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Remember, Monica Geller from the famous sitcom Friends, and her love for hosting? Well, not all of us have that. We all love attending parties but only a handful among us like to take up the strenuous task to arrange and hosting one.

To make it easier on the party guests, Etsy-the famous gift store for all kinds of fun, productive, vintage, and futuristic gifts have us covered for our gift shopping. But did you know Etsy has also made it easier for the host? The massive range of craft tools and supplies Etsy has are sufficient to help us throw a fun-filled theme party.

Etsy’s coupon for free shipping makes shopping convenient for us, as the supplies are delivered to our doorstep. From wedding décor to invitation papers and accessories for different occasions, we can find everything under Etsy’s roof or on Etsy’s customer-friendly e-store.

To help you find just the right supplies for your party, we have narrowed down a list of items available at Etsy.

Customizable Escort Card Templates 

The small cards with guests’ name and their placement numbers on them are known as escort cards. They were common at weddings up until now. With covid-19 precautions still being taken, it’s best to practice social distancing while celebrating festivities.

The table cards available at Etsy under the party supplies section are beautiful and can be customized in a quick span. You can download the template from their site or provide your personalized template to Etsy.

The editable template by Blush Paperie Shop is among best-sellers for its eucalyptus green leave look. The welcome signs on wooden logs are also beautiful and add an intimate touch to your event. No matter what your event is, or how many cards you require. At Etsy, all needs are met with satisfaction.

Festive Banners for Different Occasions

It is easy to find Birthday banners, but only at Etsy can you find a massive banner collection for almost all occasions. We all know how much value banners add to our party. With Christmas approaching, banners at Etsy are a must-add-to-cart.

Our favorite is the JOY banner with a Christmas tree on both ends strung in a loop on a beige rope. The hardboard material keeps the letters from turning and lasts longer. With Etsy’s free shipping, you may as well order banners for New Year and get Birthday banners customized.

Did we mention, Etsy has banners and signboards for retirement? Yes, Etsy has it all. With the sweetest message written on the glass boards and plastic boards, you can give the older ones in your family a surprise, intimate retirement party as well.

Custom Seed Favors 

Beautiful, curated gifts for guests as a token of appreciation for attending the wedding, and celebrating love is a ritual as old as the wedding itself. However, with time the ritual has evolved and the vintage art has mixed with new techniques producing stunning pieces accentuated with sentiments.

Etsy has the most innovative idea to celebrate while serving a societal purpose. To spread greenery, Etsy has curated small plant pots with sealed seeds and zip-locked mud and a diamond cut card on top that says “Grow with Love”. Could it get any more beautiful?

We love the organic honey pots with a wooden honey dipper, and to complete the whole package a card is attached. You can get these curated on baby birth announcements. And with Etsy’s free shipping, save the long ride energy.

Cake Customized Toppers and Other Cake Décor

Who doesn’t love a gooey, dainty-looking cake? And when it’s personalized it instantly becomes more special. We love how Etsy has an extensive range and numerous options to customize your cake and other desserts.

The cake toppers available in gold, silver, and bronze-colored can be customized in two days’ notice. In whatever font you prefer. We love the mini crowns for cupcakes available in all shimmery colors. You can also find butterflies and flowers, which can easily be attached to the cake without messing the layers.

To add a little glow to your cake and give it a fairy vibe, Rolkem’s gold metallic dust can be shipped to you free of cost. If you are looking for different props to make a theme cake, you can find a full range of figures to choose from. They are all edible and don’t melt out easily. Large quantities can be purchased on short notice.

Lights of All Kinds

Only lights have the feature to instantly brighten up a room. The 24 LED Edison bulbs in a vintage wine bottle are among our top favorites for the festive occasion. For Christmas and Hanukah season approaching, it is nice to have something glowy lightening up the room at all times.

The looks incredible and lasts a long time. You can find the Santa wine bottles covered in Santa separates to set the Christmas vibe. You can also get the honey bee lights for your patios. They look like fireflies when lightened up.

Etsy has a stunning collection of lights. There is a leaf garland with fairy lights in the loop, it is among the top-sellers at the store. We love the fairy curtain light, which specifies a sitting arrangement for guests to chill in.

The store is widely known for its gifts collection, but we hope this article helps you find the party supplies and décor for occasions so you don’t have to look any further!

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