are several different levels of payments in basic industries, but 95% of job positions in this field are provided with a mean annual salary of between $47,000 and $114,000, according to statistics.

Is basic industries a good career path?

Many job seekers are asking employment offices if it is good enough to join the basic industries community. The fact is that the need for workers in basic industries has never been greater. More after, there is a wide range of positions and professions a basic sector needs to work properly. So, is basic industries a good career path? Yes absolutely.

In contrast with the idea you may take from the word “basic” in the subject, the minimum salaries do not always seem “basic,” and you can surely find high-paying jobs in this field.

What companies are in the basic industries field?

Not all basic industries have to manufacture something as a product, as they can sometimes be the “service providers.” What companies are in the basic industries field? To summarize the answer, basic industries can be classified in more than ten separate fields as the following;

  • Agriculture
  • Steel and metals
  • Industrial chemistry
  • Mining industry
  • Medical and paramedical services
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Green industry
  • Food industry
  • Utilities

And even more.

How many jobs are available in basic industries?

A basic industry is a big store with several types of job opportunities, which can provide exciting choices for the employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, there are more than 24 million basic industries jobs in the United States.

15 best paying jobs in basic industries

We have created a clear picture of what basic industries actually are and how many jobs are available in basic industries. So as the next level, let’s review the 15 best paying jobs in basic industries;

  1. Computer systems analyst

If you are a high-tech guy with a big IT brain, this is one of the best paying jobs in basic industries you are looking for. As a computer systems analyst, your task is to schedule to meet computing hardware and software demands. The computer systems analysts’ payments are an average annual salary of between $87,000 to more than $102,000 per year

  1. Factory managers

Factory managers are responsible for controlling the maintenance and stability of basic industries, which is essential to support employees and national financial routes. To be honest, these managers supervise the production process. Factory managers are paid an average annual salary of between $93,000 to more than $124,000 per year

  1. Electrician

If you think Thomas Edison is proud of your skills, you can get a full-time job as an electrician in basic industries. Electricians are responsible for making sure electrical circuits are without any errors and the production process can be continued flawlessly. Electricians are greatly paid with an average annual salary of between $61,000 to more than $81,000 per year

  1. Health and safety officer

As one of the best paying jobs in basic industries, safety officers ensure that workers are safe during working. Health and safety officers’ tasks include training and supervising the workers in order to upgrade their performance for future improvements. Health and safety officers are paid an average annual salary of between $55,000 to more than $103,000 per year

  1. Agricultural chemists

An agricultural chemist aims to study organisms’ growth and variation, often in lab settings, while they are under the influence of chemicals. Agricultural chemists are trying to improve crop yields, increase crop resistance to pests, and reduce as much as they can to harm the environment. Agricultural chemists are paid an average annual salary of between $74,000 to more than $87,000 per year

  1. Logging workers

This is another example of best paying jobs in basic industries, especially if there is a large-scale forest to work on. Logging workers often have to work for long hours and handle harsh weather conditions throughout their job career. Logging workers are paid an average annual salary of between $71,000 to more than $90,000 per year

  1. Pipefitter

Pipefitters, also known as steamfitters, are well-trained workers who assemble, fabricate, maintain and repair mechanical piping systems. These people often start their job careers as apprentices, but soon they will be promoted to take control of the piping process. Professional pipefitters are paid an average annual salary of between $48,000 to more than $67,000 per year.

  1. Mining engineers

Earning money on the earth is very alluring, but how about achieving it underground? All industries, such as coal mining, oil, and gas extraction, and metal and mineral refinery factories, need mining engineers to plan, design, and construct these industries’ infrastructure. Mining engineers are paid an average annual salary of between $83,000 to more than $101,000 per year.

  1. Petroleum engineers

The global industry village always needs oil and gas as the source of energy, and petroleum engineers are responsible for supporting the required supply chain. Petroleum engineers are hired to help find, drill, and extract petroleum from the earth by exploring geology and geography to locate oil sources and other valuable minerals. Petroleum engineers are paid an average annual salary of between $91,000 to more than $107,000 per year

  1. Business Development Engineer

A business development engineer (BDE) is a person who searches for opportunities and develops new market opportunities for their company. BDEs guarantee companies can reach their goals by establishing mutual connections with business partners, investors, and vendors. Business development engineers are paid an average annual salary of between $89,000 to more than $110,000 per year

  1. EMTs and paramedics

Working as an EMT or paramedic can be a good choice for those seeking a low-hour job with low-stress job conditions. In this job, you need to transport patients to the hospitals and provide primary healthcare for injured people. EMTs and paramedics are paid an average annual salary of between $45,000 to more than $61,000 per year

  1. Osteopathic physicians or masseurs

Our bodies sometimes need to be treated gently to forget the past difficult conditions experienced. Masseurs and osteopathic physicians are one of those best paying jobs in basic industries that can help you refresh your body and soul. These people are licensed to diagnose and treat some orthopedic pathologies, so never get worried about the circumstances. Osteopathic physicians are paid an average annual salary of between $85,000 to more than $176,000 per year

  1. Lawyers

Believe me or not, lawyers also are a member of this industry field, and of course, one of the best paying jobs in basic industries. Lawyers are responsible for managing the legal issues of industries’ activities and ensuring that no court or rival is going to harm their performance in terms of the law. Hired lawyers are paid an average annual salary of between $81,000 to more than $112,000 per year

  1. Truck driver

The process of exporting goods from a sector needs trucks, and these vehicles need drivers to function. Truck drivers are responsible for receiving, sorting, cataloging, and delivering goods that are manufactured or purchased from other companies. As a result, this is one of the most challenging jobs in our “best paying jobs in basic industries” collection. Truck drivers are paid well, with an average annual salary of between $46,000 to more than $59,000 per year.

  1. Metallurgists

Metallurgists are kind of chemical engineers who are trained to study the behavior of metals and how to use them. In addition, these professionals make the extraction process of metals and minerals easy. Metallurgists are paid an average annual salary of between $89,000 and more than $108,000 annually.


Thank you very much. We covered almost anything you need to know about basic industries, including the definition, pros and cons, and best paying jobs in basic industries. As you know, basic industries jobs are well supported by the government so that workers are relieved about their job security. More after, the demand for raw materials and services is still rising throughout the world, so you should see no dark clouds in the future of working as a basic industries member.

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