Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

Are you a budding entrepreneur or have plans to dive into the murky waters of entrepreneurship? Kindly note that being a successful entrepreneur is an art that is very tough to master. However, a visit to is an eye-opener that you will live to appreciate. It does not start and end with charisma to convince clients, being an inborn go-getter, and possessing an extrovert personality. The drive to change the world can be a natural thing that you are born with, and also you can learn what it takes to join successful entrepreneurship.

Here are critical personality traits that define almost every successful entrepreneur.

Passion and motivation

The thing that you need to succeed in anything is passion. You are doomed if you do not have a passion for pursuing a specific goal in your entrepreneurship journey. It is advisable to cultivate love in your mind and motivate yourself as you tackle new tasks. It would be best if you had a goal to guide your passion and business motivation.

A motivated and passionate entrepreneur is hopeful even when things are not going as expected. These traits will help you keep an eye on your ultimate goal.


Passion and motivation are not enough to make you a successful entrepreneur. The second essential pillar of entrepreneurship is self-discipline. Discipline is the foundation of all success stories in life. You need to be disciplined enough to accomplish what you are required to complete, even if you do not like the tasks at hand. This discipline is the only way you will be guaranteed success.

Self-discipline has various parts, including self-direction, self-mastery, self-responsibility, and self-control. It is your duty to be disciplined enough to love what most failures avoid. What you do not like is usually the price you need to pay to be successful.


Your third entrepreneurship pillar is persistence. This trait is the backbone of your character as an entrepreneur. It is a quality that can never be ignored by anyone planning to venture into business. There is no single instance where you can separate success from persistence.

A reliable way to cultivate persistence is training your subconscious mind to handle all obstacles that are likely to mess up your entrepreneurship progress. Your mind should be able to tackle the numerous disappointments on your upward entrepreneurship trajectory. Your mind needs to understand that you are not willing to give up even when faced with the worst situations. Success is guaranteed if you dare to meet any business monster. The secret is in the ability and willingness to hold on longer than what the masses are ready to stomach.

Decisive and action-oriented

The last fundamental pillar of entrepreneurship is a decisive mind and an action-oriented personality. You have to learn to think on your feet and make decisions within a limited time. You should decide and excite your plan based on the decisions made. Additionally, be open to feedback from your actions or others so that you can make amends and make the next decision. Note that you need to try as many times as possible to increase your chances of succeeding. has more reliable entrepreneurship information that will help you as you nurture your skills.

7 Digital Marketing Tips You Need to Know as an Ecommerce Entrepreneur

If you own an e-commerce business, you know it’s more competitive than ever. You could try to take the traditional route of marketing your brand and spend a fortune of your budget on things that don’t work. Instead, why not try these seven digital marketing tips, which can be highly effective and allow you to save some money?  

1. Create a Unique Content Strategy

Here is what you need to know:

  • Create a simple process to identify the best content for your audience.
  • Use a content calendar to plan and create your content.
  • Use the right keywords and phrases in the right places.
  • Use relevant content to build links to your site.

2. Use Social Media to Drive Traffic and Raise Brand Awareness

Social media is a powerful tool for e-commerce entrepreneurs, but it also comes with some unique challenges. Intelligent e-commerce marketers have to find ways to use social media to drive traffic and raise brand awareness—it’s a balancing act of drip-feeding information over time while maintaining a consistent presence.

It may sound easy, but it isn’t. You don’t want to lose your audience by falling silent, being too aggressive, or communicating too infrequently. You have to strike the right balance between what makes you stand out and what keeps your audience coming back for more.

3. Highlight User-Generated Content in Your Digital Marketing Plan

  • Create a hashtag for your brand. Encourage customers to use that hashtag whenever they share an experience with your product on Instagram or Twitter.
  • Let customers know that you’ll feature user-generated content on your social media channels. Instagram allows users to tag their photos and videos so that the brands being featured can repost them on their accounts.
  • Use posts from real customers in your marketing ads, too. This encourages more people to share their experiences with your brand. 

4. Get Customers Excited About New Launches

A big part of staying on top of the game as an e-commerce entrepreneur is having a steady flow of new products, and it’s essential to get customers excited about this process. This can be done through various marketing strategies, and you should tailor them to your business model.

Social media is a great way to get your customers excited about new launches for many businesses. Try showing teasers for the upcoming product before its launch to drive some buzz among consumers.

5. Incorporate Video Into Your Digital Marketing Plan For Ecommerce

video is a powerful tool for online marketers. It’s easier for us to digest than text, and we can use it to explain concepts more quickly. Companies with videos get 41% more web traffic from search engine results, and 64% of users are more likely to buy an online product after watching a video about it.

6. Pay Attention to Upselling and Cross-Selling Tactics

You should pay close attention to the upselling and cross-selling tactics on e-commerce websites and take notes on what strategies have worked for you.

Upselling is when a retailer gets you to spend more money than you planned by upgrading your purchase in some way. A good example is Amazon’s Kindle upgrade screen, which offers you a different product version with more features at a higher price.

Cross-selling occurs when an e-commerce retailer convinces you to buy related products. One typical example is popular add-ons from Amazon, which show customers suggested items that commonly go with the thing they’re viewing.

7. Make the Checkout Process as Easy as Possible

There’s no reason to make your customers jump through hoops when trying to buy from you. If you want them to be happy with the checkout process, you have to be clear about everything and provide multiple payment options.

It would also help if they could pay the bill without clicking a bunch of different buttons. In addition, send out an email asking buyers their shipping address once they’ve placed the order. 

8. Invest in SEO Services

There’s no reason to leave out on the opportunity of making your business appear at the top of the search engine. Instead of focusing too much on taking the product or service to the audience, it’s best to get the customers to approach it. This is exactly what SEO efforts are aimed at. SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is a strategy that helps a business website appear at the top of the search engine results.Get a cheap SEO monthly plan to rest assured about taking your e-commerce business to the next level. Since tons of e-commerce businesses are already out and about, you must invest in this strategy to stand out. Customers will always put faith in the business that appears on the first page. SEO packages can help you save money in attracting more customers for your business in the long run.


E-commerce entrepreneurs face a new frontier in the digital age. Digital marketing isn’t just setting up a Facebook page, putting a widget on the website, and calling it a day. It’s a complicated labyrinth of platforms and technologies. Contact Vazoola for more details.


There are more than 4.5 billion users on social media today. That’s why social media is a great way to build your company’s digital presence after establishing your website. Today, many businesses use social media to connect with their audience, increase their online reach, promote their brands, and generate sales leads more than ever before.

Logistics is a profession that fails to gain mainstream attention. Reasons for this are the B2B nature of logistics and a general lack of awareness among consumers about how deliveries work.

However, logistics companies can also use the power of social media for marketing and promoting their products and services.

In this guide, we shed light on the basics of social media marketing for logistics companies. We also recommend some popular social media sites to get you started.

Benefits of Social Media for Logistics Companies

Social media provides several benefits for your supply chain business. Social media can help you to:

–   Maximize your online sales leads

–   Connect with a larger potential customer base

–   Increase online visibility for your brand

–   Share your unique selling proposition

–   Give updates to partners and customers

–   Advertise to specific audiences

–   Recruit employees

It’s also worth mentioning that all mainstream social media websites are free to use. That means you can start using them immediately without hurting your budget. Most common social platforms offer advertising for a fee. That’s still more convenient and economical than working with an agency for promoting your business on traditional media.

Social Media Choices for Logistics Companies

There are quite a few social media options for you to consider. But some of these options work better for logistics companies than other businesses. Here are our main recommendations in order of priority.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for professionals and businesses. That makes it our top recommendation for logistics companies as it allows you to network with business-minded clients in your niche. In addition to your personal profile page, LinkedIn helps you create a company page to promote your brand to your target audience.

You can also link employees registered to the site to your company page. You can label your company with the appropriate keywords that define the business segment you cater to. LinkedIn members can quickly identify your company and employees in this way, adding a layer of professional credibility to your business.

LinkedIn’s sales navigator is a valuable feature to hunt for prospective clients and businesses with targeting attributes. That makes the platform essential for your digital lead-generation strategy. You can approach leads in-person through private messages, enabling you to make a detailed and convincing sales pitch.

LinkedIn has recently added a range of new features which allow you to share blog posts with professional readers. In this way, you can use LinkedIn to prove your expertise and educate your clients on the latest developments in logistics.

2. Twitter

The famous microblogging website, Twitter, has improved significantly over the years, with the core benefit of instant public communications still intact. For a logistics business, it works by giving your customers and partners the latest updates on your business like delivery and work schedules, new service offers, and news.

Twitter allows you to communicate with your business partners and customers informally. Since the messages (also called tweets) are openly sent by default, Twitter is ideal for providing customer support on general issues and promoting special offers to prospective clients. The Twitter app is also optimized well for mobile devices, meaning that you can use it to reach people who are frequently on the move.

Twitter is also a place where you can use hashtags to keep an eye on the most popular trends in the market or push your unique marketing campaign to the right audiences.

3. Facebook

Facebook is still one of the most widely used social media platforms. Its popularity makes it very useful for reaching mainstream audiences. Facebook has all the bells and whistles you can expect in a social media site, like multimedia posts, replies, advertising, and instant messages. Where Facebook shines the most is in its ease of use for individuals, communities, and location-based targeting.

For these reasons, Facebook is beneficial to businesses specializing in delivering products directly to customers. Our recommendation is especially useful if you serve local communities near your office or facility.

4. Whatsapp

Yes, this can be considered a social medium if you use it for running chat groups. We won’t be surprised if you have used it for promoting your business. But in case you haven’t, it’s excellent for organizing business groups or community interest groups and reaching customers directly – all through your cell phone. Much like Facebook, it works best for local communities.

Getting Started on Social Media is Easy!

We hope this guide gives you a good idea of what social media platforms you can use to market your logistics business. You can start today by registering your account on the platforms mentioned above.

Interested in starting your own logistics business? Go Freight Hub is a tech-based 3PL logistics service provider that offers a seamless supply chain experience with complete warehousing, order processing, and shipment solutions. To get a free quote or more information, call and talk to our customer service representative today.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations For 2022

In the world of digital marketing, new trends and innovations are constantly emerging that can be hard to keep up with. Today’s digital landscape is constantly evolving, which means that the latest and greatest tactics and strategies must keep up with these changes. There are so many different aspects of digital marketing that are constantly becoming more and more prominent. From the emergence of social media and search engine optimization to the ever-growing importance of mobile marketing, the world of digital marketing is constantly expanding. This growth has also led to new challenges and new opportunities for marketers and businesses in general. The good news is that the world of digital marketing is expanding so quickly that there are plenty of opportunities and many new trends to keep an eye on as well. In this blog article, you’ll learn about the top ten trends and innovations in digital marketing, from

1. Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that has been in development for a while now. It seems like this technology is constantly advancing and becoming more prominent in the world of marketing. With AI, you are able to automate parts of your marketing efforts, saving time and money. You can also let AI work on behalf of your company to help with tasks like data analysis and contact management. With AI, you will have much more time to devote to other aspects of your business’s growth.

2. Virtual and Augmented Reality Marketing

In the past few years, virtual and augmented reality marketing has made a huge impact on the world of digital marketing. Virtual and augmented reality are technologies that can be harnessed to create an immersive experience for viewers. One of the first ways that virtual and augmented reality have been used in marketing is through 360-degree videos. These videos allow consumers to feel as though they are right there with the person who is being interviewed or shown a product. There are also plenty of opportunities to use these technologies in advertising campaigns. For example, brands could produce virtual billboards that would appear throughout various parts of a city where customers would see them instead of traditional billboards.

3. High Speed Networks And Smart Networks

The advent of high speed networks and smart networks has shown that digital marketing strategies are not just limited to traditional channels like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and new digital marketing tactics are constantly emerging. The future of digital marketing is going to be steeped in new technology and will likely include an increased reliance on artificial intelligence as well.

As technology continues to advance, so too will the means through which we can market digitally. The internet of things, for example, is an area that promises to provide marketing opportunities for businesses in the coming years. With the emergence of smart devices like Nest thermostats and connected cars, there are a lot of opportunities for businesses that want to expand their reach or improve their brand image.

4. User Behaviour Based Marketing

User behaviour based marketing is a way for brands to gain more insight into what consumers are doing on their website. This is done by analyzing how, where, and when consumers interact with a business’s website. The goal of this approach is to identify the best possible marketing options for consumers based on their actions and habits.

The rise in popularity of user behaviour-based marketing has led to businesses using it to find the best possible KPIs. For example, a retail company may use this type of digital marketing strategy to determine which products drive the most online sales, which customers are most likely going to purchase those products in the future, and which promotions are likely to drive these customers back into the store. User behaviour-based marketing will help businesses increase conversion rates and lower costs at the same time.

5. Voice Behavioural Co-Marketing

A lot of companies and brands have been striving to make their brand more human-centric. That’s important because it helps people relate to your brand and better understand the products or services you’re offering more easily. This is especially true when it comes to digital marketing, which has made it so that a person’s voice and personality are as important as their product or service. A lot of digital marketers are focusing on the idea of personalization in order to help consumers connect with your brand on a deeper level. One way this is being done is by using voice behavioural co-marketing, which includes using AI (artificial intelligence) technology to figure out what the best content would be for different types of customers. For example, if you know that someone who’s interested in your product is most likely interested in cooking, then you could give them a recipe or video tutorial that they can see on their feed without even having to pay for it. Voice behavioural co-marketing allows companies to not only create better user experiences but also provide personalized content based on what types of customers need what type of experience most.

6. Hyperlocal And Superlocal Marketing

One of the biggest trends in digital marketing is hyperlocal and superlocal marketing. This phenomenon has been growing at a rapid rate over the past few years, and it’s only going to continue to grow as time goes on. With so many people using their mobile phones as their primary device, this trend is becoming more and more prominent with marketers. In many cases, companies have found ways to integrate mobile apps into their traditional marketing strategies in order to create a seamless experience for consumers. This trend is also being seen with search engine optimization tactics because there are countless opportunities for businesses to use targeted ads that are specific to your location or neighborhood.

7. Blockchain In Marketing

Since the inception of the internet, people have been trying to find ways to cut out the middle man. Blockchain technology has emerged as a new way of doing business and is slowly becoming one of the most popular innovations in digital marketing.


Digital marketing has set the bar high for innovation and development, with the advent of new technologies and processes it’s more important than ever to keep up. Learn about the top 10 digital marketing trends and innovations for 2022 in this article.

What Are Some Facebook Advertising Agency?

In many systems, Facebook has the most advanced social media advertising channels. It is also an indispensable component of many firms’ social media policies, as it can be next-to-impossible to get natural ability on Facebook if you are a company. Several firms discover it more comfortable to have professional support when they want to display on the platform, changing to Facebook ad companies.

Some firms favor giving an action to perform influencer marketing events. Some of these companies have a light focus, focusing solely on the social media business. Others examine themselves more frequently and attach social media advertising (on Facebook and elsewhere) to a full list of advertised projects.

Here, I will introduce some of the most famous Facebook advertising agencies.


The first social media agency that I want to introduce is SociallyIn. They help customers develop and manage their actions on social media through policy, content production, community control, advanced social advertising and control management services, and more. They have also acted with names over many applications. Their customers include Dick’s Sporting Goods, Beef O’ Brady’s Tri-State Lumber Co., to mention a few. 

They steep their approach in strategy based on their site. Then they are backed by analyses, measures, and optimization to produce results.

 Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive is another Facebook advertising agency. Their center is on optimizing advertisements to support their customers make better results. Their services involve audience classification, the world of custom, and lookalike viewers. They also try to build campaigns and touchdown pages that change.

Disruptive also gives weekly support and optimization of Facebook ad accounts.

Iron Roots

As a full-service advanced advertising agency, Iron Roots gives an overall campaign plan, creativity, targeting, and continuous optimization.

The agency practices in client benefit and uses in-house technology to experiment at scale, reaching unmatched CPA results for:

  • App installs
  • eCommerce businesses
  • B2B leads
  • Brand experience and beyond

The whole team, based in Austin, manages in-house and adds campaign administrators, copywriters, designers, video pros, and dedicated project supervisors. Their multi-channel, full-service program has overshot long-term connections with hundreds of names and has made millions of dollars in ROI. Clients involve Netflix, Gillette, and Warner Bros.


The Audiencly goes with brands and influencers to create and manage their social media attendance. It also increases strategies for your development in PPC field advertising, show ads, and branded content. Amongst the channels, it operates with Facebook.

The agency serves seven actions when building an advanced media campaign for your firm:

  1. Making your objectives – setting your KPIs to establish clear goals for your ad operations.
  2. Determining your target audience – the demographic and geographic data of your mark group
  3. Taking the best programs – whether it be Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or Twitter
  4. Picking an ad model
  5. Managing the budget and period
  6. Planning ads – informing you of the various formats you can use to distribute your content, or you can manage their content creation services

Audiencly established in 2018 performing ad campaigns in the gaming sector. It soon set itself in lifestyle retailing and now produces ad campaigns for names from different segments.

Lyfe Marketing

 Lyfe Marketing leads social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on your account. They manage appropriate social media retailing services to help companies to grow and reach their purposes.

Their Social Media Marketing Services support your business increase brand awareness, contacts, and website business. They know that Facebook is the most populated social media platform where numerous customers reached for advice, images, and reviews ere they find you. Updated Facebook pages are necessary when consumers are on the course for new goods or services to reach their needs. Getting regular updates to your Facebook page is the answer to victory over the other 50 million marketing pages on Facebook. 

Facebook management services are sets created to help you maximize the potential of Facebook retailing without really becoming to do the job. Lyfe Marketing holds that when you have an agency manage your Facebook, it starts up opportunities for you to concentrate on other parts of your business that require your attention.

Their Facebook Management Services involve:

  1. Facebook strategy expansion
  2. Facebook content creation
  3. Facebook page germination
  4. Facebook reporting


Facebook is one of the most popular platforms that you can use as an online trader. Today, many different Facebook agencies can help you develop your business. Here, in the above text, I named some of the most popular ones and explain them. on:

What Does Amazon Advertising Mean?

Is Amazon winning all the world? Well, I would think that many people pay half of their budget on Amazon Prime. They might buy paper towels and cleaning types of equipment, purchasing random kitchen goods, or buying your favorite snacks in the majority. 

If you are not an Amazon buying devotee, your consumers might be. Among 300 million Amazon users80 million Americans should be Amazon Prime members, estimated. 

While Google owns search data, and Facebook recognizes interest levels, Amazon is extremely powerful because it identifies what people buy and how they make it.

It is the main reason why most people choose advertising on Amazon, and more will know their products. 

What is Amazon advertising?

  • Amazon ads
  • Should I advertise on amazon?
  • Amazon advertising cost
  • Self-Serve Ads vs. Premium Ads

I have conceived this lead to drive you into the basics of making started with Amazon ads to find more eyes to see your products and eventually higher profits.

Amazon advertising

Advertisers who like to get more visibility to their goods on Amazon can spend for these situations by offering specific keywords guide to greater visibility in the Amazon SERPs. When a shopper clicks on their ad, it will charge the merchant. You can view Amazon’s advertising program like the Amazon account of AdWords.

Amazon advertisements can also look on specific product pages. For instance, under the water bottle, you can view an ad for sunglasses on the far right-hand faction of the page. And when scroll down the page, you will see even more ads. But, there are several models of Amazon ad opportunities behind these sponsored search posts.

Should I Advertise on Amazon?

Are you marketing a real product that customers can buy online? If the response is yes, then you might need to advertise on Amazon. Amazon will provide you different means to obtain more attention on your goods and likely more customers.

If you are doubtful, then begin with a product that you already comprehend markets well online. For example, if you trade sports gear and tennis rackets that should ever be your top-selling online goods, begin with an advertisement for your best-selling racket. As you open to view an ROI with this ad, include more names and models of rackets to develop your campaign.

An extra compelling motivation to advertise on Amazon is that if you make Amazon PPC, your regular Amazon rankings will increase. We have frequently observed that primary ranking increased considerably for those keywords that applied strongly in Amazon PPC ads. It is because of new businesses created by Amazon AdWords improving the traffic history of the product. Sales records are a strong ranking part. If a product trades better, then Amazon will put it higher up in the ranking of search outcomes.

So not only is it reasonable to increase your product purchases by funding in Amazon ads, but it could also increase the initial rankings of your products.

Amazon Advertising Costs

So how much do advertisements on Amazon cost?

Based on Rob Sieracki at Practical Ecommerce, the normal cost per click on Amazon is seldom more than $0.35. It is more cost-effective on CPC data than research ads on AdWords or Bing Ads and similar to some of the cheapest CPC’s on Facebook ads or Google display. Recognizing that Amazon researches dispense a lot of commercial purposes, those are encouraging numbers. 

Self-Serve Ads vs. Premium Ads

When you start exploring Amazon’s public advertisement news pages you might be a bit unclear regarding the distinction between self-serve and bonus ads in the two sidebars given here:

The easiest means to explain the distinction is that self-service ads work like Google search ads advertising on the search outcome pages (like the screenshots I added up), where award ads function more like show ads. While you can find premium ads on Amazon, they dispense up as more visible banner and sidebar advertisements. They can also seem on other websites, like how Google’s Display Network operates.


Did you recognize that sponsored advertisements can assist you to increase your visibility, contact more customers and boost your sales? Amazon sponsored advertisements operations are simple to set up, and in this blog post, I help you start it.

Five best marketing scholarships in 2021

            Marketing is one of the most chosen degrees by students. With numerous opportunities upon graduation, it is no surprise that Marketing is in the spotlight these days. However, since there is a high demand, the prices can be ridiculous. Thankfully, many opportunities exist for those who strive to study Marketing and work within the field. We have researched the industry and are ready to provide you with the best marketing scholarships in 2021.

Essential Requirements

            Before we start, it is important to point out the most fundamental requirements you have to meet. Indeed, the entire list of requirements, instructions, and deadlines vary and depends on a particular program. But no matter what program you choose, you will have to:

  • Fill out an application form
  • Include a letter of recommendation
  • Compose an essay

While the first two seem pretty straightforward (meaning it is simple to fill out the application form and ask your instructor for a recommendation letter), writing an essay is not obvious:

  1. It has a unique prompt, which varies from one program to another.
  2. It requires following a specific structure and word count.
  3. It has a deadline, which you can’t miss.

The combination of these can make the entire writing process taxing. But you can settle down, as top-tier writers from WritingCheap are at your service at any time of the day. Asking them for help, you will get a model paper that will help you receive your desired scholarship.

Now, let’s finally look at the best programs to apply to.

A.M.A. Houston Penny Todd Scholarship

            If you live in the Houston area and study in college, you can take a chance and get a marketing scholarship. Applicants must meet several requirements, which are:

  • They must be undergraduate students majoring in Marketing or similar fields.
  • They must reside in the Houston area.
  • They must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.

The award amount is $5,000. The application deadline is May 14.

Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship

            Blacks at Microsoft is a product of the Microsoft Corporation. The company focuses on Blacks and strives to empower them in different terms. The Microsoft Corporation works with black employees to improve their professional skills, support them socially, and boost their confidence. Candidates for the Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship must be high-school seniors with African roots. That is, African, African-American, Ethiopian, and others qualify for the program.

            Apart from the mentioned, applicants must continue their education upon high school graduation and provide the committee with proof of acceptance. It must be a four-year program that follows graduation and begins in the fall. The Bachelor’s degree must correspond with Marketing, Finance, Computer Science, or Engineering. Also, candidates must attach a confirmation of financial needs as well as a 3.0 GPA or above. Recipients can get $20,000. The application deadline is set for March 8, 2022.

Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

            Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship is an excellent program for female students who have demonstrated outstanding professional skills. Zonta International always seeks talented students. The program aims to find 32 students and award them $2,000 each at the district level. The corporation also looks for talents overseas, making sure to award six international scholarships of $8,000.

            Concerning the requirements, students must major in business or a related program at an accredited university. They also must be first or second-year students doing a Master’s degree. Other than that, candidates must:

  • Fill out an application form
  • Provide confirmed academic achievements
  • Add transcript of records
  • Compose an essay

The deadline varies and depends on the flow of candidates. It is best to track the program’s web page.

Cherry Hawk Scholarship

            Each year, millions of people are diagnosed with cancer. It is true that although people can get rid of it, not everyone can return to everyday life, especially when they are young. Thanks to Cherry Hawk Scholarship and Cancer for College, students can earn their degree while fighting or after beating cancer. Cancer of College has long been supporting students, providing the necessary resources to make their studies more accessible. The committee requires:

  • To be diagnosed with cancer
  • To plan to enroll in a U.S. academic institution and study Sports Marketing supplies
  • To have less than $150,000 of an annual income

The Cherry Hawk Scholarship is available for students who reside in Southern California. The award amount is $5,000, and it is renewable. The application deadline is January 31, 2022.

Fukunaga Scholarship Foundation

The Fukunaga Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for those who reside in Hawaii. The program supports students from Hawaii who plan to enter the Business industry. The Foundation provides substantial financial support, allocating every winner with $20,000 over four years. Fukunaga Foundation pays close attention to applicants’ academic accomplishments, leadership ability, and, most importantly, financial needs. Besides, candidates must:

  • Graduate from a public, private, or charter school in Hawaii
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA or above
  • Compose an essay

Sometimes, the Foundation accepts college students. The application deadline is February 22, 2022.

Final Words

            Marketing is a very prestigious degree that provides graduates with plenty of opportunities. Those who earn a degree in Marketing can work in diverse companies operating in the public or private sector. However, with such a great deal of offers come high tuition fees. Fortunately, you can lift some financial burden off your shoulders. We hope this list of the best Marketing scholarships will come in handy.

Brands With the Most Brilliant Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Major brands depend hugely on social media campaign engagement to raise brand awareness and generate more traffic.

Table of contents:

  1. Brilliant social media marketing campaigns by famous brands
  2. End note

Major brands all around the world couldn’t help themselves but become a part of the social media community. They now depend hugely on social media content engagement to raise brand awareness and generate more traffic.

 Here are some amazing social media marketing campaigns by some well-known brands that you could take inspiration from:

Brilliant social media marketing campaigns by famous brands

  1. LUSH – user generated content

LUSH uses UGC, or user generated content to make its social media presence more appealing and noticeable. It does this by creating a whole community-like feeling on its Instagram, allowing its followers and customers to post their pictures with the products, along with LUSH hashtags to get featured on their brand’s main page. It refers to its community as “LUSHIES”, and there are a bunch of hashtags people use, the most popular of which is the #lushcommunity hashtag.

This is a very cost-friendly approach, where the brand itself has to spend almost nothing to create engagement on its social media. All it needs to do is repost from a customer’s post, and they become the talk of the town. Larger quantity and variety of content can mean greater engagement for your social media pages. LUSH is achieving this by using UGC. Another benefit of UGC is that flowers or customers feel more personal with a brand. They get a great value for their purchase and are most likely to remain loyal to a brand too.

  1. Gillette – video content

One way of effective digital marketing is using video content and publishing it on digital platforms like YouTube and Facebook. One popular brand that jumped on the bandwagon is Gillette. The brand took a very smart decision, and wisely picked its timing and context for the campaign. In the midst of all the gender equality rage and social media discourse about women empowerment and feminism, Gillete knew how to become a huge part of all this.

The P&G personal care brand released a short film on its YouTube channel in 2019. The short film was titled “The best a man can be”, which is a revamp of their original tagline “the best a man can get”. It targets the concept of toxic masculinity and how men can do better in today’s age and time for themselves as well as the women around them.

The short film shows different men struggling with various stereotypes linked to masculinity such as the fear of showing emotions, the silence about sexual harassment and much more. All the toxic masculinity traits that are glorified in male-grooming products, including Gillete’s past ads itself, gave the brand a whole new look. Its audience got a new perspective, and it became the talk of the town and sparked conversation about its campaign. All of this was a result of posting a short film on only one social media platform: YouTube.

  1. MoonPie – humorous approach

A brand’s number of followers alone do not indicate anything about its position in the digital marketing world. However, with the right approach and well-thought social media marketing strategies, brands like MoonPie have been able to see significant boost in their following within a matter months.

MoonPie basically targeted its Twitter account towards young adults, and teens, by becoming a complete “meme material”. Its witty replies and Tweets became trending topics on Twitter in no time. The company itself is hundred years old, but knows how important it is to adapt to this digital transformation and need of the hour.

The brand did not focus its efforts into revamping its products or altering its TV commercials. All it did was give the brand a character, and make it look like an actual person communicating and connecting with others via Twitter. We have seen many brands use the “character” approach, such as the Tiger named Tony in Frosties. MoonPie’s brand character is witty, weird, funny and sarcastic. Its Tweets are also up-to-date with all trending memes. You will also find consistency in its Twitter to keep their audience engaged.

  1. Dove – portraying brand values

Since more than a decade, Dove has established itself as a brand that encourages and endorses natural beauty and inclusivity. It was already promoting self-love and acceptance of different types of people long before social media became the main platform for such topics.

Like LUSH, Dove also used UGC to generate traffic and engagement with their digital presence. It did this by creating a whole “photo gallery” under the Project #ShowUs, where women would share their pictures shattering stereotypical beauty standards and expectations. Women of color, women with facial scars, plus size bodies, body hair, in odd professions and physical disabilities and much more do not get enough representation in advertising. This was Dove’s way of connecting with its audience and building a highly positive and healthy community.

  1. Spotify – triggering FOMO

We all know about the increasing issue of FOMO (fear of missing out) in young adults and teens as they include more and more of social media in their lives. People are constantly feeling the need to hop on to any trend without properly assessing the context, need, and practicality of the trend just so they don’t miss out or “lag behind”.

FOMO is a legitimate psychological state people often find themselves in and Spotify successfully tapped into this area. It took charge of the situation and diverted its social media campaign on this particular trigger. Their “AllYearsWrapped” is a social media campaign that gives their subscribers a review, or more like a journey through the music listening habits throughout the year. Once a user takes a look at their music listening journey all throughout the year compiled together, they can also share it with their friends and followers through social media stories.

This shows how efficiently Spotify made use of its users; data and let it benefit, and give a valuable experience to its users. The “Wrapped Playlists” have become so popular because of the personalization it provides to its users, allowing more users to engage with the app and have something to look forward to.

End note

The involvement and dependence on social media makes it inevitable for brands to use these platforms and engage with their targeted audience. Even if you are a new start up, a well-established brand working in the industry since years, you will still need the help of social media marketing to make it through. Make use of Mediacom internet packages to get connected with your fans and potential customers all around the world. The internet has no limits, and lets you take your marketing campaigns to a larger level that was not possible before digital transformation.

10 Successful Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Real estate marketing has become more effortless over time; however, reaching potential customers remains an uphill battle. Real estate businesses require professional assistance to approach their target audience through the highly complex field of digital marketing.

10 Successful Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Here are the most authentic hacks for real estate marketing that will skyrocket your sales by helping you attract the right customer base. 

  1. Reach out to Social Media Influencers and Run Paid Promotions

If your budget is small, this is an excellent way to market your business on social media platforms. Search for the right influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to collaborate and sell your services.

Instagram is a helpful imaging platform, where real estate businesses can increase their reach through organic or paid promotion. 

2. Create An Intriguing Website

A crucial step to ace the digital marketing game is to create a web presence. A professionally designed website will serve as a web store and an interactive platform between your company and potential clients. If you are a real estate business owner looking to expand your customer pool, then creating an intriguing website should be on your priority list. There are several advantages to having a unique digital portal for your real estate or even room scheduling business in the current digital era.  

With a user-friendly interface, your website will accelerate your real estate business’s growth at a more excellent pace than before. You can also implement SEO for your website to boost its search engine ranking and add a chatbot to improve customer service. Similarly, tracking the visitors who view your real estate business can help you better understand their needs and provide them instant customer support. Thus, it is highly effective for real estate marketing, enabling a realtor to improve business development strategies and elaborate services comprehensively. 

3. Make Use of Automated Email Marketing Campaigns 

The importance of Email marketing is growing day-by-day as people are becoming savvier to the technologies of the current era. Customers prefer responding to emails because they trust email as a reliable source for contacting a company and staying up-to-date. Furthermore, it is observed that email marketing is a more useful tool than social media in some cases. Although social media is excellent in its way of engaging with the audience, email has the potential to convert leads into customers more quickly. You can easily send tailored emails to every customer, which can give them a personalized feel.

According to various researches, emails containing the recipient’s name and customized packages are more likely to be opened. And they consequently increase chances to engage in a conversation with potential customers. Email marketing is also appropriate for real estate business as it is feasible to evaluate its campaigns using multiple software.

4. Focus on Consistent Blogging

Most of us seem to forget how to unlock a more significant number of sales by ignoring the creation and publishing of quality web content.

Starting a creative blog is an excellent way to strengthen your web presence. You can start with an SEO optimized blog so that your posts show up on the search engine every time a relevant keyword is searched on the web.

It is a known fact that businesses that win the consumers’ trust sustain themselves for a much more extended period in their respective industries. Therefore, websites that offer reliable content and information to their visitors create a sense of trust. Hence, your content must clear all the doubts of a visitor about the specific product or service. Once the readers find your content interesting enough, they will share it on other social media platforms that could significantly boost your traffic.

5. Use Google Analytics to Market Your Content

To make your marketing strategy successful, you must use a useful analytics tool to evaluate the metrics. Google Analytics is a popular and valuable tool to track the metrics and use the information to improve traffic.

Besides, content marketing is an excellent way to attract customers to your blog and website. With Google Analytics’ help, you can determine the right external links, keywords, and popular sites for guest blogging to draw traffic. 

6. Use Pinterest Boards and Create a Newsletter 

Pinterest is an ideal platform to display images and information relevant to a real estate business. Use Pinterest boards to upload, highlight, or pin photos of your properties to reach your target audience. 

Furthermore, you can utilize newsletter campaigns, a conventional yet one of the most efficient ways to build strong customer relationships. This way, you can send your clients information regarding available properties, sales, and offers to keep them hooked. 

7. Hire a Professional Photographer

Good photography is the key to effective digital marketing. Poor photos of the available properties will not entice customers. A professional photographer will use the right equipment and editing skills to enhance your real estate sites’ appearance on the internet. It will draw more prospective customers towards your business. 

8. Host a Webinar

Most of the time, potential buyers face difficulty in understanding real estate marketing. To assist your customers, collaborate with local businesses or event planners to co-host webinars and seminars on topics that interest your clients.

9. Be Present On All Social Media Channels

A significant amount of the population uses various social media apps and platforms regularly. Either for entertainment purposes or for growing their businesses, social media is a robust platform for everyone. A real estate business can benefit significantly by being present on various, if not all the social media channels. It boosts your chances of gaining the target audience’s attention and achieving word of mouth via social media.

10. Engaging Marketing Campaigns

A vital aspect of carrying out a marketing campaign is to ensure that it is engaging and responsive. People who are looking to purchase or rent properties desire quick and immediate responses to their queries. Furthermore, if your campaigns are not attractive, chances are the potential buyer may switch to a competitor. It is crucial to be responsive and engaging with customers regularly.


As a professional real estate business owner, you need to think about every possible marketing aspect. For creative thinking, brainstorm, and develop the best idea that could lead your business to success.

Real Estate marketing is different from conventional business marketing. It is vital to draft the real estate’s digital marketing strategies with great precision to get to the right clients in a short period. With the methods mentioned above, real estate businesses can maximize their marketing plans to boost sales and make themselves known within the industry.

Marketing ideas to grow your rehab business

Upon hearing the word addiction, we envision drug addicts, syringes, and a lot of alcohol. Every day 128 people die due to drug overdose in the United States. Drug addiction is prevalent in society, and it affects people of every age. The addiction can result due to any reason.

Some people might try such stuff under peer pressure, and some start doing drugs out of depression to escape reality. Every day we see many homeless drug addicts lying around, and even our loved ones can develop a drug addiction. People with addiction not only endanger their lives but their families also suffer.

None of us would sit back and watch our loved one being snatched away by drug addiction. To help our loved ones cope with their addiction, we try talking them through. Our last resort is to find a rehabilitation center to overcome their addiction. Rehabilitations offer support and therapies for people with addiction and the people looking for a way to come out of that pit. Running a rehabilitation center requires trained staff, a well-built facility, and integrated recovery programs.

You have a well-established rehabilitation business, well-trained staff, and some patients or candidates enrolled in your recovery programs. How will you keep your business active and booming if there will be no one to visit your premises? A company cannot stand its ground without potential customers and finances. The purpose of having rehabilitation is to help people recover from their addictions and help them resume their healthy routines. With fewer people knowing about your services, you will soon run out of finances, and you might have to close your business for good.

Marketing strategies to grow your rehab business

Marketing plays a pivotal role in the accomplishment of a business. If you want to boost your rehab business, refer to a drug rehab guide to know about the tactics and strategies. The modern marketing trend is more about digital marketing than following conventional ways. The following tips and tools can help your marketing campaign and boost your business growth.

  1. Online presence

Conventional marketing involves publicity through newspaper ads, TV commercials, and billboards. In a world where technology has its roots dug in every aspect of our life, the old methods are less functional. You can still avail of these options, but you cannot overlook the benefits of digital marketing.  We can fetch information within seconds about anything that we need to know. If you want the public to notice your organization or business, make your presence on the mediums they use the most. Incorporating an online marketing strategy in your marketing campaign can boost your marketing and your business. You can increase your brand awareness by having your website and make it searchable. People looking for rehabs will notice your business while they are fetching information from the internet. Having a website is like an employee that works for you 24/7. A website that can provide every detail a visitor is looking for can boost your business in the longer run.

  1. Understand your patients

One of the most critical factors in marketing your rehab center is to understand your target audience. When you step into the digital realm of marketing, identify the people that will pay attention to your message. It is vivid that people looking for a solution to their addiction will look for a rehab center. Identifying who needs your services, how old they are, or where they will help shape your marketing strategy.

  1. Search engine optimization

Suppose a person with addiction decides to recover. In that case, the first thing they will do is look at the rehabilitation centers’ details in their vicinity. A website with an optimum search engine optimization will appear first on Google search. Paying attention to your search engine optimization plays a pivotal role in your search ranking. People tend to explore the options that appear on the first page on Google and rarely explore the other pages. If you wish to let your business make it to the top of Google ranking, work on your website’s search engine optimization.

  1. Publish content

When we visit a doctor, we assume they know all the details and medications for a disease. How will you feel if you see a doctor and get a reply that we do not know the solution? None of us will revisit that doctor ever. Owning a website is not enough. To let people know that you know what you are doing, publish relevant content that enables a reader to understand your expertise. Posting genuine and authentic content on your website gives people a message about your skills and service quality. It also enhances your trustworthiness.

  1. Add informational pages

When you publish content on your website, do not think of it as something complicated. It can be as simple as posting blogs or adding informational pages. Creating content around specific keywords not only enhances your SEO ranking but also builds your brand rapport. Having informational pages on your website can answer many questions for people seeking rehabilitation services.

  1. Go for link building

It is one of the most operative marketing strategies that has paved the way for many businesses to boost their revenue and increase their consumer base. There is no easy way to do that, but you can slowly and gradually opt for link building to your website once you have a website. Asking or collaborating with fellow businesses to incorporate your business link in their blogs can improve your SEO ranking and make you an authentic source.

  1. Use social media

Other than publishing content on your website, another effective way to get your business seen is social media. Around millions of people are using social media and get to know about many things from their newsfeed. Creating your social media pages and posting relevant content can get people’s attention and let them know about your services. Use every social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach as many people as you want.


The technological transformation in the modern world has moved human life to a greater extent of digitalization. Everything is just a click away; our work, study, and even leisure activities revolve around our gadgets. Marketing is the ultimate component of any business.

Suppose they won’t promote or let people know about their existence. In that case, the purpose of having a business is no longer valid. Rehabilitation centers are striving their best to help people with drug addiction and keep their businesses running. And marketing trends are essential to promoting business growth.

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